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Deer Liberated from Farm in Switzerland

Received anonymously: On 6th of May 2019 I took action in Wettingen in the Swiss Canton of Aargau. I destroyed the fence that locked up 150 breeding deer at the farm, Mooshof, of Walter and Pius Benz. According to the Aargauer Zeitung, many animals were able to flee, but many have returned to the enclosure. The …

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ALF Destroys 23 Hunting Towers in Germany

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: We stumbled upon a map with over 20 shooting towers marked on it. As it was close by, we decided to have a little walk around in the woods and destroy as many as we could find. We weren’t too surprised to realize that hunters were waiting for us, on a …

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“We Have Stopped Imagining, and Started Acting”

Received anonymously (see above, or click here to view video from the action): Can you imagine, spending your whole life, being detained, in your own shit? Can you imagine, that all you know about life, is a concentration camp, violence and suffering? Can you imagine, seeing your fellow inmates falling, agonizing and dying? Can you imagine, never …

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McDonald’s Restaurants Paint-Bombed (Germany)

According to anonymous reports on Barrikade, two McDonald’s restaurants in Freiburg were hit with paint bombs on the night of May 13. A week earlier, the message “World-changing people do not eat at McDonald’s. Hambi remains anti-capitalist” was graffitied on a McDonald’s in the city. The actions were in response to a new television commercial in which McDonald’s …

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Two Lambs Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Living a vegan lifestyle is NOT enough Eating vegan burgers will NOT make history Direct action changed history Direct action makes a difference Stand up and fight for animal liberation Until every cage is empty

ALF Liberates Goats Near Venice (Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, the Animal Liberation Front rescued goats from a farm near Venice, shortly before they were to be slaughtered for the Easter holiday.

12 Chickens Liberated (Netherlands)

Received anonymously: 12 chickens were freed from a farm in the Netherlands, according to an anonymous report on Click here for video from the rescue.

ALF Targets Hunting Club (Italy)

The Animal Liberation Front targeted a hunting club in the village of San Carlo (Monza and Brianza) on April 27, the eve of a quail hunting event. Windows were broken, equipment and furniture damaged. Two vehicles on site were also vandalized.

Two Shooting Towers Destroyed (Germany)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Two shooting towers destroyed today near Meiningen/Thuringia. Solidarity greetings to all the animal rights activists & hunt sabs out there

Two Lambs Liberated, Tractor Smashed (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: 23rd April, South West UK. These babies escaped the Easter massacre and will live the rest of their lives in safety. Financial damage was caused to the animal abusers. Get angry, and take direct action. ALF

ALF Liberates Goats and Sheep (Italy)

Received anonymously: The Animal Liberation Front rescued goats and sheep from a farm in Italy, according to an anonymous report on Click here for video of the rescue. The activists report, “Now they are in a safe place where they will be taken care of and will be able to live as they deserve, free, happy and …

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Stink Attack on Hunting Lodge (Switzerland)

According to an anonymous report on Barrikade, activists poured a vomit-smelling liquid inside a hunting lodge in Basel-Landschaft at the beginning of April.

ALF Liberates 9000 Pheasants from Game Farm in Suffolk (UK)

Received anonymousl from Stop the cull (click here for video from the action): Heath Hatcheries in Suffolk was visited by us over the Easter Bank Holiday. A clear path was made so that the birds headed towards the forest and away from the road, grain was put down to attract them in that direction. Once inside the …

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Fox Rescued from Trap, Feeding Stations Destroyed (Troyes, France)

Received anonymously: Fox rescued and 15 feeding stations stolen near Troyes, France 07/14.04.19

Activist Hackers Release Names of Bullfight Attendees (Madrid, Spain)

Anonymous hacktivists have again leaked the customer database. Below are people who purchased tickets to bullfights at Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring in 2019, including upcoming bullfights (it’s not too late for these people to change their plans and stay away from the cruel spectacle!). Hacktivists previously released customer details from 2017-2015. Tickets purchased by tourists keep …

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