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Apr 17

3 Mice, Rabbit Liberated from Circus in Barcelona (Spain)

reported by activists in Barcelona: Three mice and one rabbit freed from circus. (probably used for magicians tricks) In the early hours of the morning we got them out and they are now living a dignified life in peace. NO TO ANIMAL EXPLOITATION…..ALF IS WATCHING YOU.

Apr 12

Bullfighting Festival Sabotaged in Vila Franca de Xira (Portugal)

Received anonymously: “Torture, shame, blood” and other anti-bullfighting slogans were painted on the walls of a bullring, and red paint was splashed on a bullfighting monument, in Vila Franca de Xira during the night of April 8-9. A bullfighting festival was held in the town on April 9.

Apr 11

Butcher, Offices Sabotaged in Bern (Switzerland)

According to an anonymous report on A butcher shop in Bern and an office of Proviande, the Swiss Meat Industry Association, were attacked between April 5 and 7. The entrances were made inaccessible and messages were painted.

Apr 10

ALF Sabotages Meat Market in Santiago (Chile)

Received anonymously, from (translation): In the early morning of Monday, April 3, in Santiago, Chile, a cell of the Animal Liberation Front sabotaged a Ñuñoa meat market located between Simón Bolívar and Conventry streets. The windows were smashed and the padlocks were glued to prevent their normal functioning. This exhibition center of corpses operates …

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Apr 09

Restaurant, Car Dealerships Sabotaged in Santaigo (Chile)

Received anonymously (translation): In memory of the indomitable comrade Javier Recabarren, that boy who gave heat to the pavement with the fire of barricades preventing the advance of the pickets of pacos and zorrillos in the open streets of Alameda, laughing at the authority in their faces. We: The Anonymous Gang for Sabotage, accomplices of …

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