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Jul 16

Animal Liberation Front Action – Eastern Ontario, Canada

Video Received Anonymously From the video: “On Saturday July 8th, 2017 the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) hit a sheep farm and liberated 5 lambs including 1 that was in horrible shape with injuries. We wanted to show all these latest groups going in to take just 1 animal then glorify that single animal and themselves …

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Jun 25

Hunter Shrine Outside Venice (Italy) Defaced

According to a report on, during a full moon in June, ALF activists went to a shrine outside Venice, broke the glass case and removed a model shotgun from the hands of the “Madonna del S’ciopo.” The activists explained, “It has not been desecrated, but justice has been done against a sacred icon, which …

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Jun 23

Hackers Dump List of Hunting Federation Members in France

anonymous activists hacked and made public the mailing list of the Fédération des Chasseurs de la Somme: Ronger Alexandre / BLONDELLE andre / bell thomas / Boudinel Alain / Boulet Alexandre / Boulet Alexandre / JOLIBOIS Vincent / DEGUISNE Arnaud / DELEPLACE Arnaud / DUPUIS ARNAUD …

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Jun 22

More Than 50 Bullfighting Posters Altered in Teruel (Spain)

Received anonymously: “Murderers,” “animal abuse” and other messages were painted on more than 50 posters advertising a bullfight in Teruel.

Jun 21

ALF/ELF Sabotage at Betting Office in Santiago (Chile)

Received anonymously: (translation) Members of the Anonymous Band for Sabotage in the early hours of June 18 sealed two padlocks at a Teletrak betting office in Santiago. Previously we harassed their customers with an undesirable noise, this time we went for their locks. ‘…We will continue smashing your windows, we will continue painting your walls, …

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Jun 20

ALF/ELF Detonate Noise Bombs in Chile

Received anonymously: (translation): Noise bombs coordinated by the ALF and ELF in Santiago and Arauco Province Embracing the struggle for Total Liberation, we continue on … From our perspective and praxis we want to generate like-minded actions and informal coordinations for attack. Anti-authoritarian attack with accomplices, which have been demonstrated for some time in Chilean …

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Jun 19

Hunting, Butcher Websites Hacked in France

On June 4, the website ( of the Breton Federation of Butchers was taken down. In addition, anonymous activists dumped the mailing lists from several French hunting federations: menardiere34@orange.fravellan, …

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Jun 15

ALF Destroys Boar Traps in Italy

According to a report on, the ALF destroyed traps used to catch wild boars at a farm in Fondotoce Di Verbania. A message, “Keep your hands off the boars” was left behind.

Jun 10

Zoo Private Server Hacked (Branfere, France)

Anonymous activists hacked a private network for the Zoo and Botanical Garden of Branféré; extranet user list: [Feel free to send these folks an email] Nom  Prénom           Mail  ‘Sys  Madeleine  arends  cecile  AUFFRAY     Céline  avenard     julie  Bahier  olivier  Bardin  Thaïs  Baucherel   Christine  bensoussan  anne  Bonnamy     Emmanuelle   …

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Jun 08

Slaughterhouse Sabotage in Birmingham (UK) ALF Slashes Tires, Breaks Windshields

Written yesterday (8th June 2017). From Birmingham, UK: A few months ago we slashed the tyres of every single meat truck at Pak Mecca slaughterhouse in Digbeth. Last night we did the same at A J Meats slaughterhouse. We slashed the tyres of the meat trucks with a hardware-store braddle, and put a brick through …

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Jun 08

Windows Smashed, Paint Splashed at Swedish Fur Shop (Sodertalje)

During the night of June 7-8, “fur is murder” and other slogans were painted on the windows and walls of the Johnells department store in Södertälje. Click here to view video from the scene.

Jun 05

Hunting Towers Toppled (France)

Received anonymously: photos posted by FAC (Front Anti Chasse).  

Jun 04

Dairy Website Alban Hacked (France)

The website of Alban, a program to expand and industrialize the dairy industry in Algeria, was hacked.

Jun 01

Bullfight Promoter Hacked by Anonymous, Ticket Buyers Listed (Spain)

Received anonymously: The web site was recently hacked by Anonymous and a large quantity of personal data belonging to bullfight supporters was taken. The site is operated by a company called Teyci which is one of the main promoters of bullfights in Madrid, Spain. The web site is one of the main methods used …

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May 31

4 Hens Rescued by ALF (Germany)

Received anonymously: In Germany, April 2017, we liberated 4 hens and a rooster from their prison, where they were denied their right to roam freely, and forced to produce eggs to satisfy the hunger of their ‘masters’. After their liberation, the chickens were moved to a newly erected tree-henhouse in the occupied Hambach forest, Germany. …

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