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Locks Glued at Fur Shops (Sweden)

Received anonymously: ‘Viva Nilla’ and ‘Scandinavian Sportsmen’, two different shops in Sweden that sells the fur from tortured animals recently got their locks glued. Death to all animal abusers! We won’t stop until all are free. DEFEND ANIMALS!

ALF Destroys Hunting Towers in France

Received anonymously: Several hunting towers were destroyed in Seine-et-Marne, and a message– “The ALF will return”– was written on the ground using pieces of the towers.

Hunting Towers, Lynx Trap Destroyed (Sweden)

Received anonymously: On the night of the 17th november 4 hunting towers and a lynx trap were destroyed in Sweden. Execute the hunter scum! DEFEND ANIMALS

McDonald’s Vandalized (Sweden)

Received anonymously: A Mc Donalds in Helsingborg, Sweden got its toilet vandalized. Messages were left on the walls, the door and the mirror; ‘Death to all animal abusers’, ‘Meat is murder’ and ‘Mc Murder’. SPEAK UP FOR ANIMALS! FUCK THE SYSTEM! FUCK MC MURDER!

Hunting Towers Destroyed (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Some hunting towers were toppled and annihilated by a couple of members from the HSS (Hunt Sabs Sweden). Anti-hunting messages and a painting were left on the towers and a nearby concrete wall. There are still some towers left so expect us to be back! Fuck hunters!

Fur Shop in Lund (Sweden) Sabotaged

Received anonymously: ‘Scandinavian Sportsmen’, a store in Lund, Sweden that sells both leather, wool and fur from tortured animals got its windows and doors covered in spray paint. In the spirit to make the message clear we used red just as the activists did 9 years ago when the store was targeted. Fuck speciesism! Until all are …

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German Poultry Farm Destroyed in ALF Arson

Received anonymously: During the night of November 29-30, flames almost completely destroyed an empty barn at a chicken farm in Altenwahlingen (Lower Saxony). The barn, which can house up to 40,000 chickens, was due to be repopulated the following week. “Stop Capitalism” and “ALF” were found painted on the building.

Hens, Turkeys Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: 25th November, Midlands UK After making our way through the fence we entered the first barn where we took 15 hens from. It was filthy, smelly and hard to breath in, many of the hens were suffering from scaley leg mites, respiratory infections and one with suspected sour crop. Windows were …

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15 Rats Rescued from Breeder in Barcelona (Spain)

Received anonymously: Just rescued… 15 rats from breeder in Barcelona Spain. One has already gone to good home

McDonald’s Restaurant Sabotage (Sweden)

Received anonymously: A toilet at McMurder in Landskrona, Sweden got sabotaged. The piping in the sink got stuffed with paper towel, something that’ll cost them money to fix. The walls were sprayed with messages like ‘Die animal abusers’, ‘meat is murder’ and ALF-logos. Smash speciesism – kill animal abusers! DEFEND ANIMALS

Swedish Mink CEO Has Home, Vehicle Sabotaged

Received anonymously: On the night of December 1-2, Johan Dalèn, CEO of Swedish Mink, got his cars and his house sprayed with paint. His mailbox was also stolen. Johan has the highest position within the Swedish mink industry. Messages was left on his house wall: ‘Avskum’, which means ‘scumbag’ in Swedish. Some of the messages …

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Hunt Sabotage (France)

According to an anonymous report on, several hunting towers, traps and feeders were destroyed by the Animal Liberation Front in Seine et Marne (France). “ALF” and “Stop speciesism” was painted at the site.

ALF Liberates 5 Turkeys (UK)

Received anonymously: UK ALF liberated 5 turkeys destined for slaughter at Christmas time from a Midlands Farm in the UK. They are now happy, safe and free. From an Anonymous collective!

40 Birds Liberated in Kent, Cages Destroyed (UK)- See Video

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal (click here for video): 40 Game birds Liberated & Cages & Nets Destroyed. On 2 Separate Occasions, Kent (UK) Saboteurs Discovered Cages that were used to hold Game Birds for Shooting. It’s safe to say that these Beings now have a second chance at life & The Cages wont be holding anyone else captive …

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KFC Vandalized in Stockholm (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Two toilets were vandalised at a KFC in Stockholm, Sweden. Piping was stuffed with paper towel, a toilet got stuffed as well, this will cost them a lot of money as they’ll have to hire plumbers. On one of the toilets the seat and lid was ripped off. This may be a small …

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