If they haven’t got prisoners, we have stopped fighting. If our prisoners are forgotten about, they have beaten us.” -Keith Mann, ALF activist and former prisoner

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Maxim Plokhoi

Write to him here:
Maxim Krivosh
Correctional Colony #96
Horodische, Rivne Oblast
Ukraine, 35341


In Ukrainian it is as follows:
Максим Кривош
виправна колонія №96
с. Городище, Рівненська обл.
Україна, 35341

It would be preferable if correspondence is Google-translated to Russian. Maxim is alleged to have taken 13 hostages on a bus in Ukraine in late 2020, releasing them unharmed when the country’s president recommended publicly that everyone watch the film “Earthlings”, which depicts the suffering of animals that are eaten routinely by humans.

Maxim was charged with cases under 7 articles: hostage-taking with the aim of inducing authorities to certain actions, terrorism, illegal possession and handling of weapons and explosives, attempted murder of police officers (7 police victims and also one general and the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), these are 4 severe charges and 3 milder. Maxim avoided a potential life sentence and was ordered imprisoned for 13 years.

Maxim is allowed correspondence now that he has been sentenced.

From Maxim:
“This movie [Earthlings] is about WAR.

The most bloodthirsty, cruel and unfair war in the history of the EARTH – the war of people against other animal species. A war of total, commonly accepted violence against the defenseless, unable to resist. This WAR is the root cause and ground of all wars between humans, It is the firing ground for our cruelty.

I stood up for billions of living beings.

One is not born a human, one becomes a human by the struggle for justice.
Get up, become a human”

Ukranian President Zelensky recommend watching the film ‘Earthlings’

Mel Broughton A3892AE
HMP Peterborough
Saville Rd
United Kingdom

Mel Broughton, a dedicated activist from the UK, has been in prison since last month. He does not wish for his charges to be discussed publicly, but he would love the support and love you folks can show by sending mail to him.

Whilst he had a tumultuous few days at the beginning of his remand, with little to no vegan food and problems with being able to take medication, he has now settled and is doing a lot better. He is working in the library and has actually asked for books, specially about animals and nature.

From Peterborough Prison’s website, this is how mail (and books!) are handled:

“We accept books for prisoners sent directly from friends or family, or via our approved retailers. These are Waterstones, WH Smith and – we do not accept books purchased via Amazon. All books are subject to security protocols and must be sent separately, they cannot be accepted as part of a property parcel.”

Magazines, electronics, cash, food parcels and anything directly from Amazon is not permitted by the prison.

Of course, you can also send letters! Remember that he is on remand, so you SHOULD NOT discuss any legal maters and certainly you should assume that all mail is monitored by the screws, so do not put yourself (or him) at legal risk by discussing things you really shouldn’t!

Show Mel some solidarity, write a short letter and let him know he is not alone!

New Address!

Ladislav Kuc
Gucmanova 19/670

Priečinoik 7
920 41 Leopoldov

“When you fell forest, shavings are flying around. I am in a war, I am a soldier… I do not regret a thing. Only that I got caught. I would do it again, only better.”

Ladislav is an animal rights activist accused of illegal possession of arms, manufacturing of explosives, and terrorism for bombing in front of a McDonald’s on December 28, 2011 in which there were no injuries. He was traced after almost a year when the police tracked down the producer of a timer found at the crime scene and also mail communications between Ladislav and the manufacturer. During a house search police found materials related to ALF and components for another bomb.

The police also tried to charge him with other incendiary attacks against shooting towers and threatening letters to veterinarians and vivisectors.

He was sentenced to 25 years in 2012, but in 2016 his case was returned to the district court, the terrorism charges were dropped, and he was re-sentenced to 12 years; he will be eligible for release in January 2024.

