New Book: “ALF Complete Diary Of Actions”

Just in from the printer: A new, complete chronicle f the Animal Liberation Front’s 40+ year history, in one 130-page book. Available here: Amazon ($6.95 + free shipping) Powell’s Many other sites Internationally (Europe and beyond) About “ALF: Complete Diary Of Actions” “ALF: Complete Diary of Actions” is the first assembled timeline of the Animal […]

ALF Destroys 5 Hunting Stands (Germany)

ALF Destroys 21 Hunting Towers (France)

U.S. House Passes Sweeping Ban on Mink Farming Citing Cruelty and Contagion Risks

German Shepherd Rescued by ALF from Abusive Pub (UK)

Animal Response Group Leaves Incendiary Device at Rodeo, Promises More to Come (Chile)

French Activists Face Trial for Sabotage, Liberations

ALF Topples Hunting Towers (Germany)

Butcher Shops Sabotaged (UK)

ALF Liberates Chained Hunting Dog (Veneto, Italy)

University of Barcelona Vandalized After Deal with Vivisectors (Spain)

New Website Documents the Animal Liberation Movement in Ireland

Anniversary of Jill Phipp’s Birth, and Murder

Hunting Cabin Destroyed in Arson (France)

5 Hens Liberated (France)



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