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Chickens and Rabbit Liberated by ALF (Padova, Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, the Animal Liberation Front rescued chickens and rabbits from a farm in Padova. “All of them were taken to a safe home. Now they will have a life in freedom away from exploitation and death. They’ll never be slaves again,” the activists wrote in a claim of responsibility. Click here for …

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Partridges Liberated, Farm Sabotaged (France)

Received anonymously: In the night of the 7th of september in France, a partridge farm was sabotaged and some individuals were released. We entered the pen by sectioning the wire grid and electrified cables. The net at the top of the pen was easily and quickly cut with cutters, leaving a great opening so that …

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Dermatology Practice Targeted for Botox Use (Switzerland)

Received anonymously: Sabotage, Switzerland In August 2019 we visited a dermatological practice in Baselland, switzerland, and poured out a smelly liquid inside the building, which left a lasting damage behind. This practice carries out Botox cosmetic therapies. Botox is the trade name for botulinum toxin (more precisely botulinum toxin A), a collective term for neurotoxic …

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ALF Liberates Guinea Pigs from Breeder (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: When we heard about this garden enterprise, breeding rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs we had to do something. After checking the place multiple times over a month, we decided to access it overnight, whilst the people in the house were asleep. We sat by a bush and waited for a while …

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Two Lambs Liberated (Portugal)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: 2 lives saved in Portugal. Living with huge family in sanctuary now, These babies were to be slaughtered in 3 month.

Wild Animal Feeder Destroyed (France)

Received anonymously: sunday 1 september, we walk in forest when we find a place where hunter give corn to savage Pig. We have think about him when hunt season open next week ( 8 septembre ) and they come here for eat and be shot by hunter. We have destroy all thing who are there. …

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Chicken Farm Sabotaged (Gembloux, Belgium)

Received anonymously (click here to view video from the action): In the night from sunday 1 to monday 2 september 2019, activists have open the doors, the trapdoors and hundreds meters of fences from a ‘organic’ chickens farm. There were 3 concentration camps confine, in total, more than 13000 chickens! So, the chickens had a chance to …

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Hunting Website Hacked (Spain)

reported anonymously: has been hacked ‘Hunting is not a hobby, a tradition, a sport, a right, a necessity or ecology’ Animal Liberation has no borders Animal exploitation for its crimes will not know peace. We will disappear when the animal exploitation is gone +————–+—————+————+ | usuClave | usuNombre | usuWebsite | +————–+—————+————+ | nQD4hq794Ka4 …

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Butcher Sabotaged (Czech Republic)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: 28th August – Czech republic, Prague Butcher shop on the main road was attacked by sprays and stones. The advertisement was sprayed by ‘stop killing innocent’, police started chasing us, so we couldn’t finish all. Photos taken after owner tried wash our graffiti.

5000 Partridges Liberated by ALF (Gloucester, UK)

Received anonymously from Stop the cull (click here for video from the action): During the night of 19th August we visited a partridge shoot of the outskirts of Gloucester and liberated what we believe to be around 5,000 partridges, destined to be shot imminently. After weeks of surveillance of the rearing sheds, we waited until two weeks before the …

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Hundreds of Pheasants Liberated (France)

received anonymously: On Wednesday, August 28, at night, we, anti-speciesist activists, sabotaged an aviary where hundreds of pheasants were held prisoners. The wire grid was opened, electrified cables were sectioned, and many openings were cut through the net. These people were to be sold and killed by hunters soon. We hope the most of them …

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Circus Posters Destroyed by ALF (Freiburg, Germany)

Received anonymously: august, freiburg, germany: circus charles knie is earning money with abusing animals. so more than 30 circus-posters were destroyed and painted with slogans against animal abuse. until every cage is empty ALF

Rabbits Rescued in Spain, See Video

Received anonymously: Activists with the group Tu Abrigo Su Vida rescued rabbits from a farm in Spain. Click here for video of the rescue.

13 Rabbits Liberated (France)

Received anonymously (click here to view video from the action): During the night of the 24th of August in France, 13 rabbits were helped free from their cages and released. We are aware that this kind of actions is controversial. We’d like to point out that these people are living in absolutely dreadful conditions. They never saw …

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ALF Liberated 4 Rabbits, Dedicated to Mathias (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: The UK keeps a dirty little secret. Although fur farming was banned almost two decades ago, trading fur considered as a ‘byproduct’ is still alive and well throughout the country. On the 24th of August we decided to expose one of the main companies still producing rabbit fur within the UK. …

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