Vancouver Fur Shops Continue to Feel Wrath of ALF

Received Anonymously:

[D]uring the night of October 31 lux boutique in downtown vancouver was visited by the A.L.F. no one is unnoticed who profits off of cruelty and killing. the door was bolted shut to add difficulty but the benefit of syringes is they puncture the seal around the door jamb. through the door we shot foul smelling liquid designed to get into the fabric of anything near it.

Snowflake furs has reopened since they were visited. they reported that the attack caused at least $500,000 in damage. thats not good enough for the foxes pacing on a fur farm right now who will die next year so that you can make a few dollars. the murderers continue to cry how unfair it is that they are persecuted, humble torturers that they are. when your life is dedicated to causing suffering, polluting the planet and lying to your customers – you will continue to be persecuted. and stop telling your customers that your fur comes from canada. most of it is rex rabbit and all of your rabbit bodies come from china. ive seen your financials, i know where you shop.

This is a challenge to activists around the world. too many suffer and die for their fur and leather. you can make a difference. hypodermic needles filled with whatever you can get your hands on. even bleach or drain cleaner can make fur unsellable. there is nothing more important than defending those who suffer the most who cannot defend themselves. think of them, think of the planet, think of the suffering. you can make a difference for animals.

lux boutique is closed for business and the store is empty. the A.L.F. will always find a way.