If you are able to donate, send funds to us here at the Press Office, and just make notation that its for Ladislav:

Marie (Marius) Mason #04672-061
FCI Danbury
Route 37
Danbury, CT 06811
Arrested: March 10, 2008

Charges: Marius Mason is an anarchist and an environmental and animal rights prisoner serving nearly 22 years in federal prison for acts of sabotage carried out in defense of the planet. No one was injured in any of these actions. After being threatened with a life sentence in 2009, he pleaded guilty to charges of arson at a Michigan State University lab researching Genetically Modified Organisms for Monsanto, and admitted to 12 other acts of property damage. The sentencing judge applied a so-called “terrorism enhancement” to his term which added almost two more years than the maximum requested by the prosecution. This is the harshest punishment of anyone convicted of environmental sabotage to date. For comparison, a man who recently set an arson for profit fire that paralyzed a Detroit firefighter and injured six of his colleagues was sentenced to a maximum of seven years in prison.

[Note: Under no circumstances mention any illegal acts. Letters that mention other Green Scare prisoners may be rejected. While at Waseca prison, Mason had a list of 100 pre-approved people who he could write to; if you were not on that list, he was not be able to write you back, although he was be able to receive your incoming mail. We are not sure about the present rules. Please address all mail to Marie (Marius) Mason, as the state refuses to recognize Marius’ change of name]

For more information:

Donations: [Please do NOT donate directly to Marius’ prison commissary account] Donate directly to Marius’ family for commissary, phone time, etc. by sending money to:

Karin Mason
PO Box 352
Stanwood MI 49346


Things to remember when writing to prisoners:

1. Don’t discuss any illegal activity (ALL mail is read by prison officials).
2. Each prison has its own mail restrictions.
3. Do not put any stickers inside or outside the card/letter (including Air Mail/Par Avion stickers, if writing from overseas)
4. Do not include any paperclips, staples or anything extra in your letter.
5. Write your address on the envelope AND inside the letter, since prisoners often are not given the envelope.
6. Do not send money to the prison address (please contact activist’s support groups to financially support prisoners).
7. Prisoners appreciate books, but they must be paperback, and must ship directly from the publisher or from online retailers like
8. Your letters are appreciated , even if you don’t receive a response (prisoners are only allowed a limited amount of paper, envelopes and stamps, making it difficult to respond to every letter).

Fallen Warriors

To my friends and supporters to help them make sense of all these events that have happened so quickly:

Certain human cultures have been waging war against the Earth for millennia. I chose to fight on the side of bears, mountain lions, skunks, bats, saguaros, cliff rose and all things wild. I am just the most recent casualty in that war. But tonight I have made a jail break — I am returning home, to the Earth, to the place of my origins.
Bill Rodgers, 12/21/05 (the winter solstice)

  • William Sweet , British anti-bloodsports activist shot dead (January 1976) during an altercation with a man shooting birds.

  • Fernando Pereira , Greenpeace activist killed in New Zealand (July 1985) when the French secret service blew up the ship the Rainbow Warrior.

  • Bartolomeu Morais da Silva (aka “Brasilia”) a Brazilian farmer who led the struggle against illegal logging, land fraud and destructive large-scale infrastructure projects was found murdered from shot gun wounds and his legs broken in July 2002.
  • Mike Hill , British hunt saboteur deliberately run over by a hunter in February 1991.
  • Tom Worby , British hunt saboteur deliberately run over by a hunter in April 1993.
  • Jill Phipps , British activist deliberately run over whilst trying to stop live animal exports in February 1995.
  • Karel Van Noppen , a Belgium vet who was assassinated in 1993 by hitmen after he exposed mafia connections in the meat industry.
  • David “Gypsy” Chain , American eco-activist crushed to death in September 1998 when a tree was felled on top of him by an irate logger in California’s Headwoods Forest.
  • Beth O’Brien , an American eco-activist died in April 2002 after falling from a tree she was sitting in and protecting at the Eagel Creek timber sale and camp.
  • Robert “Naya” Bryan , an American eco-activist who died October 2002 after falling from a tree he occupied in Santa Cruz.
  • Barry Horne, British Animal Lib prisoner starved to death in November 2001 as a result of a hunger strike protesting vivisection.

Recently Released Prisoners

Justin Solondz #98291-011
Released January 2017!

Joseph Buddenberg
Released February 2018


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