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3 Chickens Liberated from “Organic” Farm (UK)

Received anonymously: Three chickens liberated from this organic farm. We are given the impression that organic farms provide more humane conditions. As you can see here that is not the case. Like non organic raised chickens, Many of the animals here find it too difficult to stand and those that do collapse under their own …

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5 Hunting Towers Destroyed (Sweden)

Received anonymously: A total of five hunting towers sabotaged. We also found a cabin with targets 15 och 30 meters away and an old rifle bipod och shells scattered around the cabin. We sprayed the targets but left the cabin for later.

3 Chickens Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: 3 chickens liberated in solidarity with the Frack Three (who have now had their sentences quashed and are being released). We said No. Frack Free Future. For the Wild.

Partridges Liberated, Pens Damaged (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: During the badger cull in the U.K. Unoffensive Animal has received multiple reports of partridge being released before the shoot time. It is estimated that between 2-3000 birds have been reported liberated from the pens and all of them have been sabotaged by breaking posts and cutting the netting.

Open Rescue of 48 Hens (Czech Republic)

Report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): Open rescue XLV (October 2018) & In Memory Lola Veg We saved 48 hens from suffering, crying and waiting for death. We saved them from a place made for trader’s profit that politicians protect and consumers pay for. We did not ask any of them. Why …

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3 Chickens Liberated from Backyard Breeder (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: We liberated these chickens from a backyard breeder where they were being kept in a bare coop with no access to food or water. They are all very underweight but will soon pick up in their safe new home. We will not stand by and let this abuse happen.

Chickens, Sparrows, Blackbird Liberated (Spain)

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal; click here for video of the rescued birds: The owner of a plot of land built small cement cubicles in order to keep lots of chickens there and make a profit from their eggs. We went to liberate them but also found some other birds inside cages. The sparrows were liberated immediately …

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Dozens of Rabbits Liberated (Italy)

Received anonymously, from (translation): Dozens of lives have been saved from inside a farm. They were crammed into cages as small as their bodies, one on top of the other, as if they were things waiting to be killed and then eaten. Italian: Decine di vite salvate, stipate in gabbie anguste grandi quanto il loro corpo, …

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ALF Liberates Captive Birds (Italy)

Received anonymously (translation): A cell of the ALF broke into the property of Mr. Martinelli in Capannoli (Lucca). Mr. Martinelli breeds and captures birds that he sells to his hunter friends. We opened an entrance to the aviary (approx. 10 X 3m) that held blackbirds and thrushes. After that we damaged another enclosure holding deer …

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Hunting Cabin Destroyed by Fire (France)

Received anonymously: on the evening of the 12th of october arson was set on a hunter’s cabin in the south of france.

Meat Market Sabotaged in West Palm Beach, Florida

Red paint was splashed on the door of a meat market in West Palm Beach, Florida during the night of October 12-13. The phrases “stop killing animals” and “we want change” were written on the market’s walls.

Shooting Range Sabotaged in Sweden

Received anonymously: Shooting range used by hunters spraypainted, Örebro Sweden

41 Captive Horses Freed in Corsica (France)

According to an anonymous report on, fencing was cut at an equestrian center in Sorbu Ocagnanu (Corsica), allowed 41 horses to run free.

10 Hens, Rabbit Liberated in Orebro (Sweden)

Received anonymously: 10 hens and 1 rabbit liberated by bike in Örebro, Sweden. They were rescued from a disgusting shed on a property that has been targeted by activists before. Covered in feces and with no water or proper food, waiting to be used for their eggs or flesh. Now they will live free lives …

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ALF Sabotage at Butchers, KFC in Santiago (Chile)

anonymous report, from (translation): In Santiago, Chile, the Animal Liberation Front painted graffiti against animal cruelty, attacking windows at KFC, and evil butcher shops. Animals are NOT FOOD, and we will destructively strike the evil sadists; we will never have mercy. We will irritate them until they close their doors. With all we have. We are …

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