Memorial to the Animals Erected in Hamburg (Germany)

Received anonymously: English translation: DENKmal Hamburg! Letters of confession We, the spirits of the killed laboratory animals, erected a memorial for the victims of animal experiments on October 12th, 2021 on the picnic area Uhlenhorst / Schöne Aussicht. It’s the Hamburg Town Musicians. It is dedicated to mice, rats, rabbits, zebrafish, dogs, cats, pigs, monkeys […]

Manchester Hunt Sabs Taking Action

ALF Liberates 10 Chickens (Belgium)

ARLA Dairy Farm Sabotaged by ALF, Dedicated to WAKA (UK)

ALF Liberates Pheasants and Quail at Wilson Wildlfe Area (Oregon, USA)

The A.L.F. Strikes Again- Latest Book Title Hits the Shelves

6 Chickens Liberated (Barcelona, Spain)

Rat Traps Destroyed by ALF (UK)

239 Hens Rescued (Czech Republic)

Meat and Cheese Shop Vandalized (Sweden)

Three Hunting Towers Destroyed by ALF in Ireland

Fencing Cut at Backyard Peacock Breeder in Florida (US)

Basque ALF Destroys 22 Hunting Stands

Swedish Laboratory Manager Presented with Gift

ALF Attacks Swedish Ostrich Farm, Again



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