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Dec 02

Flashback Friday…!

#FlashbackFriday The Birth of the Animal Liberation Front 1974 to 1976 – Oxford Lab Action, the “Bicester Two” – UK In August 1974, Band of Mercy members Ronnie Lee and Cliff Goodman were arrested for taking part in a raid on Oxford Laboratory Animal Colonies in Bicester, which earned them the name the “Bicester Two”. …

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Oct 02

Animal Liberation Prisoner Abdul Haqq Transferred to FCI Greenville

from Support Walter Bond A few weeks ago, Abdul Haqq requested transfer out of USP Marion, the prison where he has been held since Jan 2012. On Monday he was taken to FCI Greenville, which is just a few hours drive from Marion. He sounds real good and extremely glad to be away from Marion. …

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Aug 14

August 2015 E-Newsletter

Support for Political Prisoners Joseph Buddenberg and Nicole Kissane An animal rights activist accused of freeing mink from mink ranches and vandalizing businesses pleaded not guilty in federal court in Oakland Tuesday to a charge of conspiring to violate the U.S. Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Joseph Buddenberg, 31, of Oakland, entered the plea before U.S. …

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Jul 05

July 2015 E-Newsletter

Support for New Political Prisoner Amber Canavan Amber was charged with burglary following the rescue of two ducks during an investigation at the Hudson Valley Foie Gras farm in Ferndale, New York. More info here. Support website:         Animal-rights protester (Kevin Johnson) pleads guilty in mink release One of two animal-rights …

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Jun 02

June 2015 E-Newsletter

Direct Action of the Month   RABBITS RESCUED FROM LAB BREEDER May 25, 2015 – Brazil According to an anonymous report received by Eco-Resistência, the ALF rescued rabbits from one of the largest suppliers of animals for laboratories in Brazil. Video from the action may be released soon Featured Articles, Essays and News   Embattled …

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Dec 03

November E-Newsletter 2012

Direct Action of the Month Turkeys seek revenge right before the holidays Wild turkey attacks reported across Brookline, MA. Firearm restrictions prohibit townspeople from shooting or harming the turkeys. “Complaints to Brookline Police about wild turkeys have doubled in the past two months.” Read more here Featured Articles, Essays and News Animal Rights Militia Sabotages …

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Nov 01

September/October E-Newsletter 2012

Direct Action of the Month Chimps attack people after habitat loss “… as many as 10 people have been killed and 17 injured by chimps, in acts that were reported as “revenge attacks” for people encroaching on their territory.” – Read More ALF Releases Captive Pheasants From Farm in Oregon Friday Night Canby, Oregon: In …

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Sep 03

August E-Newsletter 2012

  Featured Articles, Essays and News Violence and Animal Rights August 5 It’s commonplace to denounce the lunatic fringe of the animal rights movement for its advocacy and, at times, perpetuation of violence. This denouncement makes perfect sense and is something that anyone who cares about the fate of animals in modern society must do.  …

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Aug 01

July E-Newsletter 2012

Recent News Articles Animal Liberation Front Actions Heat Up; Will Underground Activism Make a Comeback? As observed in this week’s feature story, the underground movement that produced the infamous 2001 arson at the University of Washington largely fell apart afterward. Its members dispersed amid squabbles and a backlash from law enforcement. But that doesn’t mean …

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Jun 29

June E-Newsletter 2012

Breaking News Busted: Pro-Animal Research Group Americans for Medical Progress Following Activists on Twitter June 07 They are currently using the Twitter name “Vegwashington” to follow over two-dozen activists. View the Twitter profile, then see who they are following here. Fur Farmers Release Guide to Preparing for ALF Raid June 05 Historically, June is the …

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May 29

April/May E-Newsletter 2012

Breaking News Animal Liberation Front Targets Multiple Vancouver Fur Shops May 23 On the night of May 21st four Vancouver fur stores were visited by the ALF. Capilano Furs, Speiser Furs, Snowflake Furs and Pappas Furs were covered in red paint to remind the public of the innocent blood spilled every day in the vicious …

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Mar 29

February/March E-Newsletter 2012

Breaking News Latest by Anonymous in Support of Animal Liberation Ideology Mar 24 Hello Youtube. We are Anonymous. We are legion. The murder of dogs, cats, foxes, minks & other animals of china in slaughterhouses can no longer be tolerated. More here. Justin Solondz Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison for Part in 2001 Arson …

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Dec 31

E-Newsletters Older Archive

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