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ALF Liberates 2 Rabbits (Italy)

Received anonymously from Frente de Liberación Animal (translation): Stuck in little cages full of filth, in a disgusting environment, with a floor full of excrement. The Animal Liberation Front released two rabbits from their cages Now they will live a life in freedom away from exploitation and death. Italian: Metidos en pequeñas jaulas llenas de porquería, en …

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Open Rescue of 217 Hens (Czech Republic)

I am tired of counting our rescue actions. So I will just write that in a few nights we took out of grief and suffering 217 hens. There are places we visit more that once. We remember how girls look shortly after they are stocked in these halls. They are calm, they let us pet …

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Hunters’ Tyres Slashed in Veneto (Italy)

Received anonymously: Tutorial: How to change the tyres of a hunter’s car.

12 Hunting Lodges Destroyed by ALF in Brescia (Italy)

Received anonymously: During the night of the 10th October, twelve hunting lodges were destroyed by the animal liberation front in Brescia (Italy).

12 Hens Liberated by ALF (Belgium)

Received anonymously: October 4, 2020 World Animal Day the A.L.F. save 12 hens in the night from an intensive farm in Belgium

Butchers Targeted by ALF (UK)

Received anonymously: Hazel’s Butchers shopfront and two vans tagged, locks and letterbox glued. Animal abusers we are coming for you. According to local media, another butchers called Fiddy’s Butchers was also targetted with a smashed window and spraypaint.

Bus Stop Advert Hacked (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Inspired by our fellow activists abroad, this was something we really liked, so went ahead and do research on the websites mentioned. With this add hack we honor the two year anniversary of Roses Law, and with the quote “All Animals Need Protection Under The Law” we honor Regan Russel who was murdered …

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Window Smashed (Again) at Pizza Hut in Brighton (UK)

Received anonymously: We saw someone had done in this pizza hut window before and how after replacing the glass the shop had written ‘vegan options here’ where the broken glass used to be. We knew then that it had to be done again. Our allegiance to the animals this company exploits, the environment this company …

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16 Turkeys Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously: It’s that time of year again… Under the cover of darkness we arrived at a farm known to have Turkeys on site. Turkeys destined for someone’s christmas dinner… no fucking way, not on our watch. After seeking out 16 homes for our feathery friends, we crossed two fields towards to the enclosure where …

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7 Rats Liberated from Snake Store (Florida)

Received anonymously: Seven feeder rats freed from small snake store, from drawers in an disgusting shed over the course of the year. Small operations require time as to not ruin future operations. Florida, usa To Defend Earth and Nature!

Hunting Towers Destroyed (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Later this month the moose hunting season starts in large parts of Sweden. Thousands and thousands of moose will be shot to death in the Scandinavian wilderness. Three towers were toppled and sabotaged by den svenska djurrättsmilisen (the Swedish animal rights militia). Hopefully it will save some animal lives, but at least it …

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Thousands of Captive Mink Liberated in Idaho, Utah (USA)

Received anonymously: Late this summer animal liberation activists carried out two raids on fur farms in Idaho and Utah. Fencing was ripped down and nearly 2,000 mink were released allowing them to clamor toward freedom. Both farms sat near the edges of mostly undeveloped public lands, allowing plenty of habitat for the newly freed native …

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ALF Liberate Geese, Destroy Hunting Towers, Sabotage Farms (France)

Received anonymously: Several offensive actions during August and September in Ile de France, Maine et Loire, Loire Atlantique and Mayenne: As long as the truth is not restored, as long as the victims of the specism are not at peace, you won’t have it either. Animalist resistance will never stop.      

9 (More) Hunting Towers Demolished in Netherlands

Received anonymously: 9 hunting towers demolished during the night of 6 september in the south of the Netherlands.

18 Ducks Liberated, Hunting Facilities Sabotaged (Emilia Romagna, Italy)

Received anonymously from Frente de Liberación Animal (click link for video from the action): Emilia Romagna, Italy. A hunting house and a hunting post were destroyed, a boat was seriously damaged and 18 mallards were rescued from an amusement park for mentally deviated psychopaths (hunters). Now the mallards, who were detained as live decoy, have been entrusted …

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