Support Animal Liberation Prisoner Mel Broughton

Mel has been held on remand at Peterborough Prison since November. His conditions have improved, after a difficult start with little to no medication or vegan food available. Mel is receiving regular letters, but keeping in touch with news from the outside world is a great way to support and keep him busy. He really […]

Another Hunting Tower Set Ablaze in Germany (Longkamp)

Hunting Tower Set on Fire (Darmstadt Germany)

Punk Rock Vegan Movie – film review

5 Hunting Towers Destroyed on Christmas Eve (Benesov u Prahy, Czech Republic)

In Memory of Gilly, Animal Liberator

ALF Destroys 90 Posters Promoting Zoo (Fulda, Germany)

Butcher Targeted by ALF Closes Forever (Stuttgart, Germany)

ALF Sabotage Zoo (Stuttgart, Germany)

Multiple Attacks on Hunting Infrastructure in Germany

Activist Mel Broughton Jailed in UK

Year in Review 2022, Courtesy of Comrades at Unoffensive Animal

Futuro Vegetal Sabotages Europe’s Largest Slaughterhouse (Spain)

Sausage Vending Machines Sabotaged (Germany)

Two Wisconsin Fur Farms Contaminated (USA)



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