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Shops Exploiting Animals “Closed” (Germany)

Received anonymously: Made on 31.12.2020 from 11:50 pm to 00:30 am around Stuttgart at 7 animal exploiting shops and bakery and kebap and ice cream shop and supermarkets. The tape say: Closed because of animal cruelty Total Liberation!!! Now!!!

ALF Destroys 4 Hunting Towers (Sweden)

Received anonymously: During the black winter night four hunting towers were destroyed by the Animal Liberation Front, somewhere in Sweden. The forest is full of wild animals, and there is no place for vile creatures as hunters! FCK HNT!

17 Hunting Towers Sabotaged by ALF (France)

Received anonymously: At the end of December in the south of France, the members of ALF sabotaged 17 towers for hunting, among other things for the wild boar. These steel towers have been destroyed in order to allow animals to live on this area. Hunting is not a sport, not a hobby, but only a …

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ALF Targets Butcher Shop in Toulouse (France)

Received anonymously: During the night of December 30-31, a butcher shop (La Bête à Cornes) in Toulouse was targeted for the second time in less than a month. Red paint was splattered on the storefront, and messages painted on the walls.

3 Pigs Liberated in Open Rescue (Czech Republic)

Report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): Rescue action LXI (December 2020) One of the most important moments of my life was when I saw little piglets playing in a meadow. They ran and jumped and there was so much joy and carefree childhood in them that I just stood there smiling. At …

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ALF Frees 2 Dogs Chained by Hunters (Italy)

          Received anonymously, from Frente de Liberación Animal: They lived chained and confined inside a rusted cage, amid excrement, in shameful conditions. The Animal Liberation Front released two dogs chained and caged by hunters in Italy. Now they will have a life in freedom away from exploitation.

ALF Destroys Cage Trap (Italy)

Received anonymously: A cage trap has been destroyed by the Animal Liberation Front in Italy.

3 Hunting Towers Destroyed (Germany)

Received anonymously: We are the A.L.F. and we will come back to defend the forest. More towers will fall until they stop this so-called sport, which is nothing else but murder. Smash speciesism!

ALF Destroys 2 Hunting Towers (Germany)

Received anonymously: Two hunting towers destroyed, Germany, December 2020. It’s no sport, it’s murder.

ALF Vandalizes Ostrich Farm (Sweden)

Received anonymously: For Richii Klinsmeister, soon free from prison! For Karl HÃggroth, taken by the cops! Somewhere in Sweden, ALF vandalized a disgusting ostrich farm, a fucking death camp (several road signs were destroyed). Comrades, until everyone is free, we fight for the animals! Fire to the prisons! Fire to the farms! See you soon…

Another Lamb Liberated (Quebec, Canada)

Received anonymously: A lamb has been saved from imminent death in Quebec (Canada). Vanilla will live a happy life and won’t end up on a plate!

ALF Hacks Italian Hunting Federation Website (Italy)

Received anonymously from Frente de Liberación Animal: The official website of the Italian Hunting Federation <> has been hacked by the Animal Liberation Front.

Two Turkeys Liberated, Rat Traps Destroyed, Locks Glued (East Anglia, UK)

Received anonymously: Two turkeys liberated from a farm in East Anglia. Rat traps destroyed. Dead bins tagged & locks glued. Both these girls have been found to be suffering with gape worm, and one has an injury to the foot causing her to limp. They are in a safe place now where they’ll be free …

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Hunting Tower Destroyed in Serbia

Received anonymously: One Hunter tower broken. For a world without hunters. 29.11.2020. Serbia.

Hunter-Priest Harrassed in Wisconsin, Tree Stands Vandalized (USA)

According to local media reports, Father Jordan Neek, living in St. Norbert Abbey, 1016 N Broadway, De Pere, WI 54115, United States, has been repeatedly harassed since starting hunting in the grounds of the Abbey. The police report of the incident explains that his hunting seat was vandalised, trees were spray painted and trail cams …

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