Hunting Stands Destroyed by Fire (France)

VIA: CHASSONS (A PRO-HUNTING WEBSITE) News for the hunting world. Provocations are the order of the day against hunters, who pay the price. In the hunting area of Grundviller, two stands have been burned by the anti-hunters. They were set on fire in the middle of the forest.

ALF Liberates 2 Rabbits in Vicenza (Italy)

Translation of anonymous report, from Frente de Liberación Animal: The Animal Liberation Front freed two female rabbits from captivity in Vicenza (Italy). A few days after the action, the rabbits give birth to 10 babies. Now 12 beautiful souls are free and happy and will live the rest of their lives far from exploitation and cruelty.

‘America’s Most Wanted’ profiles Oregon arson fugitive tied to domestic-terrorist group Josephine Sunshine Overaker has been on the run from the FBI since 2004 A fugitive wanted for arson in Oregon due to her ties to a domestic terrorist organization was profiled on the new “America’s Most Wanted” this week after being on the run for more than 16 years. Josephine Sunshine Overaker is a …

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4 Shooting Towers Destroyed (Norfolk, UK)

Received anonymously: 9th April 2021 4 Shooting towers destroyed in Norfolk. Kill the bill, not wildlife.

Orphan Lamb Liberated by ALF (Kent, UK)

Received anonymously: Your farm is shit, your ‘job’ is shit and your “trespassers will be prosecuted” sign is shit! Tiny, orphaned lamb in a field with no mother, alone, in the cold night, crying. We saw you, you’re safe now. In solidarity with the #killthebill riots. None are free until all are free ALF

Russian ALF/ELF Spikes Forest Roads, Slashes Tires, Destroys Fishing Nets (Southern Crimea)

Received anonymously: Roads spiked, poacher nets destroyed, fish liberated. ALF/ELF Russia 2020 It took us some time to get from the wild mountains and tranquil bays of Southern Crimea, but here is our belated report on ALF/ELF action in the former Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russian fascist state in 2014. In the past year our …

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Hunting Tower Destroyed (Poland)

Received anonymously: The place is called Dobre, meaning “Good” in polish, but a place like this has nothing to do with good when ironically it’s coats of arm is a boar: one of the victims of hunting. On the middle of Easter we are here, because for them there’s nothing to celebrate. Hunting tower built …

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6 Hunting Towers Destroyed, Wildlife Enclosure Opened (Germany)

Received anonymously: Their audacity to build park benches next to hunter’s towers and wildlife enclosure seemed too much of a good thing. Action had to follow. 6 towers destroyed and a wildlife enclosure opened. Freedom is so much nicer than bullets and barbed wire.

7 Lambs Liberated (France)

Received anonymously: LAMBS RESCUE BEFORE EASTER, Eure, France, Saturday April 3, 2021. Breaking into a farm, opening the cages and taking out the victims is an evidence, and on this Saturday, April 3, day before Easter, justice has been done for seven of our sisters and brothers, prisoners of one of these subsidized concentration camps. …

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Bristol Butcher Targeted by ALF (UK)

Received anonymously: In the early hours of the 4th of April we paid a visit to the butchers shop in Hanham, Bristol. Every available shutter,door and wall was painted with slogans such as “scum” “ALF” “go vegan” and “meat kills”. A small side window was also gleefully smashed! We can’t fully comprehend the pain and …

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Lamb Liberated, Message Sent to Priti Patel (UK)

Received anonymously: As Easter approaches we decided that we needed to do something, this lamb won’t be appearing on a plate near you! Liberated and safe now, they’ll never know the fate that might have been. A note to Priti: You might pass in history as the politician that single handedly forced the resurgence of …

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Lamb Saved from Imminent Death (UK)

Received anonymously: On the Resist Anti Trespass day of action we went for a little walk around the countryside. After a few ignored “private property” signs we heard sheep in a near-by orchard. We decided to take a look and wasn’t prepared for what we saw. Two dead ewes and a lamb standing by them. …

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17 Hens Liberated by ALF in Response to New Policing Law in UK

Received anonymously: We set off in the middle of the night with cameras in our bags looking for a broiler farm. The stench alone was enough to lead us to where we wanted to go. As we entered, hormone-filled chickens where crammed wall to wall, sitting covered in their own shit, some sadly dead already. …

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Peter Janssen Will be Released in August

Peter was locked up and sentenced to 25 months after an arson at a duck slaughterhouse in Netherlands. Ten of those months are probation, so he will be coming out of prison this August. His support group reports that he is in good spirits and that although he contracted COVID, he only had mild symptoms …

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Chickens Liberated in Argentina (Delayed Report)

Received anonymously (translation): Liberation of chickens in Argentina. A night out for normal people (Christmas) in which they celebrate with murdered animals on their plates, I, abnormal, anonymous, took advantage of the alienation of those celebrations to join in the celebration by entering a center of kidnapped chickens used as slaves to produce eggs, and …

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