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Caged Dog Rescued from Little Oakhurst Farm (UK)

Received anonymously: 13th February in Kent south East UK Little Oakhurst in Kent, UK, was visited once again. For a while we have been keeping an eye on the wellbeing of the dog used as a shepherd’s tool to exploit the sheep. After hearing Tracey’s sentencing by the judge and not happy with the fact …

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ALF Liberates Calf from Slaughterhouse (Netherlands)

Received anonymously from (translation): A calf has been released from a slaughterhouse in the Netherlands by the Animal Liberation Front.

Chicken Rescued (Germany)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Single chicken without any companions rescued from a small and dark shed in Germany, in February 2020. She was soon going to be killed and consumed by the owners. Now she lives on an animal sanctuary together with other chickens.

Two More Lambs Liberated from Little Oakhurst Farm (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Fuck you Little Oakhurst. After reading about this filthy shithole and the 177 cows that were brutally shot because Tracy Middleton is a lazy piece of shit, I felt a lone journey out to Kent was in order, making my way through the back field, I came across 2 lambs stuck …

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13 Hunting Towers Destroyed, in Memory of Mike Hill (Luxembourg)

Received anonymously from (translation): On the night of February 9, 13 towers used for hunting were destroyed in Luxembourg. In memory of Mike Hill. On February 9, 1991, Mike Hill, an 18-year-old hunt saboteur, was killed in Cheshire (United Kingdom) by a hunter who deliberately ran over him during a sab.

Fur Shop Closes After Repeated Sabotage (Orebro, Sweden)

Received anonymously: The fur selling store Törnqvists Hattar, in Örebro, finally closes down after many (unreported) actions such as glued locks etc. Action counts. For the animals. ALF.

Fur Shop Defaced in Cologne (Germany)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Statement against fur of some concerned citizens in Cologne. #banfur #PelzAdrian

ALF Liberates 10 Hens (France)

Received anonymously: January, 28th, 2020, somewhere in France We know the cages, the horrible smell, the corpses, the mechanical noise made by the industrialization of death. And yet whenever we dig to these places far away from everyone’s eyes, the horror of seeing one of the worst inventions of humanity strikes us. We can be …

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Piglet Liberated from Breeding Farm (Denmark)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: On a stormy night in January this little boy was liberated from an intensive pig breeding farm in Denmark. Denmark prides itself on high animal welfare but it is clear in all of these farms that all they care about is money. This little baby was liberated from a life time …

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Fire Bomb Left at Butcher Shop (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Received anonymously from Contra Info (translation by 325): We assume full responsibility for the abandonment of an explosive in front of a butcher shop on Mansilla street, corner Larrea, on Tuesday 28 at night, in Buenos Aires. The device was composed of two cans of butane gas, a firecracker and 1 liter of gasoline. We do not know …

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Two Lambs Rescued from Little Oakhurst Farm (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: We’d heard of the horror farm in Kent owned and run by Tracy Middleton and the campaign folks are running. We saw the photos they had taken of dead bodies in piles next to young lambs and other sheep still clinging on to life. So as we were in the area …

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Shell Oil Company Targeted (Sweden)

Received anonymously: As a contribution to Shell Must Fall action week, a number of Shell (and ST1)* gas stations around Sweden have been sabotaged. Small ‘credit cards’ have been glued into the card readers of the pay stations to make it harder, or at best impossible to sell their gas. Apart from destroying theatmosphere Shell …

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ALF Destroys 4 Hunting Towers (Germany)

Received anonymously Four hunting towers in the district of Plön (Schleswig-Holstein) were damaged during the night of January 19-20. “ALF,” “Hunt the Hunters” and other slogans were painted on the towers.

Open Rescue of Six Ducks (Czech Republic)

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): Rescue action LV & In memory of Bill ‘Avalon’ Rodgers I stop the car in the forest on the side of the road. Several people get out with the necessary equipment and get lost among the trees. Me and Petra are going to park the car. …

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Meat Shop Targeted in Sweden

Received anonymously: The local meatshop/cafe in Eslöv Sweden got a visit by the DBF, a message was left and their locks glued./DBF