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Hunting Towers Destroyed by ALF in Serbia

Received anonymously: On the night of May 14-15 in Serbia, ALF activists destroyed two hunting towers and damaged two more. It is a great honor to be part of the global ALF team. For freedom – for justice – for peace

More Shooting Towers Sabotaged in Norfolk (UK)

Received anonymously: 14th May 2021 More shooting towers taken down in Norfolk, UK. Photos show the toppled towers, which then had parts removed, bent and scattered. Shame on Norfolk Wildlife ‘Trust’ for putting these in ‘their’ woodland.

ALF Rescues 4 Lambs from Oaks Farm (UK)

Received anonymously: We’ve been following Kent Animal Defenders since their last campaign, its a great place to get tip offs about animal abusers in our area, after reading up on the latest shit pit, we decided to take a visit and found 4 lambs in a tiny area, no water, no food and somehow a large bull …

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Ginger Pig Butcher Targeted Again (UK)

Received anonymously: ‘The Ginger Pig’ have many stores across the city. Last night, we made our way to their branch near Clapham Common. This area has recently had a lot of attention on it after the murder of Sarah Everard at the hands of a police officer. Naturally, they swore more would plague the streets. …

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2 Hunting Towers Destroyed, 4000 Euros in Damages (Germany)

According to mainstream media reports, two Hunting towers were destroyed in Auringer Wald, Germany. A third one was found to have the ladder sneakily sawn in order to break when in use. The hunters report that the sabotage has costed them about 4000 Euros and that because the hunting towers cannot be insured, they will …

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Duck Blinds Sabotaged (New Zealand)

Received anonymously: Duck shooting has started once again in New Zealand. Many ducks and other birds will be blasted from the skies, this annual slaughter is painted by the media and hunters as ‘sport’ and a ‘great day out for all’ etc. Mai Mais (duck hunting blinds) have been pulled down and claimed hunting spots …

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Hunting Towers Destroyed (Netherlands)

Received anonymously: Five hunting towers and three high seats were gracefully destroyed in the south of the Netherlands, during Labour Day 2021. ‘you cannot control what is wild’ AHAB

Traps Destroyed, Crows Freed in Norfolk (UK)

Received anonymously: On 24th April we visited Hilborough House in Norfolk, home ofthe Van Cutsem family. A national call-out for mass trespasses to celeberate the Kinder Scout mass trespass was described by Countryside Alliance thicko Tim Bonner as ‘blatant anarchism’. He wasn’t wrong. We did away with two ladder traps, a larsen trap, a stink …

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Cut Trees Destroy Hunting Lodge (France)

VIA: Chassons a pro hunting website ENG: Neufmanil is a small village of 1085 inhabitants located in the Ardennes north of Charleville-Mézières. A few days ago, the hunters of the commune found two cut trees lying on their cabin. The trees were cut at the base so that they fell on the cabin. The hunters …

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Hunter’s Hut Destroyed in Arson (France)

VIA: La Provence ENG: Yesterday morning, at about 9 o’clock, on chemin Blanc in Sérignan, the firemen were engaged to put out a fire on a hiking trail. A hunters’ hut was the prey of the flames. The shelter of about fifty square meters burned down completely. The criminal nature of this fire was not …

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Windows Smashed at Another Ginger Pig Butcher (London)

Received anonymously: Heading out into the night, not knowing what could play out, isn’t our favourite thing to do. It’s not weird to feel sick to your belly preparing for an action and we are not pushing this as an enjoyable act. This isn’t some irrational compulsion though, there is a lot that drives someone …

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Fishing Lodge Burned to the Ground (Dabo, France)

VIA: Le Républicain Lorrain ENG: The bucolic landscape gave way to a vision of desolation. During the night of Monday, April 5 to Tuesday, April 6, a fire completely destroyed the main building of the Stampf pond, in the commune of Schaeferhof in Dabo. The communal equipment, managed by the AAPPMA (Association agréée pour la …

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ALF Liberates 12 Rabbits (Italy)

VIA: ENG: The animal liberation front liberated two female rabbits from their cages. A few days after the action, the rabbits gave birth to ten more babies. Now these twelve beautiful souls are free and happy and will live the rest of their lives away from cruelty and exploitation. SP: El Frente de liberación animal …

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Hunting Stands Destroyed by Fire (France)

VIA: CHASSONS (A PRO-HUNTING WEBSITE) News for the hunting world. Provocations are the order of the day against hunters, who pay the price. In the hunting area of Grundviller, two stands have been burned by the anti-hunters. They were set on fire in the middle of the forest.

ALF Liberates 2 Rabbits in Vicenza (Italy)

Translation of anonymous report, from Frente de Liberación Animal: The Animal Liberation Front freed two female rabbits from captivity in Vicenza (Italy). A few days after the action, the rabbits give birth to 10 babies. Now 12 beautiful souls are free and happy and will live the rest of their lives far from exploitation and cruelty.