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Jan 12

Caged Dogs Rescued by ALF in Italy

Received anonymously: On December 24 in the province of Perugia we wanted to celebrate Christmas in a different way, as we all should do, we wanted to restore freedom and dignity to two poor innocent creatures. Tired of keeping them, or for some reason, the Master had them locked up in cages completely forgetting them, …

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Jan 11

Animal Abusers Targeted in France

In recent weeks, animal-exploiting businesses in Bordeaux have been vandalized with graffiti: “Life is not a product to consume,” “Meat is Murder” and other messages were painted on fast-food restaurants, “Open the Cages” and “Animal Liberation” were painted on a delicatessen, and “Murderers” was painted on two butch er shops.    

Jan 08

Locks Glued at Meat Shops in Chile

Received anonymously: On December 23 in the city of Valparaiso we used liquid steel to glue 3 sites that do business with death. On December 30, 5 other meat markets saw their locks glued on Quillota Street in the city of Viña del Mar. At both actions we left propaganda claiming the action (statement and …

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Jan 03

600 Mink Liberated by ALF in Italy

From Media Reports: 600 mink were released from cages at a fur farm in Misano di Gera d’Adda (Bergamo) late on December 30. “ALF” and “Free the Animals” were painted on a wall at the farm. The farm reported damages of 30,000 Euros. According to media reports, the mink once released “scattered in the surrounding …

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Jan 02

Hunt Sabotage in South of France

Received anonymously: Vive le vand’, vive le vand’, vive le vandalisme ! Bonne année! Bon sabotage! 01/01/2017 – South of France VA.

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