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ALF Targets Butcher Shop in Southern Sweden

Received anonymously:⁠ ⁠ In the middle of February a butcher shop was visited in southern Sweden, the province skåne, and where spraypainted with meat is murder, the Alf logo and some lines drawn alongside the facade just to make as much trouble for the animal abusers as possible. ⁠ ⁠ Unfortunately no pictures were taken. …

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ALF Sabotages 6 Hunting Towers (Netherlands)

Received anonymously: Netherlands the A.L.F. sabotages 6 hunting towers and saves Wildlife

Another Hunting Tower Set Ablaze in Germany (Longkamp)

According to local press, unknown people set on fire a hunting tower in the middle of a meadow in Longkamp, using the darkness of the night as a disguise. The damage was valued at 1500 EUR. This is the second time in nine months that a tower is set alight near Longkamp. The police says …

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Hunting Tower Set on Fire (Darmstadt Germany)

According to local hunting press, on the night of the 6th of December a hunting hide in Darmstadt was found on fire by the local hunter. The hunter and owner of the hide says that he estimates the costs at around 800 EUR and insists that “hunting hides don’t spontaneously combust”. The police is begging …

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5 Hunting Towers Destroyed on Christmas Eve (Benesov u Prahy, Czech Republic)

Received anonymously: During the holiday of peace and joy, we do not forget our non-human brothers and sisters, and that is why we attacked. 5 hunting towers was destroyed.

ALF Destroys 90 Posters Promoting Zoo (Fulda, Germany)

Received anonymously: Over the course of 5 nights, 90 posters of a Christmas circus in Fulda were destroyed, painted and taken down. The ALF activists want to ensure that fewer visitors support animal exploitation in the circus. In addition to human artists the circus keeps animals to entertain the audience. Besides ponies, horses, huskies and …

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Butcher Targeted by ALF Closes Forever (Stuttgart, Germany)

On the 29th of December, Luz butcher shop in Stuttgart, Germany, announced that they were non longer going to carry on open, four days after the third attack by the ALF. We were alerted of the news by an anonymous member of the cell that targeted that butcher shop, who sent us this text: “4 …

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Supermarket Sabotage at Christmas (Athens, Greece)

Received anonymously: While life in the metropolis becomes more and more difficult for human and non-human animals who try to survive in it, the mayor of athens decided to remind us this year how easily τhe states domination can destroy nature, by placing a 21 meters tree from karpenisi, in syntagma square. Under the tree …

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ALF Sabotage Zoo (Stuttgart, Germany)

Received anonymously: Butyric Acid is a effective liquid to stop people from paying to see animals in prisons, when poured over entrance and cash desk. Stop to finance such violance in zoos! Animals are not here to gape at! So we reached out to remember them to respect all beeings. Close the Zoo Wilhelma, and …

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Multiple Attacks on Hunting Infrastructure in Germany

According to pro hunt magazines, multiple attacks on hunting infrastructure have taken place in the month of December. In Bavaria, an unknown group of people toppled a hunting tower, dismantled it, set it alight and then cooked a meal using the embers. They left the pan behind when they were finished. In Lower Saxony, five …

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Futuro Vegetal Sabotages Europe’s Largest Slaughterhouse (Spain)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH: The biggest slaughterhouse in Europe is in Binefar, Huesca, where 30,000 animals are killed ever single day. The vast majority of the animals killed come from farms in Lleida and Huesca, and the flesh is then exported to China and Northern European countries. This week, we entered the buildings and sabotaged the …

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Two Wisconsin Fur Farms Contaminated (USA)

it’s a good thing animal safe havens and wildlife rehabbers talk. we got word of a few mink infected with the deadly and contagious aleutians disease. we cared for these animals in their dying weeks, carefully saving the feces and urine. we then bypassed security measures and entered the zimbal’s mink farm locations at 6437 …

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ALF Liberates More Than 100 Rodents from Campus in UK

Received anonymously: It is cold outside and the snow makes a crunching noise under our feet. We know our way around the campus, but leaving footprints behind is a bad idea so we decide to change our route. Two people assume their lookout positions whilst another three approach the trusty window we have been checking …

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Animal Rebellion Liberates 18 Beagles from MBR (UK)

From Animal Rebellion: BREAKING: Eighteen Beagle Puppies Rescued from Animal Testing: Two Dogs Captured and Held By Police: We Need Your Help! At 5am this morning Animal Rebellion gained entry to MBR Acres, and rescued 18 beautiful beagle puppies. These lucky few are now safe, where they now live a happy life with loving families, …

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“The tree we like is the one with the hunter: but hanging!” (Italy)

The Centopercentoanimalisti group contested the hunters’ Christmas tree with a banner hung in the night in front of the church of Sernaglia. The writing, in strong tones, affixed by the group reads: “The tree we like is the one with the hunter: but hanging!”. The animal rights activists have also released a video on Youtube …

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