November E-Newsletter 2012

Direct Action of the Month

Turkeys seek revenge right before the holidays

Wild turkey attacks reported across Brookline, MA. Firearm restrictions prohibit townspeople from shooting or harming the turkeys.

“Complaints to Brookline Police about wild turkeys have doubled in the past two months.” Read more here

Featured Articles, Essays and News
Animal Rights Militia Sabotages Hunting Traps Received Anonymously: During the last 3 weeks teams from ARM have destroyed 53 traps in 5 different locations. And as a parting gift we left a few of our own. The traps we destroyed, set by cowards who call themselves sportsman, were not only incredibly cruel they were illegally set. Read more.

Do Not Support the Animal Liberation Front (Huh?) …As for those who do not change, who continue to post their blogs or write their songs, they should not be given the respect or recognition that they seek. It is not respectable to align oneself in words with a phenomenon based on action. And when one gains social clout from doing so, it is parasitic, or at the very least cowardly. It contributes to an activist culture where such inaction is somehow a reasonable, even honorable, manner of behavior. Read more.

Vancouver Fur Shops Continue to Feel Wrath of ALF Received Anonymously: [D]uring the night of October 31 lux boutique in downtown vancouver was visited by the A.L.F. no one is unnoticed who profits off of cruelty and killing. the door was bolted shut to add difficulty but the benefit of syringes is they puncture the seal around the door jamb. through the door we shot foul smelling liquid designed to get into the fabric of anything near it. Read more.

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