Animal Liberation Prisoner Abdul Haqq Transferred to FCI Greenville

from Support Walter Bond

walter bondA few weeks ago, Abdul Haqq requested transfer out of USP Marion, the prison where he has been held since Jan 2012. On Monday he was taken to FCI Greenville, which is just a few hours drive from Marion. He sounds real good and extremely glad to be away from Marion. He said the facility is much better in terms of programs, exercise equipment, food (the vegetarian food is mostly vegan, plus the cooks are good) and people (some of the other guys gave Abdul Haqq supplies to tide him over until the commissary reopens). This is so great! The prison commissary is closed for the next 2 weeks, due to a quarterly inventory count and restocking. When the commissary reopens, Abdul Haqq will need to make some purchases, because he was only allowed to take limited personal belongings. If you can send a few dollars to help with purchases such as clothing, stationery, snacks, hygiene items, it will be much appreciated. Oh, and even more important (than money) right now is Abdul Haqq would like to hear from YOU and YOU and YOU… MR. BOND WANTS MAIL! Remember to use his new address, and include your return address in the body of the letter to make it easy for him to write you back.

Walter Bond
FCI Greenville
PO Box 5000
Greenville IL 62246