Bison Flesh Spoiled in Supermarket for Third Time (Minneapolis, USA)

Received anonymously: We visited a health food store in Minneapolis for the third time. We filled a cart full with bison meat and left it in an aisle. The products will spoil fast for a $600 loss. It was asked if the store will replace the items. Yes. But after repeated actions they will stop […]

Wheatpaste and Spraypaint in Solidarity with Chilean Prisoners (Mexico)

ALF Liberates 40 Hens in Solidarity with Barry Horne (Italy)

Message Left at Hunt Kennels (UK)

Birds Liberated from Park Aviary (Netherlands)

ALF Liberates 8 Lambs in Solidarity with Chilean Detainees Northamptonshire, UK)

Mink madness in VW County

Animal Activists Free 10,000 Minks From Fur Farm in Ohio — and Assert They Can Survive in the Wild

ALF Liberates 21 Hens in Memory of Barry Horne

Animal Liberation Front Liberates Thousands of Captive Mink in Ohio; Third Mink Liberation this Month

Ghost farms: the mink sheds abandoned to the pandemic

Hen Rescued at Slaughterhouse, In Memory of Barry Horne (South America)

Activists Target Foie Gras Restaurant (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Eight Chickens Liberated from Farm in Argentina (Buenos Aires)

ALF Liberate 800 More Mink from Pipkorn Farm (Michigan)



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