Support 4 Chilean Activists Jailed for Arson Against Meat Company

The four comrades accused of the 2022 arson attack against the Susaron Meat Company in Chile are still in prison awaiting trial. It was in November 2022 that four comrades were arrested by the police for an arson attack, which had taken place in September of the same year, against a slaughterhouse in Chile. The […]

37 Years of Direct Action Against Fur Farms in America

Dismay at Wisconsin Trappers Association Annual Convention

Pettersson Fur Farm Closed Down (Falkenberg, Sweden)

Only 13 Fur Farmers Attend Fur Commission USA Conference

Pacific Northwest Fur Industry & Successful Midwest Direct Action

Geiger Mink Farm in Wisconsin closes after 60+ years

Mink fur farms continue dramatic decline in capacity, market interest, and value, according to latest USDA annual survey

99 Hens Liberated from Egg Farm (Belgium)

New Animal Liberation Prisoner: Hunt Saboteur Paul Allman

Hunt Saboteurs Liberate 17 Birds, Destroy Traps (Belgium)

Activists Sabotage 10 Hunting Towers (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Open Rescue of More Than 175 Chickens (Czech Republic)

Hunter’s Vehicle Sabotaged (Catalunya/Spain)

Every Fox Liberated from Minnesota Fur Farm (USA)



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