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Apr 10

How To Go Vegan: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide

By Joey Bruno Deciding to adopt a vegan lifestyle can be a daunting and seemingly challenging task. One may think they need to give up all the foods that they love, cut ties with all their non-vegan friends/family, and drive a Prius. This is simply not the case. Veganism comes in many different forms, but …

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Mar 28

Human rights are animal rights!

Peter Tatchell 28th March 2017 Abusing animals is no more justifiable than abusing people, writes Peter Tatchell. The moral touchstone is sentience, not species, and the ‘humans first’ ideology of speciesism is analogous to homophobia, racism & misogyny. Cruelty is barbarism, whether inflicted on humans or on other species. We need to recognise and accept …

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Mar 13

A Field Guide to Protests: The Protest Marshall

By Belli Research Institute I. The protest marshal wears a neon vest and has a walkie-talkie. The protest marshal sets themself apart in the protest by wearing a high-visibility vest, making their position look like one of expertise and authority. The intention to be seen is paradoxical: even though they stand out visually, the generic safety …

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Mar 09

Socialist Alliance’s new animal welfare policy embraces animal rights

JESSICA MACFARLANE Green Left Weekly In January, the Socialist Alliance decided to embrace animal rights when it adopted a new animal welfare policy. The Socialist Alliance has the twin aims of fighting the capitalist system and pursuing freedom from all forms of oppression. The animal welfare policy continues that goal in aiming to better the …

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Mar 03

Boulder police seek felony charges against activists accused of ruining meat at Ideal Market

Direct Action Everywhere posted YouTube video animal-rights activist, 15, ruining meat at Whole Foods’ Ideal Market By JOHN BEAR | | Boulder Daily Camera Boulder police have obtained arrest warrants for two animal rights activists accused of ruining $1,000 worth of meat at Ideal Market on Sunday. “They have until tomorrow (Friday) to turn …

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