18 Rat Traps Sabotaged (Regensburg Germany)

Received anonymously: I sabotaged 18 rat traps in front of shops and restaurants using construction foam. Fuck you and your speciesism and stop poisoning my little friends. Rats are beautiful creatures. You are the pests not the rats.

ALF Liberates 50 Captive Birds (Norfolk, UK)

Hikers Destroy Trap (Quebec, Canada)

Activists Sabotage Hunter’s Car with Nailboards (Germany)

Animal rights protesters ‘film themselves drilling holes’ in Muller lorry tyres at Willenhall

ALF Sabotages Hunting Premises, Again (Germany)

Seven Hunting Towers Sabotaged (Hambacher Forst, Germany)

16th Annual NYC Anarchist Bookfair, Sept 10-11, 2022

36 Hens Liberated, Inspired by T&S Rabbits Campaign (UK)

More Hunting Towers Sabotaged (Czech Republic)

ALF Liberates 12 Chickens (Germany)

‘Don’t Fund Slavery’: Ominous Graffiti Shows Up Leading To Malta’s Dolphin Park ‘Prison’

New Animal Liberation Zine from Warzone

ALF Liberates 47 Hens (Netherlands)

ALF Liberates 65 Hens (Luxembourg)



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