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Hunting Lodge Destroyed by Arson (Casalecchio, Italy)

Via Sansnom. On the night of May 12/13, while the National Association of Alpine Hunters were celebrating their 95th annual gathering, one of their premises was set on fire a little over a hundred kilometers away. It happened in Casalecchio (Emilia-Romagna), where the chalet that housed their activities, including a dog unit, is now covered …

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ALF Liberates 12 Chickens (Denmark)

Received anonymously: We’ve all heard the story of backyard chickens, about how ethical it is, and how it can be a great way to teach children about animals. This is a lie! It’s always exploitation of the chickens, and they often murder them as well. A small school in Denmark was spreading the same lies, …

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5 Hunting Towers Burned (Germany)

According to local pro-hunt media, five separate hunting seats were attacked with wire in the south west of Germany during the afternoon of the 30th of June. One of the arsons was extinguished by a cyclist that found the tower on fire and used their water bottle to bring the flames down. Another one was …

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Underground Badger Syndicate Liberates Mutilated Bird, Sabotages Hunt (UK)

{editor’s note: Over the past month, UBS has been reporting on their actions against a shoot that mutilated a bird used as a decoy in a trap. We have compiled the reports below} Via Underground Badger Syndicate FB: When the wild things come at night Instagram: @undergroundbadgersyndicate       21st May, UK THE GENDER REVEAL …

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ALF Liberates 5 Chickens (Argentina)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH (translation): With happiness we claim responsibility for the liberation of five chickens. Searching to avoid the passivity complicit with speciesism we found one of many places where humans exploit chickens, who they’ll kill so despicable beings eat them. With the quietness of wild animals we managed to take a few from the …

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ALF Liberates 5 Chickens (Denmark)

Received anonymously: The ALF has liberated 5 hens from a miserable live in an organic factory farm in Denmark. When entering the farm, the first thing we saw was several dead hens lying on the floor. Let there as trash to be removed later. Few meters from them were thousands of hens crammed in a …

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Copenhagen Restaurant Sabotaged (Denmark)

Received anonymously: A restaurant in Copenhagen called “Beef” (Bøf) was covered in messages and red paint. This disgusting speciesist place has pieces of animal corpses hanging as decorations. Even their name says how speciesists they are. We must fight speciesist everywhere we see it. Do whatever you can in the fight for total liberation. No …

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ALF Targets Denmark Butcher

Received anonymously: Butcher spray painted by ALF. Messages like “meat if murder”, “murder” and “go vegan” were left all over a butcher in Denmark.

2 Dogs Liberated from Marshall BioResources Farm, Solidarity with MBR Campaign (Gannat, France)


=> « Liberation of two young dogs at the Marshall BioResources Farm in Gannat, France.

We …

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ALF Liberates Tortured Dog (Ireland)

Received anonymously: Earlier this year, the Ulster Brigade of the Animal Liberation Front of Ireland liberated a German Shepherd from a life of hell. For years, this beautiful big German Shepherd dog had been chained to an iron block and was living in a small pen, covered in his own faeces and his food thrown …

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Feeder Worms Released from Pet Store (Czech Republic)

Received anonymously via email: 

 The number is not as important as the fact that the life of a few worms has changed forever. Most have already turned into bugs and live with people who like them. Every non human life matters. Liberation from a pet store, Czech Republic

ALF Sabotage at Butcher Shop, 30,000 Euro Damage (Stuttgart, Germany)

Received anonymously: We sprayed “Drecks Tierquäler” and ALF and smashed the big shop window, sprayed butyric acid through the sliding door and painted MEAT IS MURDER on the floor in front of the butchery. More then the action was quick and simple: the fire department and police were called out and there were numerous reports …

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2 Rat Traps Destroyed (Germany)

Received anonymously: I destroyed two rat poison traps, just on my way home. Be active everywhere!

Fish Killers Get Tires Slashed (Argentina)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH (translation): A cold afternoon in Argentina, in a beach far away from the city where nobody really goes off-season we saw an amateur fishing person as the single, lone human on the beach. The only vehicle parked there was theirs, and they spent a very long time fishing, showing a great passion …

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15 Hunting Towers Destroyed (Stuttgart/Grunbach, Germany)

Received anonymously: April 15 Hunting Towers destroyed in one night! No silent night for the murderers, anymore!