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22 Hunting Towers Destroyed (Brittany, France)

Received anonymously: We destroyed 22 hunting towers in the night between the 5th and the 6th of October. It took place in the Lanouée forest, in Brittany, France. Media: Until all animals are free.

Three Hunting Towers Destroyed (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Three hunting towers demolized on the night of 8:th october in Sweden. They are now useless.

Chained Dog Rescued by ALF (Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, activists rescued an abused dog who had spent his life at the end of a chain. Italian: Sul suo collo porta le ferite della catena, nella sua mente i segni indelebili della detenzione e della solitudine. Era un oggetto, neppure degno di avere un nome costretto ad acqua putrida …

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Swedish Animal Rights Militia Issues Threat to Rabbit Farmer

Received anonymously: On the 4th of October a rabbit farmer in Sweden got a lovely letter by the Swedish Animal Rights Militia. If you harm animals you should never feel safe! This rabbit farmer is the president of the organisation for rabbit meat ‘production’ in Sweden. She is also exploiting lambs and bees. The number …

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Chickens Freed from Truck at Slaughterhouse (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Today a truck filled with 9,000 chickens turned over and crashed. Activists from all over arrived to help rescue the injured birds. After hours of bull shit negotiations with brain dead cops we decided to take matters into our own hands. We stood in solidarity with the thousands injured in the …

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Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Last saturday we saw that a truck had arrived to our city, it was giving away pieces of pig legs (ham) for people to eat for free, there was ‘Ham Passion Tour’ written all over it, so we decided to investigate online. It turns out that this Tour is funded by …

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Blind Lamb Rescued (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Whilst out in the countryside checking badger setts we encountered a lamb acting very strangely. They were going in circles over and over and hitting against the fencing. We thought they were suffering from Listeriosis, but upon examination we realised they had been born without eyes. They were helped away through …

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Boar Traps Dismantled (Hauts de France)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: On the night of Monday 23 to Tuesday, September 24, 2019, wild boar traps were dismounted with cutting pliers, by 2 activists in the Hauts de France. Our duty is to protect them. Freedoms for all.

20 Chickens Liberated from Egg Farm (Drome, France)

Received anonymously: SEPTEMBER 27, DROME, FRANCE. Last night, a group of antispeciesist activists broke into a battery-laying chicken farm with around 200,000 animals. After cutting the wire fence with a bolt cutter, and breaking down the door to a shed with a crowbar, the group helped about twenty individuals escape this hell. Now safe in …

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ALF Destroys 5 Nutria Traps; See Video (Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, the Animal Liberation Front destroyed five nutria traps in Italy. Click here to view video from the action.

Hunting Towers, Feeding Stations Wrecked (Belgium)

Received anonymously (see above, or click here to view video from the action): Mons, Belgium, September 2019 : 6 miradors [hunting towers] and 6 feeding points destroyed. It was really a hunting for sport zone. More than one hundred of fence destroyed from a little area because we see one deer imprisoned. French: La semaine dernière, un groupe d’activistes …

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Ten Hunting Towers Destroyed in Wisconsin (USA)

Received anonymously: Hunting season is on the way here in northern Wisconsin, so we destroyed 10 hunting towers to kick things off! We find that when we attack under the blanket of night with masks on we get a lot more done than we ever could standing on the sidewalk with signs. We don’t expect …

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100 Pheasants Liberated in France; 16th Liberation of Wild Birds in Europe this Summer

Received anonymously: On the night of 18 to 19 September, in the Paris region, a pheasant farm was sabotaged and people escaped. A group of activists broke into a farm in order to be able to give back their freedom to pheasants specifically raised for hunting. Hunting season having already begun, it is only to …

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Slaughterhouse Truck Damaged (Basque Country)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: After driving for hours to find some specific places without any success, we bumped into a slaughterhouse and this death truck payed all the price. All 4 wheels pricked and destroyed windshield with some bricks we found there. We will not tolerate violence, not in the Baske Country, not anywhere.

ALF Destroys Hunting Towers, Feed Station (France)

Received anonymously: This weekend of 21 and 22 September, in the south-east of France, watchtowers, traps, cages and feeding points were once again sabotaged. Not a first for the members of ALF, an eternal start as long as the hunters continue to slaughter the animals in the name of regulation claiming to be the first …

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