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Animal Rights Activists in Melbourne: Green-Collar Criminals or Civil ‘Disobedients’?

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Author: Piero Moraro, Lecturer in Criminal Justice, Charles Sturt University. Thirty-nine people were arrested in Melbourne over an animal rights protest that blocked a major intersection. The protest caused chaos for commuters during the morning peak hour, and politicians and the media were quick to condemn the act. The …

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Lynley Tulloch: Australian animal rights activists make pertinent points

Whanganui Chronicle By: Lynley Tulloch The recent actions by Australian animal rights activists have caused a stir. Commemorating the first anniversary of the Dominion movie, the protesters blocked a major intersection in Melbourne. Some chained themselves to vans advertising the web address of the film, which depicts hidden footage of animal agriculture atrocities. They caused quite a jam. …

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Militant ‘Antispecist’ Vegans Jailed for Vandalising Butcher Shops in France

Two ‘antispecist’ militant vegans have been given jail sentences for attacking and burning a series of butchers, shops, and restaurants in northern France. The Criminal Court of Lille sentenced Cyrile, a 23-year-old social mediator, to 10 months’ imprisonment while 29-year-old nursery school worker Mathilde was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment on Monday, according to Le Figaro. The pair …

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3 Lambs Rescued by Protesters in Australia

Bizarre moment three lambs are handed over to vegan protesters after they stormed an Australian abattoir as part of the ‘largest protest the world has ever seen’ Lambs handed to animal rights activists after protest at abattoir at Yangan, QLD More than 20 protesters chained themselves to the machinery on Monday After two hours and …

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THE GREEN SCARE How a Movement That Never Killed Anyone Became the FBI’s No. 1 Domestic Terrorism Threat

The Intercept by Alleen Brown Behind the scenes, corporate lobbying laid the groundwork for the Justice Department’s aggressive pursuit of so-called eco-terrorists. JOE DIBEE’S 12 YEARS on the lam came to an end last August, when Cuban authorities detained the 50-year-old environmental activist during a layover in Havana and turned him over to the United States. More …

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Real-life Danny the Champion of the World liberates 5,000 pheasants from game farm

The London Economic by Jack Peat This is the moment animal activists claim they released nearly 5,000 pheasants from a game farm. Members of Animal Liberation Front crept into the farm they claim was breeding birds to be shot, and herded the pheasants out into the open. A video shows countless birds flapping to freedom …

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WTF: No Jail Time For Man Accused Of Setting Caged Cat On Fire, Feeding It To Dogs

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Miami man accused of killing a caged cat by setting it on fire, then feeding it to his dogs, received probation time Friday morning at his sentencing hearing. Mugshot for Roberto Hernandez. (Source: Miami-Dade County Corrections). Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Nushin Sayfie sentenced Roberto Hernandez, 19, to five years of probation, plus …

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Shark dragger gets ‘slap on the wrist’ in Florida

By Samuel Hill  March 5, 2019 A Florida commercial and charter fisherman has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges and faces 10 days in jail over a video that shows him dragging a shark behind his boat at a high speed. The video went viral in the summer of 2017. Michael Wenzel. Michael Wenzel, 22, entered a …

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Activist Jailed for 15 Days for Freeing Bear Cub from Trap

Animal rights activist, 50, who freed a crying bear cub from a trap is JAILED for 15 days but plans to appeal because she made a ‘moral decision’ so ‘he could run back to his mother’ Catherine McCartney, 50, plans to appeal the sentence that was handed down to her on Tuesday by Municipal Court …

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The moment hunters shoot at French vegan animal rights protesters who stepped in front of stag to try and save it

Footage shows protesters trying to put themselves between hunters and a stag  Activists heard shouting ‘he is firing at us’ in clip filmed in Tarn, southern France  Man says ‘first to come near is dead’ and accuses activists of ‘hitting’ his dogs By JULIAN ROBINSON FOR MAILONLINE This is the moment hunters purportedly shot at vegan …

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Fears grow over vegan protests

By Robert Mann In recent months, businesses have been subject to protests from vegan activists who have taken their war against the meat industry to extreme lengths. HTTPS://WWW.MORNINGADVERTISER.CO.UK/ARTICLE/2019/02/19/FEARS-GROW-OVER-VEGAN-PROTESTS 

What the ‘meat paradox’ reveals about moral decision making

Many people eat factory-farmed meat while also abhorring animal cruelty. In this adaptation from her new book, the psychological scientist Dr Julia Shaw explains what the “meat paradox” can tell us about moral decision making. By Julia Shaw BBC News Money changes our relationship with morality. The very existence of money, along with complex business …

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Food companies drop veggie show over animal rights extremism claims

Two of Sweden’s biggest food companies have pulled out of a vegetarian food fair. The decision by Ica and Axfood follows news that volunteers at Vegomässan, Sweden’s largest vegetarian food fair, had connections to the country’s Animal Liberation Front, which has set fire to farm buildings and threatened farmers’ children.

School bows to animal rights death threats (UK)

Field Sports Channel A school in England has cancelled an event with a local hunt after children received death threats from antis. The Leadon Vale Basset Hounds were due to make their annual visit to the Elms School in Herefordshire to show the children trailhunting. The school uses the meet as an opportunity to educate the children …

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Putting understudied terrorists under a microscope

Michigan State University Bombs exploding, hostages taken and masked gunmen firing machine guns are all types of terrorist attacks we’ve seen. According to new Michigan State University research, it’s the attacks we don’t see—cyberattacks—that happen more often and can cause greater destruction. “Little work has been done around the use of the internet as an …

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