Lobsters Liberated from Supermarket (Denmark)

Received anonymously: Activists have liberated 2 lobsters, who were kept alive in a tank in a supermarket for humans to buy, kill, and eat. The lobsters were known to be from Danish oceans, so the activists brought them back to their home.

Hunting Trailer Destroyed by Arson (Germany)

According to local media, a hunting trailer nearby Urbar was found on fire on the night of the 28th of April. With twenty firefighters present, all they could do is to ensure the fire wouldn’t spread beyond the trailer, as the hunting hut placed on top was completely ablaze. They ruled out “magical spontaneous combustion” …

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Hunting Traps Destroyed, Platforms Damaged (UK)

Received anonymously: Nice spring night out and about in rural Derbyshire, UK and decommissioned large mammal trap, 4 Fenn traps and 2 shooting platform ladders

Marius Mason’s Letter to the Outside World

Below is a letter from Marius on his experience in prison. We believe it to be a very strong and positive message to the outside world that without a doubt is worth the read! “Dear Community, Family and Friends, Thank you for the work you are doing to make the change we need to make …

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Support Sweden Hunt Saboteurs

Hunt Saboteurs Sweden has been expanding massively in the past year, taking part in multiple actions against hunting, and are in need of support. They depend solely on donations, and to make ends meet many of the hunt sabs have been spending a lot of their personal money just to keep the fuel costs covered! …

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Support Animal Liberation Prisoner Marius Mason

Marius is an anarchist, environmentalist, and animal rights activist who has been incarcerated since 2009. Marius plead guilty to being involved in an ELF arson at a university lab researching GMOs for Monsanto. He also admitted to twelve other acts of property damage. At the time, the USA was going through the “Green Scare”, in …

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Activists in Daylight Rabbit Liberation are Exonerated (UK)

Almost a year ago, during a demonstration in front of a T&S Rabbit farm, folks decided to jump the fences and take as many rabbits as they could. Those rabbits would’ve been destined to a life of abuse and a death for a fur coat. The farm was almost empty at the end of the …

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ALF Targets Coldiretti Again (Italy)

Received anonymously: second action against Coldiretti responsible for policies to increase hunting activity, the consumption of animal products and the opposition to the transition to plant food, which with the support of the right-wing government is increasing its oppressive power over non-human animals. These actions want to bring attention to the fact that the oppressors …

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Activists Destroy Hunting Towers, Steal Cameras (North Rhine Westphalia, Germany)

According to local media, on the 19th of March at around 4am unknown activists blew up a hunting tower in Wegberg-Rödgen. Witnesses heard a very loud bang and reported to authorities who are investigating but have no leads on the identity of the perpetrators.   Received anonymously: End of march, two towers destroyed by a …

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ALF Sabotage Coldiretti (Italy)

Alf attacked Coldiretti in North of Italy. Coldiretti is one of the major responsable of the hunting policy and the fight of boars and other wild animals. Also involved in all meat productions EDITOR’S NOTE: Coldiretti is the main Italian farming association lobbying the government. They run many campaigns, and lately they have been very …

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Activists Destroy Multiple Hunting Towers (North Rhine Westphalia, Germany)

According to hunting media, several hunting towers and seats were destroyed between November 2022 and March 2023 in the region of Attendon, North Rhine Westphalia. Seven towers were completely destroyed and multiple others were damages in what the hunting media describe as “mischievous and hidden manners”. They say that those seats and towers that were …

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ALF Targets Butcher Shop in Southern Sweden

Received anonymously:⁠ ⁠ In the middle of February a butcher shop was visited in southern Sweden, the province skåne, and where spraypainted with meat is murder, the Alf logo and some lines drawn alongside the facade just to make as much trouble for the animal abusers as possible. ⁠ ⁠ Unfortunately no pictures were taken. …

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Flaco the Owl Escapes New York City Prison

Animal liberationists stand with Flaco, the Eurasian eagle owl who recently found his way to freedom from the New York City animal prison in Central Park almost two weeks ago. Flaco has gotten to fly free and feel the sun on his back and the wind in his wings for the first time since he …

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3 Hunting Towers Destroyed (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Under the cover of night 2 huntsabbers snuck into the forrest and approached the hunt towers. These hunttowers were used to primarily shoot roe deer and sources said these we’re making lot’s of victims. For freedom – For justice – For peace

ALF Sabotages 6 Hunting Towers (Netherlands)

Received anonymously: Netherlands the A.L.F. sabotages 6 hunting towers and saves Wildlife