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ALF Destroys Hunting Towers (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Enjoying hiking in the beautiful areas Sauerland, Siegerland und Bergisches Land in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Germany. Unfortunately tons of hunting towers destroy the nice view. Therefore but only for the liberation of all forest animals, these have to disappear. It’s always good to carry your bushcraft tools with you.

Little Oakhurst Farm Raided Again, 23 Lambs Liberated (Kent, UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Tracy Middleton is a piece of shit. We’ve been following Kent Animal Defenders’ work against Little Oakhurst for a while. Watching from the sidelines isn’t enough and we realised we wanted to ensure Tracy gets the message so we decided to take action. Whilst getting ready for it we heard a …

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Shooting Hut Destroyed, Hunter’s Jeep Smashed (Italy)

Received anonymously: October 2019 Tuscany, Italy. On a full moon night, we took a walk in the woods; we destroyed a shooting hut. We wanted to continue but it was dawning. On the way back we didn’t miss a Jeep with a big sticker saying: ‘Boar hunting’: we managed to break a glass. To finish, …

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Sheep Rescued from Farm in UK

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Yet again we find ourselves visiting the shitty farm and taking another sheep back with us. The farmer is despicable and gives zero shits about the animals, so at least another sheep will hopefully have a future.

Butcher Targeted in Hobart (Australia)

Pig Liberation in Kent, UK

Received anonymously: How to steal pigs and be a dickhead….. Liberating animals without a forward plan is just stressful and reckless and puts so much strain on your community and mental health. Don’t be that dickhead. Thankfully folks came through for this sweet girl who, despite being on a non intensive type pig exploitation facility …

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Hunting Tower, Feeders Destroyed (France)

Received anonymously: This week, in the Paris region, a hunting tower and four scattering grains areas for hunting were destroyed by antispeciesist activists. Hunters are setting up shelters and seed dispensers to attract their future victims and to accustom them to feeding and sheltering in these areas. They then hide in their hunting towers to …

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Lamb Liberated from Little Oakhurst Farm (Kent, UK)

Two anonymous reports, from Unoffensive Animal: After seeing a BBC Report about Little Oakhurst Brissenden Farm in Kent, we decided to come down and take a look at this filthy shithole it didn’t take long before we were surrounded by the decaying bodies of abused animals. Walking the fields was hard as the mud was up …

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37 Ducks Freed from Hunter’s Cages (Italy)

Received anonymously (click here to view video from the action): 37 ducks used as live decoys freed from hunter’s cages in Northern Italy

Hunting Tower Sabotage (Netherlands)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: After eating way too many vegan pancakes, an evening workout was needed. So chopping up some wood to help it biodegrade seemed like the best thing to do. Big fuck you to all hunters and everybody who exploits animals.

Butcher Shop Defaced (Hobart, Australia)

According to media reports, “Murderers,” “Go Vegan” and other slogans were painted on a butcher shop in Hobart (Tasmania) on January 5.

70 Chickens Liberated (Italy)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: On Christmas Day, at late night, 70 chickens were liberated from a declared ‘free range’ farm. In fact, in Italy ‘free range’ means also that animals can live inside bigger cages, even if the individuals can’t see the sunlight for all their lives and with their feet merged with the bars. …

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ALF Destroys Hunting Stand (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Under the cover of darkness, we made our way through the woods last night and came across a grim little tower built by cowardly humans to prey on the wild. A couple adjustments had it come crashing down into a field where we have it on good sources that the extremely …

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24 Chickens Rescued (Netherlands)

According to a report on, the ALF rescued 24 chickens from a farm in the Netherlands on the night of January 4.

ALF Sabotages Hunting Towers (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: It’s the new decade and animal exploitation and murder is still widespread. So, the pixies thought they’d go out and smash shit up for some self-care! They had a few more towers they wanted to take down but were unfortunately spotted by some potential scummers. This meant they had to quickly …

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