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7 Lambs Rescued (France)

Received anonymously (click here to view video): LAMBS RESCUE BEFORE EASTER, Eure, France, Saturday April 3, 2021. Breaking into a farm, opening the cages and taking out the victims is an evidence, and on this Saturday, April 3, day before Easter, justice has been done for seven of our sisters and brothers, prisoners of one of these …

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Lamb Liberated, Message Sent to Priti Patel (UK)

Received anonymously: As Easter approaches we decided that we needed to do something, this lamb won’t be appearing on a plate near you! Liberated and safe now, they’ll never know the fate that might have been. A note to Priti: You might pass in history as the politician that single handedly forced the resurgence of …

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Lamb Saved from Imminent Death (UK)

Received anonymously: On the Resist Anti Trespass day of action we went for a little walk around the countryside. After a few ignored “private property” signs we heard sheep in a near-by orchard. We decided to take a look and wasn’t prepared for what we saw. Two dead ewes and a lamb standing by them. …

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17 Hens Liberated by ALF in Response to New Policing Law in UK

Received anonymously: We set off in the middle of the night with cameras in our bags looking for a broiler farm. The stench alone was enough to lead us to where we wanted to go. As we entered, hormone-filled chickens where crammed wall to wall, sitting covered in their own shit, some sadly dead already. …

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Chickens Liberated in Argentina (Delayed Report)

Received anonymously (translation): Liberation of chickens in Argentina. A night out for normal people (Christmas) in which they celebrate with murdered animals on their plates, I, abnormal, anonymous, took advantage of the alienation of those celebrations to join in the celebration by entering a center of kidnapped chickens used as slaves to produce eggs, and …

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Rodeo Ring in Chile Set on Fire

A rodeo ring in Cañete (Biobío) was heavily damaged in an arson attack. According to media reports, a pamphlet referring to the liberation of Mapuche political prisoners was found at the site.

ALF Smashes Windows at Bristol Butcher (UK)

Received anonymously: GOODBYE BUTCHER SHOP WINDOW We went for a walk armed with rocks, spraypaint and a target in mind. It wasn’t hard, especially now being masked up is not a sight people find unusual. The street was empty and we knew which way to run after. We painted ‘ALF’ multiple times across the large …

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Locks Glued at Another Ginger Pig Butcher (UK)

Received anonymously: The Ginger Pig shops have always upset me, it has been great to see they have been getting a few visits. At least something is happening against them, at least other people out there are sick to death of them too. Then I noticed I was slipping into a deeper type of passivity. …

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Ron Cockayne Butchers Sabotaged in Birmingham (UK)

Via local newspapers: According to local news, Ron Cockayne Butchers Ltd was attacked by unknown people. Eighteen bricks were used to break through the window, then smashed the cooked meat counter, multiple freezers, smashed eggs and glass jars and put a cleaver through a freezer door. A butcher’s knife and a set of keys went …

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Hunting Tower Damaged (Nienburg, Germany)

Received anonymously: A hunting tower in Erichshagen (Nienburg) was damaged during the night of February 26-27. A rung of the ladder was sawed through, and “Murderer” was painted in red on the tower.

Ginger Pig Butcher in Central London Targeted (UK)

Received anonymously: On their website, these butcherers of animals claim they have a great fondness for this particular store since its the first they established. Shame if something were to happen to it. Too late! A multitude of crashes filled the air as the rich slept contentedly in their onlooking apartments. On our journey away …

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Hunting Tower Set on Fire (Poland)

ALF Slashes Butcher’s Van Tires (Bristol, UK)

Received anonymouysly: On the evening of the 13th of feb we popped all four tires of a butchers van in Bristol. A small but fun and easy action. We would like to use this space to call for a return to militant action and radical thought in the animal rights movement. This action is dedicated …

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Two Pitbulls Rescued from Kill “Shelter” (Turkey)

Received anonymously via: Frentedeliberacionanimal English : This emotional footage shows only a couple of minutes of a dangerous rescue mission. Our ALF member in Turkey, at a secret location secretly goes into a shelter and rescues these 2 ‘banned breed’ dogs at night. This mother and daughter has been abandoned at a shelter and they would …

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Swedish Billionaire-Hunter Targeted by ALF

Received anonymously: In Sweden, ALF has taken direct action against the murderer and fascist Karl Hedin. We don’t want justice! We’re out for revenge… In Sweden, the hunter and business billionaire Karl Hedin is charged with a serious hunting crime. The trial is set to begin on the 22nd of February. We do not care …

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