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May 15

Dickweed Hunters Shoot Each Other; Unfortunately, Both Survive

Turns out, the turkey hunters were stalking each other. Then one of them fired By Michael Pearce Soon after his shotgun’s blast, the hunter sprinted toward what he thought was a coveted prize: the wild turkey gobbler he’d been calling to and watching. But Kenneth Dienst found he actually had shot his brother and …

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May 01

FOIA Docs Reveal an FBI Investigation into an Animal Rights Organization It Considers a Terrorist Group

The FBI has been keeping an eye on the Animal Liberation Front for decades. This story appears in the May issue of VICE magazine.  In December 2012, two front-desk clerks at the Inn at Little Washington (pictured above), a posh hotel and restaurant in Washington, Virginia, received some strange and threatening phone calls. “All hell …

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Apr 10

How To Go Vegan: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide

By Joey Bruno Deciding to adopt a vegan lifestyle can be a daunting and seemingly challenging task. One may think they need to give up all the foods that they love, cut ties with all their non-vegan friends/family, and drive a Prius. This is simply not the case. Veganism comes in many different forms, but …

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Mar 28

Human rights are animal rights!

Peter Tatchell 28th March 2017 Abusing animals is no more justifiable than abusing people, writes Peter Tatchell. The moral touchstone is sentience, not species, and the ‘humans first’ ideology of speciesism is analogous to homophobia, racism & misogyny. Cruelty is barbarism, whether inflicted on humans or on other species. We need to recognise and accept …

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Mar 13

A Field Guide to Protests: The Protest Marshall

By Belli Research Institute I. The protest marshal wears a neon vest and has a walkie-talkie. The protest marshal sets themself apart in the protest by wearing a high-visibility vest, making their position look like one of expertise and authority. The intention to be seen is paradoxical: even though they stand out visually, the generic safety …

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Mar 09

Socialist Alliance’s new animal welfare policy embraces animal rights

JESSICA MACFARLANE Green Left Weekly In January, the Socialist Alliance decided to embrace animal rights when it adopted a new animal welfare policy. The Socialist Alliance has the twin aims of fighting the capitalist system and pursuing freedom from all forms of oppression. The animal welfare policy continues that goal in aiming to better the …

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Mar 03

Boulder police seek felony charges against activists accused of ruining meat at Ideal Market

Direct Action Everywhere posted YouTube video animal-rights activist, 15, ruining meat at Whole Foods’ Ideal Market By JOHN BEAR | | Boulder Daily Camera Boulder police have obtained arrest warrants for two animal rights activists accused of ruining $1,000 worth of meat at Ideal Market on Sunday. “They have until tomorrow (Friday) to turn …

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Mar 01

Animal rights group claims responsibility for flower protest that tainted meat at Boulder’s Ideal Market

By Mitchell Byars Boulder News An animal rights group has claimed responsibility for ruining about $1,000 worth of meat products at Ideal Market in Boulder on Sunday after a teen protester placed flowers on top of raw lamb, pork and beef. An unidentified man and a girl walked into Ideal Market, 1275 Alpine Ave., shortly …

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Feb 26

Man admits to Animal Liberation Front attacks at Michigan State, WSU decades later

Associated Press EAST LANSING, Mich. – A man who denied firebombing an animal researcher’s laboratory at Michigan State University in 1992 even as he pleaded guilty now admits he carried out the attack and participated in others across the country, including one at Washington State University. Rodney Coronado told the Lansing State Journal he was …

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Feb 25

Polls Show America is Ready for Aggressive Animal Advocacy

When is it time to break out the bullhorns, storm the streets, and raise hell for animals? This is one of the most hotly debated questions among animal advocates today. Even the most committed activists argue that confrontational activism hurts the movement by promoting the negative stereotype that we are nasty people who will probably …

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Feb 18

Tom Regan, Moral Philosopher And Animal Rights Pioneer, Dies At 78

Press Office Note: Tom Regan was a close friend to us at the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, and we mourn his loss. His writings were influential in forming the ideology and actions of many us early on in our activism. We will miss Tom; the world is worse off for his passing. His …

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Feb 15

UTMB researcher disciplined for violating animal care rules

By Harvey Rice, Houston Chronicle GALVESTON – The disciplining of a researcher announced this week by the University of Texas Medical Branch is another setback for an institution plagued by repeated findings and accusations of failure to follow animal welfare guidelines. A UTMB spokesman declined to release the name of the researcher, whose animal use …

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Feb 10

Gather Made Great, Pro-Animal Music

Jon Hochschartner Exploring the vegan straight edge lifestyle.  I’m not a huge fan of vegan straight edge, a sub-genre of hardcore-punk music. I came to it, originally, as a sort of sociologist. Many of the animal activists I looked up to, who got their start in the 1990s, were inspired by this cacophony. I wanted …

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Jan 21

Okotoks pet store closes after attacks from animal rights activists

The Animal House windows were vandalized Friday, the latest in a string of attacks at the store CBC News A pet store owner in Okotoks, Alta. said he’s been forced to shut down his business after multiple attacks by animal rights activists. When employees at the Animal House pet store showed up to work Friday morning, they were greeted by …

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Jan 19

Animal rights activists went on a cross-country anti-fur rampage. Final stop: Federal prison.

By Lindsey Bever Their cross-country road trips had a singular purpose: To terrorize the fur industry, federal prosecutors said. Joseph Buddenberg and Nicole Kissane set out in the summer of 2013 to leave their mark and record their exploits on websites associated with animal rights extremists. The couple vandalized furriers from California to Pennsylvania — gluing locks, slashing …

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