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Alligator Liberated in Georgia (USA)

Wally the emotional support alligator stolen during trip to Georgia, released into swamp PHILADELPHIA – A Pennsylvania man fears his emotional support alligator is lost forever after the reptile was stolen and released into the wild during a trip to Georgia. Joie Henney said he was visiting some friends in Georgia when his emotional support alligator named …

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Animal Testing Facility Closed, More than 200 Animals Rescued (Oklahoma, USA)

Beagle Freedom Project announces they have shut  massive testing laboratory in Nowata, Oklahoma, , ending decades of cruel experimentation, and sparing thousands of dogs and cats from future testing and purpose breeding. Beagle Freedom Project has taken over the 30-acre Oklahoma property and facilities where these animals were once held captive and tested on, and …

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Who freed Flaco? One year later, celebrity owl’s escape from Central Park Zoo remains a mystery

Associated Press by: JAKE OFFENHARTZ NEW YORK (AP) — This New York love story begins with a criminal act of sabotage. Under cover of darkness a year ago Friday, someone breached a waist-high fence and slipped into the Central Park Zoo. Once inside, they cut a hole through a steel mesh cage, freeing a majestic Eurasian …

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Flaco the Owl, One Year of Freedom

Flaco the owl escaped from his prison at the Central Park Zoo nearly a year ago. Here’s Flaco living his best life in Manhattan last Saturday. On February 2, 2023, one or more liberators, who have not been caught, damaged Flaco’s cell at the zoo, allowing him to escape. Former Parks Commissioner Gordon Davis called …

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Lang Fur Farm Closed, Though Replaced by Dairy Farm (Minnesota, USA))

Received anonymously: “We’ve confirmed the closure of yet another mink farm, but we have mixed feelings about it. At its height, Lang Fur Farms operated one of the largest fur farms in Minnesota, with over 60,000 mink confined at two different locations. Their property in the city of Richmond was cleared in 2022, and their …

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Reed’s Dairy Farm Destroyed by Fire (Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA)

The Reeds Dairy processing facility at 2660 West Broadway in Idaho Falls is a complete loss after a fire on Thursday, Jan. 18. Fire officials have not determined a cause. “Owner Alan Reed holds back tears as he processes everything that’s happened.” (No humans or bovines were injured or killed)

Fire Destroys Meat Market Shed in San Antonio, Texas (USA)

December 30, 2023 A fire destroyed a storage shed of the La Michoacana Meat Market in San Antonio, Texas. Fire officials say the shed was heavily damaged and no fire was found in the main building. The case is under investigation.

Fire Destroys Fast Food Restaurant (Arizona, USA)

A Christmas night fire destroys fast food restaurant Taco Mich. Glendale fire officials say they were called to the area of 59th Avenue and Bethany Home Road just before 4:45 a.m. for the report of a fire. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The Vegan Report – Who is Scared of the Animal Liberation Front? With Dr. Jerry Vlasak

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Unified Sportsmen of PA Want Answers in Mink Investigation

By Francis Scarcella The Daily Item SUNBURY — Members of the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania are asking investigators for answers on the probe into who let hundreds of minks loose from a farm outside Sunbury on Sept. 17. According to a press release from Blaine Troy, president of the Unified Sportsmen of PA, the …

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Animal rights group destroys fence, releases 500 birds in Bernardston (Massachusetts)

By DOMENIC POLI Staff Writer BERNARDSTON — Members of an extremist animal rights group have claimed responsibility for the destruction of fencing and release of approximately 500 birds at Fullflight Game Farm shortly after Thanksgiving. People affiliated with the Animal Liberation Front cut and ripped away 10 sections of fencing on the evening of Nov. 24 to free “birds held captive at …

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This Day in History: 1982 Animal Activists Bomb Downing Street

A letter bomb has exploded inside the British Prime Minister’s London residence. Margaret Thatcher was in 10 Downing Street when the device exploded but was not hurt in the blast.One of her staff was slightly burnt in the attack. Four more bombs were sent to senior politicians but were intercepted before they got through. Letters from …

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Equipment Barn at Turkey Farm Burns (Liberty Township, Ohio, USA)

Liberty Township, Ohio – A barn fire at a Butler County turkey farm caused an estimated $750,000 in damage. The blaze broke out at Valley View Turkey Farm on Yankee Road shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday, according to Liberty Township Fire Chief Ethan Klussman. At one point, the farm killed over 5,000 turkeys per year. …

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Reward up to $22,000 for information on Sunbury mink release

By Francis Scarcella [Press Office note: Pretty sure someone out there is NOT just waiting for the reward to get bigger. Historically, very few liberators have ever been captured, and fewer still imprisoned. Mink killers should definitely stay nervous.] SUNBURY — The reward for any information leading to the arrest of people responsible for …

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Reward for mink release up to $16,000; animal activist says money doesn’t matter

By Francis Scarcella SUNBURY (PA)— The executive director of the Fur Commission USA is deeply concerned about the releasing of minks from a fur farm outside of Sunbury and has raised the reward to $16,000 for any individual who has information leading to the arrest of anyone responsible. On Sept, 17, the Richard H. …

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