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Swedish Laboratory Manager Presented with Gift

Received anonymously: The laboratory manager at Timeline bioresearch ab (vivisection company based in Lund, Sweden). Where sent an letter containing gift-wrapped razorblades with a note telling her to do right by the innocent animals she tortured… They torment rabbits,rats,pigs among other defenseless beings in their sickening experiments.

ALF Attacks Swedish Ostrich Farm, Again

Received anonymously: WE ATTACKED AGAIN! Strike #2 against ostrich farm, somewhere in Sweden. Several road signs and parts of the farm were vandalized, and this time signs were thrown in the river. Until the death camp is closed! Until all are free! We will be back! ALF

Magpie Liberated, Trap Destroyed (UK)

Received anonymously: As the sun set we crept into some farmer’s garden in Norfolk and freed a magpie from this larsen then left it as a reminder that all wildlife killers are cunts

ALF Destroys Hunting Tower (Poland)

Received anonymously: At the end of August in the south of Poland, the antispeciesist activists sabotaged hunting tower. Hunting is not a sport, not a hobby, but only a murder authorized by the Polish state. ALF Silesia

German Hunters Targeted

According to local press, hunters in Roth are under a constant campaign of sabotage that is making them stop enjoying going out to shoot animals. Tyres have been slashed, wildlife cameras stolen or broken, dog shit smeared over the towers and seats as well as sabotage of the hunting cabins and ladders. A camera trap …

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Three Hunting Towers Destroyed in North Rhine Westphalia (Germany)

Received anonymously: Three towers destroyed in north rhine westphalia, germany. Hunt the hunters, protect the wild!

Rat Traps Stolen (Germany)

Received anonymously: EN/ RAT TRAPS STOLEN Six rat traps in front of a supermarket stolen and disposed. The thin fixing wires were cut with a side cutter, the poison was removed and the traps were put in the recycling garbage. You take the habitat from rats an other animals by building new houses on the …

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Dog Training Facility for Hunters Raided by ALF, Quail Released (Italy)

According to the president of the dog training facility, the ALF entered the buildings over night, leaving messages on the walls and destroying chairs and tables with an axe. The small kitchen and bar were also destroyed, and the fencing nets and cages sabotaged, releasing about a hundred quails used to train dogs into the …

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14 Hens Liberated in Solidarity with Camp Beagle (UK)

Received anonymously: IF YOU KEEP THE BEAGLES, WE TAKE THE HENS! 14 hens liberated in solidarity with Camp Beagle, UK. We acted fast as we only had one goal in mind: to save individuals from a life of exploitation. We walked across fields and aimed for an unknown shed. We were determined to get in. …

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Hunting Towers Destroyed (France)

Received anonymously (see above, or click here to view video): At the end of July, in France, we antispeciesist activists searched for and found hunting towers in a forest. Most of them we found were already broken, well done to the activists who passed by! It’s nice to know that we’re not alone in motivating ourselves and …

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Animal Rights Militia Revisits Fishing Store (Sweden)

Received anonymously: The fishing store ‘fiskekompaniet’ was visited again in Sweden on the night of 8th August, this time one of their windows where smashed with a gentle little stone. DEFEND ANIMALS ~ARM

Pheasant Pen Dismantled (Suffolk, UK)

Received anonymously: Pheasant pen dismantled, equipment scattered and ladder trap destroyed. Suffolk, UK. Dedicated to Robert Kett and the rebels of 1549, who also tore down fences.

ALF Liberates Magpie, Destroys Trap (UK)

Received anonymously: Well, well, well…….hello there what a quaint little tree house you rent out, what lovely grounds you have……..whats this, we can write a review? Excellent news….. Filthy scum pieces of shit keep a Larsen trap neatly tucked out of sight, not from us……magpie released then its smashy smashy mudderfuckerz! Dont forget to …

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Animal Agriculture Sabotage in France


Hunting Towers Destroyed in Germany

Received anonymously: No matter what they do, they can’t stop us. two hunting towers destroyed july, somewhere in germany