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The moment hunters shoot at French vegan animal rights protesters who stepped in front of stag to try and save it

Footage shows protesters trying to put themselves between hunters and a stag  Activists heard shouting ‘he is firing at us’ in clip filmed in Tarn, southern France  Man says ‘first to come near is dead’ and accuses activists of ‘hitting’ his dogs By JULIAN ROBINSON FOR MAILONLINE This is the moment hunters purportedly shot at vegan …

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Fears grow over vegan protests

By Robert Mann In recent months, businesses have been subject to protests from vegan activists who have taken their war against the meat industry to extreme lengths. HTTPS://WWW.MORNINGADVERTISER.CO.UK/ARTICLE/2019/02/19/FEARS-GROW-OVER-VEGAN-PROTESTS 

What the ‘meat paradox’ reveals about moral decision making

Many people eat factory-farmed meat while also abhorring animal cruelty. In this adaptation from her new book, the psychological scientist Dr Julia Shaw explains what the “meat paradox” can tell us about moral decision making. By Julia Shaw BBC News Money changes our relationship with morality. The very existence of money, along with complex business …

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Food companies drop veggie show over animal rights extremism claims

Two of Sweden’s biggest food companies have pulled out of a vegetarian food fair. The decision by Ica and Axfood follows news that volunteers at Vegomässan, Sweden’s largest vegetarian food fair, had connections to the country’s Animal Liberation Front, which has set fire to farm buildings and threatened farmers’ children.

School bows to animal rights death threats (UK)

Field Sports Channel A school in England has cancelled an event with a local hunt after children received death threats from antis. The Leadon Vale Basset Hounds were due to make their annual visit to the Elms School in Herefordshire to show the children trailhunting. The school uses the meet as an opportunity to educate the children …

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Putting understudied terrorists under a microscope

Michigan State University Bombs exploding, hostages taken and masked gunmen firing machine guns are all types of terrorist attacks we’ve seen. According to new Michigan State University research, it’s the attacks we don’t see—cyberattacks—that happen more often and can cause greater destruction. “Little work has been done around the use of the internet as an …

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Snitch Alert, Melbourne, Australia: Farmer goes undercover as animal activist to get inside knowledge

Snitch Alert: Melbourne, Australia A WESTERN District farmer is acting as an undercover animal rights activist in a bid to protect his industry. The Weekly Times can reveal the sheep farmer began infiltrating animal rights groups four years ago because he believed activists were getting away with crimes with just a “slap on the wrist”. The …

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Animal rights group accused of encouraging ‘illegal behaviour’ with map of farms and abattoirs

The Guardian (International Edition) Aussie Farms says online map will allow consumers to make ‘informed choices’ The agriculture minister has appealed to an animal activist group to pull down a website showing the location of hundreds of farms and abattoirs across Australia over concerns it will promote vigilantism and trespassing. A group called Aussie Farms …

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How Animal Activism is Changing in 2019

[Below is published by the animal-torture advocates at the ineptly-named Americans for Medical Progress. Judging from their own propaganda, illegal animal liberation activities continue at roughly the same pace as they have for the last several years. Not that more would not be better! –Press Office] As we look forward to what 2019 has in …

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Six activists have been arrested, accused of arson at a slaughterhouse in Jossigny, France.

Seine-et-Marne : six militants antispécistes mis en examen pour avoir incendié un abattoir Dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche, trois hommes et trois femmes ont mis le feu à la grange de l’abattoir de Jossigny après en avoir fait sortir les animaux. Ils ont été interpellés dans la foulée par les gendarmes. Après leur …

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Vegan Activists Rescue Ducks From Slaughterhouse In Daring Action

The action aimed to raise awareness of the way ducks are farmed without access to surface water, and culminated in 19 ducks being saved from death On a cold morning in late November, around 70 Australian animal rights vegan activists from six states gathered in the woods neighbouring the Luv-A-Duck slaughterhouse in the small town of Nhill, Victoria, watching …

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Tiffany Haddish Vows To Wear Fur Every Day Until ‘Police Stop Killing Black People’

Comedienne Tiffany Haddish will not be getting any vegans or animal rights activists to join her crusade against police brutality. To stop “police killing black people,” the “Girls Trip” star has vowed to wear fur every day. In a post on Instagram over the weekend, Haddish featured a photo of herself in a fur vest that was …

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Counter-Terrorism Police Brought in to Protect Butchers from Militant Vegans

British counter-terror police have been engaged in protecting meat industry workers as action by vegan activists has become move violent. Workers at abattoirs, farms, and meat-producing factories have been under increasing threat by far-left animal rights campaigners, with the British Poultry Council and the National Pig Association being just two of the bodies seeking support from …

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Vegan animal activists storm family-owned farm and stash goats

in the boot of their luxury Jeep to free them from ‘slavery’ – but could now face theft and cruelty charges A group of 50 animal rights activist stormed Gippy Goat Cafe in eastern Victoria They took three goats and lamb and shoved them into the back of a Jeep SUV  Vegan protesters face theft …

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Animal rights activist guilty of throwing back caught fish

CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) – A Florida animal rights activist was found guilty of misdemeanor theft and fined $500 for throwing a fisherman’s tilapia back into the water. The Tampa Bay Times reports that Michael Leaming was found guilty in a non-jury trial Friday. Leaming and his young son had gone to a park last year …

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