Nepalese Band’s Anti-Religion Animal Rights Video

Check out this awesome Nepalese band’s anti-religion animal rights video By Alice Pattillo (Metal Hammer) a day ago Metal Hammer   EXCLUSIVE: Nepalese metallers, Underside, premiere their brilliant new video for track Gadhimai Nepal isn’t known for its metal scene, but Underside have emerged nonetheless and they aren’t just playing awesomely heavy music – they are also protesting the beliefs of the […]

Two animal rights militants held in Paris over butcher assault

ALF Press Officer Response to Pheasant Liberation

Mildenhall farm Heath Hatcheries raided by Animal Liberation Front, releasing thousands of pheasants

Animal rights activists free 9,000 pheasants and vow to ‘dismantle the shooting industry’

ALF Liberates 9000 Pheasants from Game Farm in Suffolk (UK)

Activist Hackers Release Names of Bullfight Attendees (Madrid, Spain)

6 Rabbits Liberated in Bologna (Italy)

VIDEO SPECIAL: More than 100 animal activists raid slaughterhouse in Spain to RESCUE pigs

Animal Rights Activists in Melbourne: Green-Collar Criminals or Civil ‘Disobedients’?

Lynley Tulloch: Australian animal rights activists make pertinent points

Press Office Interview with Actor, Animal Rights and Social Justice Activist MENA SUVARI

8 Hunting Towers and Feeding Station Sabotaged; See Video (Sweden)

Militant ‘Antispecist’ Vegans Jailed for Vandalising Butcher Shops in France

3 Lambs Rescued by Protesters in Australia


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