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Maxmara Fur Retailer Sabotaged (Stockholm, Sweden)

Received anonymously: Silence only benefits the oppressor!! Since Maxmara continues to ignore activists demanding a fur-free policy, I sent them a message that’s impossible to miss. A little bit of wheat paste (flour+water) and fake blood (sirap+food coloring) goes a long way. Dried wheat paste is literally impossible to remove and anyone can make it. …

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ALF Destroys Boar Trap (Lombardy, Italy)

Received anonymously: ENG 23/06/2023, Verbano Cusio Ossola, Lombardia. We intervened to destroy a boar cage trap set by the regional government. This action will be followed by others. NO TRUCE for the animal murderers. ALF. IT 23/06/2023, Verbano Cusio Ossola, Lombardia. Siamo intervenuti per distruggere una gabbia trappola per cinghiali posizionata dalla provincia. A questa …

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Hunting Towers Destroyed (Finland)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH: Since the new far-right government of finland believes hunting to be ”a valuable part of finnish life” and plans to strengthen and expand hunting rights, we decided to take direct action. We used the bright night of Summer Solstice to destroy several hunting towers and other equipment in southern finland. There is …

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Hunting Tower Set On Fire (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany)

According to local media, during the morning of the 5th of June, a hunting tower was set on fire by unknown activists. Forest walkers raised the alarm, and the fire brigade ensured that the fire could not jump into any dry areas around it. They were completely unable to save the hunting tower. As it …

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Vivisector Biotec Campus Sabotaged (Philadelphia, US)

via: Philly Anti-Capitalist. On June 1, under the moonlight, some feral gnomes poured grit into the lubrication system of an earth destroying machine – paralyzing it before it kills more of the post-industrial wild habitat in Bartram’s. The goal of this earth destroyer, and the developers in power of it, is to raze the land, killing …

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Wild Boar Liberated from Poacher’s Cage (Tuscany, Italy)

Received anonymously: somewhere in Tuscany a poacher’s cage was found in which a wild boar was imprisoned. The non-human animal has been set free. The cage will be destroyed soon.

Arson Attack on Saga Fur Auction (Vantaa, Finland)

Received anonymously: Our lives and environments are under a constant attack, because of this we have no other way than to defend ourselves by attacking against the forces that destroy us. On Thursday 1.6. before dawn we cut a hole in the fence of Saga Furs in Vantaa, Finland and made an incendiary attack against …

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Four Insect Traps Destroyed (Unknown Location)

Received anonymously: The Sunshine hellhole Every year on National Animal Rights Day, many great people go out to march and advocate for animals; an important part of our cause for animal liberation. However, once the banners are put up and the sun sets away, the cruelty continues. Next time you are out at your local …

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ALF Liberates Captive Lamb in Solidarity with Marius Mason (Midlands, UK)

Received anonymously: Lamb liberated in solidarity with Marius Mason and all long term anarchist prisoners. We’d seen the lambs many times, we knew, while they were with their mums now, it wouldn’t be that long before they fattened up and the farmer sent them to slaughter. The field was easy to access but watchful mums …

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Butchers Shops, Warehouses Sabotaged (Athens, Greece)

via: Dark Nights. On the occasion of the celebration of the great slaughter, there was an awakening of our reflexes to a ritual that takes place at regular intervals validating the rules of hierarchy of species where animals are inferior and are species to be exploited. By striking at butchers we strike at the institutions and …

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ALF Sabotages Butcher Shop (Sweden)

Received anonymously: The ALF spraypainted a butcher shop with the word “DJURPLÅGARE”, meaning ANIMAL ABUSERS in swedish. Also we have previously removed and destroyed cardboard advertisements put up by the butcher shop. Every action counts! Long Live Animal Liberation!

Circus Sabotaged (Wisconsin, USA)

Stay free kids. We need a legal fund if these kids are captured. One of the first acts of sabotage for the animals on U.S. soil in 2023 and the suspects are 10 year olds.   Baraboo, Wisconsin —(WKOW) “Right now Baraboo Police are asking the children who vandalized property at Circus World to come …

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Graffiti, Wheatpasting, Banner Drop in Support of Captive Bear (Italy)

Received anonymously: Free the bears! the wild bears of Trentino, Italy, are again under attack from the local administration, especially from the local governor Maurizio Fugatti, following a deadly attack on a human: the bear “JJ4” (nicknamed Gaia), a mother of three cubs, has been accused and captured and is awaiting her execution in captivity. …

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Semi-Truck Vandalized at Ohio Mink Farm (USA)

Via news report ( In February of this year, two females were seen vandalizing a semi at a mink farm in Mercer County (In all liklihood, Schmidt Fur Farm, 1038 State Highway 119, Fort Recovery, Ohio 45846). There were mink releases at farms in Massillon, Ohio, and two in Michigan in that same time frame.

Sabotage in Support of Campaign Against Fur Retailer Max Mara (France)

Received anonymously: (ENGLISH) On a large boulevard, we came across this burned vehicle. We decided to use it as a display panel to send a message in support of the anti-Fourrure pressure campaign targeting Max Mara. We have tagged the following message “Max Mara Torture des Renards” which will be seen by hundreds of people …

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