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ALF Liberates 30 Pheasants in Hainaut (Belgium)

Received anonymously: About 30 pheasants were freed from a breeding operation in Hainaut. Before releasing the birds, care was taken in removing rubber hoods from the bird’s beaks (used to prevent cannibalism that is common among pheasants in captivity). 15 hunting towers were also destroyed in Thudinie.     Full claim of responsibility (French): “La …

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ALF Liberates 2000 Quail in Gotolengo (Italy)

Received anonymously: More than 2,000 quail were released from a farm in Gottolengo. “ALF” was painted on the walls of the structure.

Almost 100 Nutria Traps Destroyed (Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, in February almost 100 cage-traps used to kill nutria were destroyed. Italian: “La campagna diffamatoria nei confronti di questo animale, atta a nascondere le carenze manutentive e gli errori fatti in passato da esseri umani deve finire. Nel territorio nazionale italiano sono migliaia le gabbie sparse nei campi, disumane …

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14 Hunting Towers Destroyed by ALF in Southeast France

Received anonymously: In the week of February 18, and once again, 14 watchtowers in Southeast France were destroyed by activists. The message is clear, nature does not belong to you; under the guise of outdated tradition and regulation, hunters kill animals for pleasure … Whether in France or elsewhere, we will always be present.  

ALF Destroys 3 Hunting Towers in Sweden

Received anonymously: Three hunting towers destroyed, sprayed with HSS (hunt saboterurs sweden) and the A.L.F. These towers won’t be able to stand again.

Butcher Shop Sabotage by ALF in Sweden

Received anonymously: The last butcher shop in central Örebro has got its ads destroyed so many times that they don’t even bother putting up new ones anymore! Many unreported actions have taken place the last year against this abusive business, mostly sabotaged advertising. Even small actions counts in the long run. Until all are free …

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ALF Liberation of Dozens of Hens (Venice, Italy)

Received anonymously from (click here for video from the action): The Animal Liberation Front entered a farm near Venice (Italy). Dozens of hens were released and structures were destroyed. Now they are safe and will live the rest of their lives free from exploitation and cruelty

Stockholm Burger King Sabotaged by ALF

Received anonymously: Burger King at ‘plattan’, Stockholm got their toilet sabotaged. Their sink was stuffed causing flooding. This will cost the abusers money! The toilets don’t have cameras so you can do this yourself with minimum risk. Don’t support animal abuse. Take Action. Go Vegan! / ALF

Dog Rescued from Abusers in Sweden

Received anonymously: Dog rescued from abuse in Närke, Sweden. This sweet dog was being kept outside in a cage 24/7 in the freezing cold Swedish winter. Not being let out to play or for walks. Neighbours had reported hearing him barking and crying out for hours on end desperate for human contact and freedom. When …

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ALF Dedicates Hunt Sabotage to Martyr Mike Hill (Spain)

According to an anonymous report on, during the night of February 9-10 the Animal Liberation Front sabotaged 10 hunting stands, four hunting towers and two cabins used by hunters in Hego Euskal Herria. The actions were dedicated to Mike Hill, who was killed on February 9, 1991 while disrupting a hunt in England.

9 Hunting Towers Destroyed by ALF in Germany

Received anonymously: Five hunting seats were destroyed near the town of Werlte, and another four were destroyed near Lorup, during the night of February 3.

Hunting Tower Destroyed in the Netherlands

Hunting tower destroyed in the Netherlands, as reported by 269life The Netherlands.

15 Hunting Towers Destroyed in Belgium

Received anonymously: In the night of 31 January 2019, before a beat established on saturday 2nd February 2019, 18 activists have broken 15 miradors, near Charleroi in Belgium. This photos show 2 big of them. It is the begining of an increasing antispeciesist movement and coordinated taking direct action.

Birds Liberated from Miserable Conditions (Italy)

See above, or click here to view video from the rescue.

McDonald’s Sabotage in Sweden

Received anonymously: A toilet at a McMurder in Sweden got sabotaged. The piping in the sink was stuffed with paper towel and they received two messages: ‘Animal liberation’ and ‘Kött är mord!’ (Meat is murder!) Vandalising toilets at speciest restaurants may be a minor form of direct action, but one should always take the opportunity …

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