Crabs Liberated by ALF (Annapolis, Maryland, USA)

Received anonymously (delayed report): Hi! I am writing to you to “submit” an official action that I and one other person did on behalf of the ALF. On June 6th, 2021 at Cantlers Riverside Inn in Annapolis, Maryland, we freed a crate full of crabs who were about to be killed. We dumped them back […]

An underground cell, eco-terrorists, and environmentalists: a former fugitive shares his story in ‘Burn Wild’

More Graffiti at Malta’s Dolphin Park

The AVA Summit Bans Press Office, Issues Statement on Their Welfarism

Hunt Sabotage in Germany

Rabbits Liberated From a Farm (France)

Vegan Activist Maxim Plokhoi Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison (Ukraine)

ALF Liberates 24 Chickens (Netherlands)

Activists Liberate 24 Captive Trout, Smash Equipment in Brittany (France)

Activists Smash Pheasant Feeder (Leicestershire, UK)

Six Meat Trucks, Walk-In Fridge Destroyed at Butchers (Santiago, Chile)

Activist Smashes Butchery, Poisons Animal Flesh (Portland, Oregon, USA)

ALF Sabotage Pheasant Pens (Norfolk, UK)

Activists Burn Rodeo Arena (Santiago, Chile)

Let Us Now Praise Infamous Animals



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