Law Enforcement Kill Nearly 25 Dogs Per Day in the U.S.

Police Kill Nearly 25 Dogs Each Day Law enforcement’s treatment of dogs is just a symptom of the militarized policing so many of our neighborhoods are subjected to.   By: Andrea B. Scott Article Originally Appeared in: The Nation In December 2006, 12-year-old K. Harris was in the backyard of her Hartford, Connecticut, home. She […]

Keep Fighting – Three Interviews with Britain’s Animal Liberation Front Press Officers

Okja: A Movie Review

Bullfighting Website Hacked, Ticket Buyers Exposed

The International Animal Rights Conference 2017 will be held from September 7th to 10th in Luxembourg

Dairy Cows Convince Farmer’s Dog to Off Him

‘Snowpiercer’ Director’s New Movie ‘Okja’ Is an Anti-Corporate Mindfuck

ALF Publishes Client List for Foie Gras Producer (France)

Hunter Shrine Outside Venice (Italy) Defaced

Hackers Dump List of Hunting Federation Members in France

More Than 50 Bullfighting Posters Altered in Teruel (Spain)

ALF/ELF Detonate Noise Bombs in Chile

Bullfighter Killed in France

FBI Approaching Activists in North Carolina- Send Them Packing!

Snitch Andrew Darst Still Trying to Infiltrate Activists


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