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Hunter Has Lodge Destroyed, Rifles Stolen, 50 Decoy Birds Liberated (Italy)

Delayed Report, November 2021 According to local media, William Baccini’s hunting lodge was visited by the ALF last year. Taking advantage of the fact that the family home was empty for the night, a group of people entered the building, destroyed all furniture, TV and windows, made holes on the roof using a pick axe, …

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ALF Liberates 2 Dogs, Chicken (Italy)

Received anonymously: The Animal Liberation Front has released two dogs and a chicken chained and caged in Italy.

ALF Slashes Tires, Paint-strips Abusers’ Vehicles (UK)

Received anonymously: This is a delayed report. On the night of Saturday the 5th of March we snuck out and popped all the tyres on Pak’s butchers van…again. We also took a trip to the BS4 postcode and popped all the tyres and paint stripped a van belonging to a dairy company. For the animals …

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ALF Liberates 72 Hens (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Belgium 17.03.2022 The A.L.F. save 72 hens from the industrial hell of an intensive farm

11 Rabbits Rescued from Fur Farm (UK)

Received anonymously: Having seen that people have kickstarted a campaign to shut down the vile fur farms owned by T&S we decided to pay a quick visit to a farm we had visited in the past, near Granby. We thought this would be a quick routine check because the actual farm had shut over a …

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Three Hunting Towers Destroyed (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

Received anonymously: On a cold starry night, 3 hunting towers were destroyed, 1 (made of steel) was knocked over. May there be peace in the forest for a while – more towers will fall!

Hunting Towers Destroyed, Lynx Hunt Sabotaged (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Several hunting towers destroyed in Sweden. Activists sabotaged yearly lynx hunt in Sweden whilst confronting hunters and doing whats necessary to aggravate the killing of innocent lives. // Defend the vulnerable

Hunting Tower at Fur Farm Sabotaged (Denmark)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH: Hunting tower at huge fur farm (fur farm with room for up to 20,000 individuals) on Zealand sabotaged in February 2022. All mistreatment is mistreatment – whether it is confining and breeding individuals, or killing wild individuals. It is all in the past and must stop! DANISH: FEBRUAR 2022, SJÆLLAND Jagttårn ved …

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53 Hunting Towers Destroyed (France)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH: A few nights before the last two hunts of the season on the Baville estate (in Essonne), a group of anarchist antispeciesists trespassed into the hunting grounds. This domain privatizes the forest: a wall surounds 40 hectares, a castle and a hunting lodge, La Thébaïde. The owners charge 450 euros per day …

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Danish Slaughterhouse Sabotaged

Received anonymously: ENGLISH: THERE’S NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL ABUSE! A slaughterhouse on Zealand has been sabotaged by activists in February 2022. The activists have punctured the tyres of several wagons, spray painted messages and destroyed equipment. DANISH: THERE’S NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL ABUSE! Et slagteri på Sjælland er blevet saboteret af aktivister i februar 2022. …

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Hunting Towers Burned (Germany)

According to a german hunting newspaper, since May 2021 multiple hunting hides, seats and towers have been set alight in North Rhine Wesphalia, Germany. The perpetrators have not been identified, even after a heavy police investigation. On the 15th of December 2021, a wildlife camera captured a photo of someone setting alight another hunting seat …

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3-Year Campaign Against Hunter, 7 Dogs Liberated (Spain)

Over the past three years, Alicante Spain. According to a hunting newspaper, a relentless campaign in Jávea (Alicante) is making a hunter’s life “unbearable”. He has had continuous action against him, with the fences in his house either pulled down or cut from side to side as well as huge graffiti reading “HUNTERS ARE PSYCHOPATHS”, …

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Hunting Lodge Burned to the Ground (France)

According to media reports, a building belonging to Vallée de l’Aître Hunting Society that had served as a meeting point for hunters in the area for 32 years was burnt to the ground on the night of the 16th of January. The 40sqm chalet and all the furniture and belongings were completely destroyed by flames, …

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Four Hunting Towers Destroyed in Hambach Forst (Germany)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH (loosely translated): On two nights in January, several hunting towers around the Hambach Forest were sawed and knocked down. A small wooden one was first taken down by pulling and pushing it until it fell. A larger one, also made of wood, was damaged by sawing two of its legs in half …

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Mole Traps Destroyed (UK)

Received anonymously: Mole decapitation traps removed from st marys church, marshfield, Newport.