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Activist Faces Prison for Exposing Zoophilia (Sweden)

Animal rights activists indicted in Sweden, accused of separately spreading a video clip in which a farmer openly talks about having sex with non human animals. The indictment is about something that happened in 2018 and two activists are accused of allegedly spreading the film clip. At the time, the farmer was a high-ranking person …

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ALF Liberates 6 Dogs from Hunter’s Shed (Italy)

ENGLISH (TRANSLATION): Hunting is legalized murder that wreaks havoc among wildlife every year during the hunting season. However, there are other victims that both during the hunting season and at its end suffer the consequences: hunters’ dogs. Exploited as breeders, trained with electric collars and sticks, held in cages, treated as slaves, regarded not as …

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Wildlife Traps and Cameras Destroyed (Bavaria, Germany)

According to reports in hunting media, two hunting areas near Würzburg in Bavaria have been vandalised by activists. At least three concrete pipe traps were destroyed, along with the wildlife cameras set up around them. Thilo Duschner, the hunter and owner of the traps and wildlife cameras, says the attack was no coincidence. He believes …

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Butcher Shop Has Power Shut Off (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Received anonymously: Last night we cut off the tiny padlock to the breaker box of a butcher shop “pasture pdx” and shut off their power to make the flesh they butchered unsellable. we also sealed the lock on the door with spray foam insulation. We also shut power to two adjacent stores because it was …

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Chickens Liberated by Frente de Liberacion Animale (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH (translation): Humanity is so horrible that to celebrate Christmas and new year while promoting peace, they do so by filling their mouths with the abuse and murder of their victims. A few days before those dates we visited a chicken farm and took some of them. Once victims, they are now survivors. …

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Dairy Farm Sabotaged (Leicestershire, UK)

Received anonymously: it is no longer enough to liberate animals from abuse whilst causing the scum that abuse them no bother. for that reason, we fucked up a dairy parlour as much as we could and hope the farmer had an absolute nightmare of a morning when they woke up. every single one of the …

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Hunting Tower Arson Caps 2-Year Campaign (Bavaria, Germany)

According to local media, a hunter in Ansbach has faced continuous sabotage for the past two years. A year ago he fell from a tower that had been sawn and put together again, breaking his hand. The latest attack was fire, and the hunter found his tower burnt to the ground. He estimates the latest …

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Pig Farm Sabotaged (Soria, Spain)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH: A farm has been vandalized in support of the activist accused of being part of a criminal organization, @nosomosecoterroristas In the early hours of January 31, several activists have entered the facilities of a farm in the province of Soria, in the Spanish state, to protest against the genocide of animals and …

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MaxMara Targeted by ALF During Fashion Week (Lombardy, North Italy)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH (translation): February 20 in Milan began the fashion week that will see on the catwalks, among others, the Max Mara group one of the few brands that has not yet given up fur despite years of protests by animal rights activists. A worldwide campaign has been launched these days by the fur …

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ALF Defaces Offices of Hunt Supporter Jacinta Allan (Victoria, Australia)

Received anonymously: Last year the state of Victoria in so-called Australia held a public inquiry into duck shooting. The results of that inquiry saw a recommendation to ban duck shooting in Victoria given a majority vote for the ban. On the 29/01/2024, Jacinta Allan went against her own party’s recommendation and has allowed this cowardice …

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14 Hunting Towers Destroyed (Limbaud Forest, Var, France)

According to local media, hunters from Var discovered fourteen hunting towers destroyed earlier this month. They are used to the odd tower being smashed, but they were left perplexed by the amount of destruction unknown perpetrators left behind this time. Anchoring posts dug up, structures knocked down, fittings dismantled: all that remains of the hunting …

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4 Hunting Towers Destroyed by ALF (Wettin Forest, Germany)

According to local reports, four hunting towers in Wettin Forest, Germany, were found destroyed during Valentine’s day. Wolfgang Buchholz, who organises the hunting in the forest, says that they are suspicious of the Animal Liberation Front due to graffiti they have found in the broken towers reading “ALF” and “hunt hunters”. “The four best high …

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2 Hunting Platforms Destroyed (Val-De-Dagne, France)

According to local media, on the 29th of January when two hunting parties joined forces to hunt during saint Hubert’s day, patron saint of hunting, they discovered their hunting platforms destroyed. No one has claimed the action.

More Shooting Towers Destroyed by ALF (Thuringia, Germany)

Received anonymously: Within the last 2 weeks the ALF destroyed 15 hunting towers around Meiningen/Thuringia in solidarity with all forest and land defenders around the globe. We are punished, jailed, criminalized or even killed but we are not stepping back!

ALF Retaliates for Murder of Sonny the Bear (Lombardia, North Italy)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH (translation) in the night, we decided to protest against the kill-all policy put in place by the Lega (Italy’s majority political party) by going to the city symbolic of the party’s origins: Legnano in the province of Milan, Lombardy, Northern Italy. We used spray and red paint to symbolize the blood of …

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