ALF Hacks Italian Hunting Federation Website (Italy)

Received anonymously from Frente de Liberación Animal: The official website of the Italian Hunting Federation <> has been hacked by the Animal Liberation Front.

Two Turkeys Liberated, Rat Traps Destroyed, Locks Glued (East Anglia, UK)

“Eco-fascists” Charged with Arson on a Mink Farm (Sweden)

A hunter was fatally shot in Minnesota by another hunter when he was mistaken for a deer

Hunting Tower Destroyed in Serbia

Hunter-Priest Harrassed in Wisconsin, Tree Stands Vandalized (USA)

7 Turkeys Rescued in Midlands (UK)

Lamb Freed from a Farm in Quebec (Canada)

Hunting Towers Dismantled in Quebec (Canada)

ALF Destroys 13 Hunting Stands in Germany

Ireland signals likely end to fur farming with cull of 120,000 mink

Butcher Shop Covered with Paint in Toulouse (France)

ALF Liberates 2 Calves (UK)

Campaigners Call for Fur Trade to End as Millions of Mink Culled

Pig Liberated from Farm in East Anglia (UK)



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