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Game Shoot Destroyed, 100 Partridges Freed (Shropshire, UK)

Received anonymously: “YOU FUCK WITH BIRDS OF PREY, WE FUCK WITH YOU” All game keepers are scum bags, the “game” shooting industry is trash and the way it decimates the wild and the environment all over the country is disgusting and needs to stop. When we found out these pieces of shit in Shropshire were …

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Manchester Hunt Sabs Stomping on Cages (UK)

Manchester Hunt Sabs 𝗜𝘁’𝘀 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝘂𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗹 𝗶𝘁’𝘀 𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗿 We’re still out hunting for, and stomping on, cages in the Staffordshire cull zone. Every cage stomped is at least one life saved, probably more.

ALF Liberates 11 Chickens from Luxembourg Farm

Received anonymously: Luxembourg on the night of 20 October, 2021 The A.L.F. Save & liberation 11 chickens..from an intensive farm…

Manchester Hunt Sabs Taking Action

Manchester Hunt Sabs It seems that whenever we take a stroll through the countryside with Midlands Wildlife Action we come across these death traps left out by scumbags. Unlucky pal, your Fox cage is now scrap. As you can imagine, this is thirsty work – reward us with a ‘coffee’ if you feel like helping …

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ALF Liberates 10 Chickens (Belgium)

Received Anonymously Belgium. Sunday morning 3 October 2021 The A.L.F. Save 10 chickens..from an intensive farm

ARLA Dairy Farm Sabotaged by ALF, Dedicated to WAKA (UK)

Received anonymously: It was a cold shitty night in the South East, we were bored, so for shits and giggles decided to take an impromptu visit to our local dairy cow abusing farm. After a quick look round and finding some interesting stuff, we got to work. In less than 20 minutes, we’d cut all …

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ALF Liberates Pheasants and Quail at Wilson Wildlfe Area (Oregon, USA)

Received anonymously: On 09/18/2021, ten pheasants and quail were freed from captivity at the E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area in Oregon. Fencing was cut at the sides and the top edges of the enclosures, then we stepped in and guided the birds toward the holes and watched them fly away into the night. A few birds …

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6 Chickens Liberated (Barcelona, Spain)

Received anonymously: We Raid a farm day before yesterday. 6 chickens saved. Barcelona.  

Rat Traps Destroyed by ALF (UK)

Received anonymously: These filthy fucking things are popping up everywhere, found on a housing estate in the south east. Whilst out minding our own business we came across these disgusting rat traps, rats are cute as fuck, so we took them and destroyed them (responsibly, dont want any other animals getting hurt) fuck you for …

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239 Hens Rescued (Czech Republic)

Received by email: During several nights, we took a total of 239 hens from cages and aviaries. What can I say when it’s still the same and still the same? When the dust, the stench, the halls full of feathers, the screams of stolen lonely lives are not lost anywhere? That sometimes it hurts a …

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Meat and Cheese Shop Vandalized (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Gothenburg, Sweden. September 2021

Three Hunting Towers Destroyed by ALF in Ireland

Received anonymously: With the animals onlooking, the joy over seeing these towers collapse was like nothing else. All shooters are bastards. ALF.

Mouse and Rat Trap Destroyed by Fire (Sweden)

Received anonymously: A rat & mouse trap consisting of an relatively large metal box filled with poison where set on fire somewhere in southern Sweden around august 30th!

Fencing Cut at Backyard Peacock Breeder in Florida (US)

Received anonymously: In February 2021 we visited a backyard peacock/peafowl breeder near Brooksville, FL and cut the fencing of pens holding around 20 or 30 wild birds. Though not a native species, peacocks can live a feral existence which is much better than being sold as pets or for meat. Simple, low risk actions like …

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Basque ALF Destroys 22 Hunting Stands

Received anonymously: Fifteen hunting towers and seven posts attacked in Jaizkibel, Jarindo, Kastañarri, Gorbeia, Arrikurutz and mount Kintoa. The Basque Animal Liberation Front denounces the “deplorable state” and the slaughter of animals by hunters. We will not be passively looking elsewhere as long as the sensitive creatures of other species are exploited, oppressed, or killed,” …

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