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ALF Liberates 8 Rabbits (Netherlands)

Received anonymously: The A.L.F. Netherlands Love is liberation love is saves animals

ALF Liberates 13 Hens (Luxembourg)

Received anonymously: A.L.F. 26.06.2022 Luxembourg 2 member of the Animal Liberation Front saves 13 hens from an intensive farm

Hunting Towers Destroyed (Czech Republic)

Received anonymously: In a few days/weeks/months (take your pick) were those who kill our brothers and sisters for their stupid fun vandalized! We will for sure continue in our actions!

ALF Sabotage at Butcher and Ice Cream Parlor (UK)

According to local media, Sandy Park Butchers and Tarr’s Ice Cream Parlour were attacked by the ALF, smashing the windows of both shops as well as spray painting “ALF” and “GO VEGAN”. Mr Tarr told the local papers he had to stop production for the day and open a lot later as they had to …

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ALF Liberates 2 Dogs (Italy)

Received anonymously: ENG: They lived chained and locked up inside a rusty cage, surrounded by faeces and in shameful conditions. The ALF has liberated two tethered dogs in Veneto (Italy). Now they will have a life of freedom away from exploitation. SPA: Recibido anónimamente: Vivían encadenados y confinados dentro de una jaula oxidada, entre excrementos …

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ALF Liberates 35 Hens (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Belgium The A.L.F.saves in the night from 08.07.22 >35 hens < from an intensive farm.

Trap Destroyed, Magpie Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously: Pixies in Worcestershire (UK) have been busy! This vile Larsen trap was spotted on the roof of a barn, luckily for the Pixies, the scummers had left ladder nearby We set to work and rendered it swiftly flat-packed and laid to rest in thick brambles. Earlier in the year, this gorgeous Magpie was …

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Labcorp (MBR Beagle torturers) Sabotaged, Rat Traps Destroyed at Nearby Pub (Leeds, UK)

Received anonymously: “My vegan anarchy embodies solidarity not just with dietary intake, but also armed with attack; attack defined by the material actions of an incendiary desire to destroy the social manifestations of human supremacy” – Flower Bomb Hidden in an industrial corner of Leeds earmarked for ‘regeneration’, a new base for human clinical trials operated …

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ALF Shatters Windows at Butcher (Clifton, Bristol, UK)

Received anonymously: In the early hours of Sunday the 19th of June we visited the posh butchers in Clifton. They are based at “the mall” (which is a street name) in Clifton, Bristol, UK. We shattered the 2 big front windows and broke a side window. We will continue this war against the meat industry- …

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MBR Beagle Transporter Sabotaged (UK)

PLEASE NOTE: this report was sent by somebody that by chance heard about the action, but the words of the people involved have not been received. “These are reportedly images of further paintwork applied to the exterior of Russell Morgans house, director/owner/driver for Impex Services International Ltd, living in Toll Bar Road, Thrapston. I don’t …

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ALF Smashes Butcher Shop Windows (St. Werbergs, Bristol, UK)

Received anonymously: Greetings In the early hours of the 16th of June We visited the butchers shop in St Werbergs, Bristol. There glass door and big window where shattered using rocks. The meat industry must end. ALF EDITOR’S NOTE: Alongside this report, we received another message 12 hours later. It seems like someone found out that …

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ALF Liberates 13 Hens (Luxembourg)

A.L.F. 26.06.2022 Luxembourg 2 member of the Animal Liberation Front saves 13 hens from an intensive farm

ALF Sabotage 29 Hunting Towers (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Belgium 10.06.2022 The A.L.F. sabotages 29 hunting towers and saves Wildlife

ALF Sabotage Archery Shop (Montreal, Canada)

Received anonymously: After hearing its owner encouraging bowhunting on a local podcast, we decided to pay a visit to the self-proclaimed best archery specialty shop in the province. The windows have been redecorated and the locks have been glued. We aim to affect the wallet of this store who sells thousands of hunting weapons each …

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12 Rabbits Liberated from T&S Rabbits Fur Farm (East Bridgford, UK)

Received anonymously: Fuck your fences, fuck your fur farm! While Anne – a T&S fur farm worker- slept in her static caravan, we crept around nearby. We easily cut through the fence surrounding the farm and went straight for a pen, catching as many rabbits as we had homes for. The rabbits didn’t make it …

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