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Speciesism Graffiti in Paris (France)

Received anonymously: Here is some photos of graffitis done the 6 of may in Paris, Here are the graffs’ translations: “À spécisme général, animalisme radical” means “To general speciesism, radical animalism” (there should be no “e” at the end of “général”, it was misstyped..) “Spécisme = terrorism” means ” Speciesism = Terrorism” “L’élevage banalise les …

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Hunting Cabin Destroyed in Arson (France)

Originally published in Attaque: According to local newspapers, a hunting lodge was completely destroyed by arson. At about 4:30 pm, people walking up the Hérin road that connects in the fields Wallers-Arenberg to Bellaing called the fire department to report a fire. Six firemen from the Anzin fire station intervened to contain the fire, which only …

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ALF Trash Hunting Lodge (France)

Received anonymously: English: In the south of France, ALF members broke into a hunting lodge where animals are murdered, hung by their legs and butchered as if their lives were worthless. The premises were heavily damaged, furniture, beds, oven, water supply; we tagged on the walls inside and outside. We smashed the alcohol bottles… Yes, …

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ALF Sabotages 13 Hunting Towers (Netherlands)

Received anonymously: Netherlands.13.05.2022 The A.L.F. sabotages 13 hunting towers and saves Wildlife

ALF Liberate 12 Chickens (Luxembourg)

Received anonymously: Luxemburg The A.L.F. save 12 chickens from hell on an intensive farm

Animal Killer Injured While Repairing Sabotaged Hunting Tower (Austria)

According to local hunting newspapers, an 84 year old hunter was severely injured after attempting to repair a previously sabotaged hunting tower. The hunter, who was on top of the tower, fell injuring himself in the process. After screaming for about two hours and seeing that no one was going to help, he dragged himself …

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ALF Liberates 4 Turkeys (UK)

Received anonymously: In the early hours of Thursday 14th April a group of activists liberated 4 turkeys from their intensive factory farm. Too long has this area in Leicestershire remained untouched and able to get away with their abuse, so in the early hours a plan was formulated to enter one of their many farms …

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16 Rainbow Trout Liberated (France)

Received anonymously: Liberation of 16 rainbow trouts 16 rainbow trouts obtained freedom on an April night. We were able to rescue them from their dirty pool where hundreds of them were surviving fattened to be eaten. We let them go in a river where they will finally be able to express their natural behaviors and …

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Call to Action to Defend Atlanta Forest (USA)

We have received a Call to Action for everybody to join the fight in Atlanta Forest. We would add for all people who cannot travel to the USA that you can do a lot of things from wherever you are. Learn about the multinational companies that are part of the destruction of the Atlanta Forest …

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ALF Smashes Bristol Butcher’s Windows Again (UK)

Received anonymously: Bristol Butcher Bashing! In the early hours of wednesday the 27th of april we visited sandy park butchers in Brislington,BRISTOL. A attempt was made to smash both front windows. We know one shattered nicely but are unsure how badly the other was damaged. We had made a bit of noise and were feeling …

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ALF Sabotage 6 Hunting Towers (Ontario, Canada)

Received anonymously: After a 5 km walk, we take a break in the bush, impatient, waiting for the sun to set. Tonight, we are finally gonna knock down some hunting towers we had previously spotted from the road in the country. We hope to send a clear message to the animal killers and inspire our …

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8 Broiler Chicks Saved in Tarragona (Spain)

Received anonymously: 8 broiler chick saved in Tarragona spain

Hunting Cages Smashed (UK)

Received anonymously: Derbyshire pixies find these Wednesday 24th

Multiple Arsons Against Hunting Infrastructure (Germany)

February/March, Bavaria Germany. According to local press, a string of arsons against hunting infrastructure is being investigated. The people involved have targeted multiple different counties and have burn hunting towers, hunting lodges, body disposal bins and other hunting infrastructure, totaling a huge 20,000 EUR worth of damage in between February and March 2022. The police …

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10 Chickens Liberated (Czech Republic)

Received anonymously: At the end of this year, around midnight, we are inspecting the selected object with a group. We see a car inside the compound, we don’t mind, we go in, we go get them.  We get the radios ready and test the signal with the patrol. Last check, we go in. We open …

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