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33 Hens Liberated in Solidarity with MBR Beagles (UK)

Received anonymously: As we walked up to a shed filled with 50,000 innocent lives, there were blue lights behind us and a newer, loud fan system on the shed. It was noisy and tense. We hung back to make sure all was clear and the blue lights continued past us. We had to crawl under …

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ALF Liberates More than 400 Guinea Pigs in Solidarity with MBR Beagles (England, UK)

Received anonymously: In January we read an ALF report about a salamander liberation at a UK pet breeder who was selling animals to vivisection laboratories and it peaked our interest. By chance we stumbled upon an animal delivery at a local Pets At Home. Sticky fingers helped us collect an invoice from the front of …

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Hunting Stand Taken Down in Quebec (Canada)

Received anonymously: One hunter’s tree stand has been taken down in the forest, near a river, somewhere in Quebec, Canada Good luck climbing back with your broken ladder, asshole xx

ALF Liberates 86 Chicks (Germany)

Love Is Liberation …The A.L.F. Save 86 chicks in Germany…Saturday July 10, 2021

ALF Takes Out Hunting Towers (Sweden)

Received anonymously: There are killers about in the woods, so we never sleep! Hunt the Hunters! Several towers was destroyed by A.L.F, somewhere in Sweden. “Jakt är mord”!

ALF Targets Arvaia Cooperative in Bologna (Italy)

Received anonymously: With reference to the sabotage that took place at the ARVAIA COOPERATIVE in Bologna, A.L.F. claims the action. ARVAIA, contrary to what it declared through the media: – Regularly requires hares trapping and birds shooting, guilty of damaging crops; – Advertise captures as cruelty free interventions, when the high mortality rate of hares …

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ALF Destroys Multiple Nutria Traps (Italy)

Received annymously: Multiple nutria traps were destroyed by the Animal Liberation Front in Italy Spanish: Varias trampas para nutrias fueron destruidas por el Frente de Liberación Animal en Italia.

35 Turkeys Liberated from Farm (Midlands, UK)

Received anonymously: 35 Turkeys rescued from standard ‘high welfare’ farm. All of this years ‘Christmas’ turkeys have now been bred and arrived on farms, we took a visit to this farm whilst the turkeys are young so more could leave that night. The first shed was empty, were we going to have to leave empty …

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Bird Traps Destroyed by Fire (UK)

Received anonymously: The gamekeeper in the area has grown quite upset. He even reported multiple “missing” traps to the police a few weeks ago and has been constantly complaining about people trespassing over Facebook. It wasn’t a surprise that after a whole month of relentless visits, we couldn’t find anything left. Until we decided to …

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ALF Targets Ginger Pig ButcherAgain, In Memory of Regan Russell (London)

Received anonymously: It’s gonna be another tearful morning for the scumbag butchers at The Ginger Pig. We’ve gone and smashed some windows and spray painted their shiny new front of shop. Those that kill, sell and profit from using and abusing animals should live in dread. We don’t know if she’d approve but we thought …

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Magpies Liberated, Trap Destroyed (Ireland)

Received anonymously: The Daoine Maithe were out in the East of Ireland today, they found two tortured magpies bleeding from their beaks inside a Larsen trap, freed them and they flew off. Trap disposed of. AHAB.

Zenners Sausage Company Trucks Sabotaged (Portland, OR)

Received anonymously: In late may in Portland, OR, two and a half liters of bleach were poured into a meat truck belonging to Zenners Sausage Company. This was done in attempt to damage the engine of the vehicle and cause financial harm to a business that profits off the enslavement and murder of other sentient …

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ALF Liberates 11 Hens in Memory of Regan Russell (Belgium)

Received anonymously: in the night.20.06.2021 belgium the A.L.F. save 11 hens from the intensive farm .. in memory of Regan Russell…

Shooting Stands Destroyed (UK)

Received anonymously: on 12th June we headed to Stutton shooting estate in Suffolk we picked this date because it coincides with the birthday of our comrade Annna Campbell, who was killed by the fascist Turkish state while fighting for liberation in Rojava though once a glamorous shooting estate, it’s now seen better days many of …

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Russian ALF Destroys Hunting Towers and Bird Traps

Received anonymously: Hunting towers and bird traps destroyed. 2 hunting towers toppled, 1 concealed firing position on the ground destroyed, 2 bird traps and 2 land traps removed in Southern Crimea in a series of day-time raids. – ALF-Russia.