6 Hens Liberated (France)

Received anonymously: On the night of the 17th of may, in France, 6 hens were helped on their way out of the farm they were held prisoners in. Before going to pick up these people I was afraid, very afraid, stomach ache, lots of movies in my head and in each one everything ended badly […]

Turkey Rescued from Factory Farm in Canada (See Video)

3 Hunting Towers Destroyed (Poland)

Militant vegans vandalise a cheese shop by spraying ‘dairy = death’ in red paint on the window

Music/Art Benefit Compilation to Raise Donations for Eco- and Animal Liberation Prisoners

A Portland Barbecue Restaurant Was Vandalized and Defaced With “Veganarchy” Symbols

Open Rescue: 36 Hens (Czech Republic)

University of Guelph research site vandalized with animal rights graffiti

Swedish ALF Sabotages Animal Abusers’ Cars

Sabotage at Guelph University Swine Research Site (Canada)

On the Covid-19 Virus and Animal Liberation

71 Hens Liberated (UK)

Lamb Rescued from Slaughterhouse in Veneto (Italy)

32 Hens Rescued from Abysmal Conditions (UK)

ALF Paints Banner Near Disgusting Rabbit Farm Lisasgarden (Sweden)



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