Category: International Communiqués

16 Turkeys Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously: It’s that time of year again… Under the cover of darkness we arrived at a farm known to have Turkeys on site. Turkeys destined for someone’s christmas dinner… no fucking way, not on our watch. After seeking out 16 homes for our feathery friends, we crossed two fields towards to the enclosure where …

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Hunting Towers Destroyed (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Later this month the moose hunting season starts in large parts of Sweden. Thousands and thousands of moose will be shot to death in the Scandinavian wilderness. Three towers were toppled and sabotaged by den svenska djurrättsmilisen (the Swedish animal rights militia). Hopefully it will save some animal lives, but at least it …

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ALF Liberate Geese, Destroy Hunting Towers, Sabotage Farms (France)

Received anonymously: Several offensive actions during August and September in Ile de France, Maine et Loire, Loire Atlantique and Mayenne: As long as the truth is not restored, as long as the victims of the specism are not at peace, you won’t have it either. Animalist resistance will never stop.      

9 (More) Hunting Towers Demolished in Netherlands

Received anonymously: 9 hunting towers demolished during the night of 6 september in the south of the Netherlands.

18 Ducks Liberated, Hunting Facilities Sabotaged (Emilia Romagna, Italy)

Received anonymously from Frente de Liberación Animal (click link for video from the action): Emilia Romagna, Italy. A hunting house and a hunting post were destroyed, a boat was seriously damaged and 18 mallards were rescued from an amusement park for mentally deviated psychopaths (hunters). Now the mallards, who were detained as live decoy, have been entrusted …

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Badger Cull Website Hacked- Data Leak of Badger Killers

Received anonymously: When we first read about the Carcase Management System (CMS) website back in February after a leak from the NFU, we knew the secrets it held would be priceless to the anti cull movement. All of the cage trappers, free shooters and assorted badger cull helpers all log, all of their badger killing …

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Hunters’ Shooting Range Destroyed by ALF (Sweden)

Received anonymously: ALF destroyed hunters shooting range, somewhere in Sweden. Until all are free – We fight killers (mördare)!

ALF Liberates 12 Rabbits from Breeding Farm (Italy)

Received anonymously from Frente de Liberación Animal (translation): The Animal Liberation Front emptied a breeding farm and released 12 rabbits from cages full of filth. Now all of them will live happily and safely. They will never be slaves again.

Hunting Towers Dismantled- Watch Video (France)

Received anonymously (see above, or click here to view video): In France around September 8th, 2020. We had been thinking about it for a while now, we had to get on it, because if we didn’t, we knew no one else would do it for us. We have prepared ourselves. and we went there. Dressed all in …

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4 Shooting Towers Destroyed (Netherlands)

Received anonymously: Four shooting structures destroyed in the south of the Netherlands around august 22th.

186 Ducklings Liberated from Foie Gras Farm (Yvelines, France)

186 ducklings were liberated from a foie gras farm in Bazainville (Yvelines) during the night of August 30-31. According to media reports, a message, “Bouffe ton propre foie” (“Eat your own liver”) was found painted on the wall of a barn.

25 Hunting Towers Destroyed (Brittany, France)

Received anonymously: Last weekend, we put down 25 hunting towers in the forest of Villecartier (Brittany, France). French: Le week-end dernier, nous avons détruit 25 miradors de chasse dans la forêt de Villecartier (Bretagne).

Repeated Sabotage at Hunting Shop (Sweden)

Received anonymously: A hunting shop has repeatedly been marked with messages and got glued locks since they opened this year. And this will continue till the day it is closed down for good. // friends of the animals

Update: Bombs Left for German Meat Entrepreneur Clemens Tonies

In a letter of claim sent to the Spiegel, RAZ (Revolutionary Action Cells) and Westfälischen Animal Liberation Front explain how and what they set up incendiary devices in the front of Clemens Tönnies house in Gütersloh. The incendiary devices were not set alight, but sent a clear message in relation with Clemens decision to maintain …

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Cheese, Butcher, Fish Shops Graffitied (France)

According to media reports, a cheese shop, butcher shops and a fish shop in Paris were graffitied during the night of August 31-September 1. “Not your mother, Not your milk” and other slogans were painted on shop windows.