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Tires Flattened on Meat Company Vehicles (France)

Received anonymously (translation): ‘In May, do as you please.’ In view of what they represent, several cars had their tires punctured: – a car from Toulouse City Hall – a car of a meat distribution company – two cars from real estate agents – an EDF car Cut or puncture the side of the tire (not …

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ALF Liberates 50 Turkeys in Memory of Regan Russell (UK)

Received anonymously: The turkeys that will be murdered for Christmas dinners were born about three weeks ago. Taking advantage of the obvious size difference, we decided to pay a visit to a “free range” farm and take fifty of them with us. We walked by sheds full of pigs, ducks and broilers until we saw …

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ALF Smashes Chicken Shed at Egg Farm (UK)

Received anonymously: We visited an industrial egg farm; there were usually thousands of hens inside. This time the barn was empty of birds. Hens live a short life before egg production slows, then they’re sent to slaughter. It looked like the F’harmers were getting ready for the next batch of slaves to exploit. This was …

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Turkey Liberated from Factory Farm (Canada)

Received anonymously: Over 20 million turkeys are brutally murdered every year in Canada to satisfy the human’s fetish for flesh. They are kept in horrific conditions but even if the conditions were idyllic, their lives are not ours to take. This facility is “free range & organic.” Or that’s what they like to claim. There …

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Hunting Towers Toppled (Berlin, Germany)

Received anonymously: ​ ​ Somewhere outside of Berlin, Germany

McDonald’s Windows Smashed (Polegate, UK)

Polegate, South East UK. Received anonymously: The modern- style windows of this mcdonalds popped through nice and easy and silently using this little safety hammer (like the kind by emergency exits for smashing safety glass) – highly recommended for this type of window. You can pick them up for less than a fiver at halfords …

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Farm Sign Defaced by ALF (Munster, Germany)

Received anonymously: After one day, this asshole clean the sign of cruelty Location: Germany Münster

121 Hens Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously: We entered the facility. Tens of thousands of hens inside a single shed. They were covered in mites and there were dying individuals on the floor. Who do we choose? We must leave thousands behind. We rounded up 121 individuals into crates and made our way to their new freedom. All we could …

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4 Pheasants Liberated by ALF from Factory Farm (UK)

Received anonymously: In late May, we visited a factory farm for pheasants. Due to the nature of the site, a large liberation was out of the question so we opted to take four individuals out of this brutal reality. After taking them from the wire cages, we cut off their plastic beak coverings. All of …

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6 Hens Liberated (France)

Received anonymously: On the night of the 17th of may, in France, 6 hens were helped on their way out of the farm they were held prisoners in. Before going to pick up these people I was afraid, very afraid, stomach ache, lots of movies in my head and in each one everything ended badly …

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ALF Sabotage at Another Brighton (UK) Butcher Shop

Received anonymously: On the 29th of May, we paid Canham & Sons butcher shop in Hove a 3am visit, covering every surface of the storefront with messages for them to see the next morning. The windows were plastered with “fuck speciesism” and “fund the next pandemic here”. Combined with ALF symbols we hope it sent …

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100 Hens Liberated (North of England)

Received anonymously: Last night four of us loaded up two cars with industry style chicken transportation crates so that we could maximise the number of precious little beasts that could be liberated from slavery. We arrived at a farm we knew all too well but upon opening the shed hatch we were greeted by barrenness …

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Hen Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously: Whilst out one night investigating, we crept into a major UK family egg farm. The doors were all helpfully left open and unlocked, so the access was easy. We walked into a massive multi-story caged barn, but there were no hens in sight. Ghostly empty rows and rows of empty cages with only …

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ALF Smashes Brighton (UK) Butcher Shop Windows, Again

Received anonymously: Rog-Man Butchers repainted and fixed up their windows so were due another visit. Now they have more broken windows and more to repaint. We hear they are getting massive metal shutters. Perhaps they are scared? Perhaps they should be. We need to realise that we can take down these places by doing, not …

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ALF Destroys Trucks in Arson at Netherlands Duck Slaughterhouse

Received anonymously: The Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for an arson attack in the early hours of May 28 at the duck slaughterhouse Tomassen Duck-to in Ermelo. Five trucks and two trailers were completely destroyed. Activists also attempted to start a fire inside the slaughterhouse. In the claim of responsibility, sent anonymously to Vrije Dier, …

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