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ALF Slashes Butcher’s Van Tires (Bristol, UK)

Received anonymouysly: On the evening of the 13th of feb we popped all four tires of a butchers van in Bristol. A small but fun and easy action. We would like to use this space to call for a return to militant action and radical thought in the animal rights movement. This action is dedicated …

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Two Pitbulls Rescued from Kill “Shelter” (Turkey)

Received anonymously via: Frentedeliberacionanimal English : This emotional footage shows only a couple of minutes of a dangerous rescue mission. Our ALF member in Turkey, at a secret location secretly goes into a shelter and rescues these 2 ‘banned breed’ dogs at night. This mother and daughter has been abandoned at a shelter and they would …

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Swedish Billionaire-Hunter Targeted by ALF

Received anonymously: In Sweden, ALF has taken direct action against the murderer and fascist Karl Hedin. We don’t want justice! We’re out for revenge… In Sweden, the hunter and business billionaire Karl Hedin is charged with a serious hunting crime. The trial is set to begin on the 22nd of February. We do not care …

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Animal Rights Militia Mails “Present” to Vivisectors (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Envelopes laced with razor-blades were sent to 3 employees of a small vivisection company in Lund, Sweden. They torture all kinds of animals in their disgusting so called experiments and it’s time to make animal abusers pay with any means necessary. ARM Animal Rights Militia

Glue-Trapping and Hunting Stations Destroyed (Marseille, France)

Received anonymously: In February, a dozen glue-trapping* locations and hunting stations were destroyed in a single night in and around Marseille. A couple weeks earlier, similar vandalism was reported in Vaucluse and Var. According to media reports, anti-hunting messages and the ALF logo was found on site. *In March 2021, the barbaric practice of trapping …

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8 Chickens Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously: The target – a broiler farm in the north of the UK. We’d already checked out the satellite maps, done our recy and found good homes for up to 8 birds, so tonight we were ready to break them out. We arrived at the target and masked up, we crossed two snowy fields …

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600 Mink Liberated from Swedish Fur Farm (Tingsryd, Sweden)

According to media reports, 600 mink were freed from cages at a fur farm in Tingsryd during the night of January 22. The same farm was raided by activists in September 2019.

Pet and Laboratory Breeder Raided, 80 Fire Salamanders Freed (UK)

Received anonymously: After a tip off by a student, we learnt about a pet breeder doing deals with vivisectors. According to a receipt, they had sold mice, amphibians and birds to a university laboratory some time ago. Having found out about their existence and after studying their movements we went into to the farm. Thanks …

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100 Animals Liberated (Czech Republic)

Liberation report Czech Republic: 100 animals liberated from halls, cages & boxes in 2020: 85 hens 8 lab mice 3 lab rabbits 2 guinea pigs 1 duckling 1 chick All of them found safe homes where they are no longer sentenced to life in imprisonment, reduced to an egg machine, piece of flesh or a …

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Another Ginger Pig Butcher Has Windows Smashed (UK)

Received anonymously: You can be found on many a street corner. Luckily, so can we! The Ginger Pig have eight stores across London UK. Early this morning, another one found itself on the wrong side of someones hammer. In solidarity with everyone whose bodies have been carried out of here in neatly packaged little parcels. …

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Third Norwich Butchers Targeted (UK)

Received anonymously: A third Norwich butchers has been targeted with animal rights tags and windows shattered. It’s 2021 and the archaic abuse of innocent souls will not be tolerated. If you make a living from the torture and murder and animals, we’re coming for you.

Oregon Mink Liberation (Delayed Report, 2019)

Received anonymously: This is the story of fur farm animal liberation that took place in the Pacific Northwest just over a year ago. In the wake of this year’s winter pelting season, and the mass culling of millions of mink on European farms as a result of Covid-19– a disease no doubt caused by animal …

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ALF Liberates Goats, Rabbits (Italy)

Received anonymously from Frente de Liberación Animal: Three goats and several rabbits liberated from exploitation in Italy. Now they are in a safe space where they will be cared for and will be able to live their lives as they deserve, free and happy. They will know freedom away from exploitation and death. They will never …

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Lock Glued, Paint Applied at Fur Shop (Stockholm, Sweden)

Received anonymously: Red paint was poured at the door of the fur and leather shop Wacko in Stockholm. The lock was also filled with super glue.

London Butcher “The Ginger Pig” Sabotaged (UK)

Received anonymously: The streets were deathly silent until we arrived. In the early hours of the morning, we brought hammers to your shopfront. We disappeared again just as easily. Having your shiny things broken is the very least you deserve, murderous scum. Looking forward to the new year? We are.