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ALF Targets Butcher Shop in Brighton, Again (UK)

Received anonymously: 14th July, Brighton UK. They are confined, deprived, bred, tortured and killed every day. This can’t get more urgent. There are things you can do about this. There is profit in murder but smashed windows cost. Find a target, know your route, wear gloves, collect some nice rocks, cover up, properly. Redecorate. Smash. …

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Four Goats Liberated from Farm in Brittany (France)

Received anonymously: A few nights ago, we infiltrated a goat farm in Brittany (France). There were hundred of them in this building, always in the dark and walking in their shit. We liberated four of them, maybe pregnant, and placed them in an antispeciesist sanctuary. They were exploited for dairy, so they have enormous and …

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7 Ducks Liberated from Foie Gras Farm (France)

Received anonymously: Around July 3, 2020, in France, we, antispeciesist activists, managed to exfiltrate 7 ducks from a foie gras farm and place them where they will never be considered as anything but people again. We were dropped off near the farm where these ducks were kept. The driver then drove away with the car, …

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Open Rescue: 77 Hens in Memory of Mike Hill (Czech Republic)

VIA: We lie in a cornfield and wait for the sunset. It is raining. We are wet and muddy. In front of us these is a fence, behind the fence there are several buildings, white and silent. Tens of thousands of birds are in these buildings, most people perceive them only as cackling machines for …

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Fur Coats Spray Painted (Sweden)

Received anonymously: We have sprayed many fur scum. Here is a few of them. Fur = murder. In solidarity with Richii Klinsmeister. He was sentenced to 6 month, only for speaking in a megaphone at a demo agaist a fur farm, in Glomen, Sweden. At the demo the animal abuser Niclas Petterson (Kärralyckavägen 6, Glomen, …

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ALF Targets Fur Shop, Solidarity with Richii Klinsmeister (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Action against fur shop, Sweden. In solidarity with Richii Klinsmeister. Free Richii. -ALF

ALF Destroys 16 Hunting Towers near Frankfurt (Germany)

Received anonymously: 16 hunting towers were destroyed in forests near Frankfurt during the night of July 2-3. “ALF” was painted on several of the towers. More than 100 hunting towers/seats have been cut down, set on fire or otherwise damaged in the area surrounding Frankfurt and Hanau since February.

35 Ducks Rescued from Shoot, Infrastructure Destroyed (Ireland)

Received anonymously: In the early hours of the 25th June 2020, ALF Ireland members entered the country estate of Castledillon which resides in County Armagh. This estate is used as a duck-hunt excursion by the family who own the land. There is one area within the estate in which ducks are encouraged to ‘house’ themselves, so …

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ALF Slashes 80 Tires on Slaughterhouse Trucks; In Memory of Regan Russell (Hampshire, UK)

Received anonymously: For Regan Russell. On June 21st we gained access to the Randall Parker slaughterhouse, near Andover in the UK. Every single tyre on every single vehicle was slashed: 13 articulated lorries and two cabs, over 80 tyres in total. All of the vehicles were put out of action, including two from Sainsburys which …

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14 Chicks Liberated From Factory Farm, In Memory of Regan Russell (East Midlands, UK)

Received anonymously: In the dark of night we found a hatchery full of thousands of newly hatched chicks, who in just over a month would be killed for their flesh. The shed was brightly lit even in the early hours of the morning. One of our comrades squeezed through a small hole in one of …

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Butcher Shop and Trucks Sabotaged in Memory of Regan Russell (Alberta, Canada)

Received anonymouisly: !It is time that we send a clear message to exploiters. Your time is up. Your reign of terror will come to an end. We will burn your slaughterhouses, we will destroy your death trucks and we will make your lives a living nightmare. Recently in Alberta, a butcher shop & “livestock” hauling …

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Butcher Shop Painted in Corsica (France)

Received anonymously: “Stop Murder” was painted on a butcher shop in Bastia, Corsica in late June.

7 Ducks Aided in Their Escape From a Facility (Ireland)

Received anonymously: At 2AM the team arrived at the facility to document the rights violations that are being inflicted upon these innocent and beautiful individuals. While scouting the perimeter they found wheelie bins stuffed with the deceased victims of this shit-hole. When they entered one of the main buildings they were met with the stench …

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Butcher Shop Windows Smashed, Spray Painted and Locks Glued In Memory OF Regan Russell (Brighton, UK)

Received anonymously: Filled with rage at the news that a comrade had been murdered by a slaughterhouse truck driver, we took a very small portion of it out on this butcher shop, a place set on profiting no matter how much blood is spilt on the way. We cannot leave these places untouched, COST THEM, …

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Butcher Shop in Toulouse Sabotaged (France)

Received anonymously: Windows were broken, and slogans painted, at a butcher shop in Toulouse, according to an anonymous report from Attaque.