September/October E-Newsletter 2012

Direct Action of the Month

Chimps attack people after habitat loss

“… as many as 10 people have been killed and 17 injured by chimps, in acts that were reported as “revenge attacks” for people encroaching on their territory.” – Read More

ALF Releases Captive Pheasants From Farm in Oregon Friday Night Canby, Oregon: In a communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, the Animal Liberation Front has taken credit for liberating dozens of captive pheasant bound for slaughter from an Oregon farm on Friday night.(Read More)

Fur Shops in Vancouver Vandalized Again Received Anonymously: Five weeks ago we took action against Snowflake Furs and Speiser Furs in Vancouver Canada. We used 10 large syringes with 16 gauge needles to shoot a foul substance into the stores through small spaces in the doors. Syringes have the ability to shoot more than 25 feet into the building onto their merchandise causing serious economic damage. (Read More)

Walter Bond is ready to die for animals Famous activist fighting for animal rights Walter Bond rejected the regular life and dared to challenge the modern society. Fighting desperately for animal liberation he lost his own freedom. In an interview to the Voice of Russia he opened up about his life and struggle. (Read More)

200 Mink Freed in Ontario, Canada According to Fur Commission USA, in the early hours of September 21, a perimeter fence was cut and approx. 200 mink were freed from cages at Oakwood Farms (3708 Baker Road) in Niagara Falls, Ontario. (Read More)

Two-time ALF target selling birds to the University of Florida In rural western Iowa, Ted Golka operates Double T Farms, which breeds birds for vivisection labs (and other purposes). Hundreds of pigeons were liberated in two separate raids at this farm in 2001 and 2002. Both actions were claimed by the Animal Liberation Front. (Read More)

Gilliardi Logging and Construction Targeted (Twice) Received Anonymously: October 17, 2012 Puyallup wetlands are under attack by a private logging company that I and others have yet to identify. this attack was carried out on canyon rd. short-term damage was done to a hydraulic excavator, as a warning. if they continue – our attacks will increase. (Read More)

How The Pursuit Of Animal Liberation Activists Became Among The FBI’s ‘Highest Domestic Terrorism Priorities’ On January 16, 2006, two federal agents pulled off of Oregon’s Route 66 and onto a dirt road in the Southern Cascades, about nineteen miles northeast of downtown Ashland. They didn’t get far. There was a blizzard, and the road was buried in snow. The agents were forced to stop just a couple miles short of their destination. (Read More)

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Support for Political Prisoner Kevin Johnson (aka Kevin Olliff)

Kevin Johnson
PO BOX 86164
Terminal Annex
Los Angeles, CA 90086

Arrested: October 21, 2012

Update: Kevin has entered a plea and was sentenced to 18 months. This is a prison sentence but he will be serving it in county jail, and will not have probation once he’s released (most likely in June). Please keep the letters and books coming in so he knows that people are thinking of him. Donations to his commissary can be made via PayPal (click for more information).

Charges: On Sunday afternoon, Kevin Johnson (aka Kevin Olliff) was arrested under non-political accusations and is currently jailed in Los Angeles. Kevin’s phone privileges are currently withheld and would love to receive letters from the community.

Kevin would also like it made known that he would not be confined if it wasn’t for his previous political convictions.

Press Office Note: Kevin was not convicted, accused or involved in any illegal activity. Rather he was politically persecuted for speaking out against animal exploitation at UCLA (his prior conviction). The Press Office supports all individuals willing to speak up for the silenced, regardless if they are aboveground advocates or underground operatives.