Hunting Website Hacked

Received anonymously: (before and after images):                 Hack & Deface

1000 Mink Liberated from Fur Farm in Cella di Noceto (Parma, Italy)

5 Guinea Pigs Liberated (Midlands, UK)

Hunting Towers, Lynx Trap Destroyed (Sweden)

Walter Bond: On Mono-Theism, Human Overpopulation and More

German Poultry Farm Destroyed in ALF Arson

15 Rats Rescued from Breeder in Barcelona (Spain)

Swedish Mink CEO Has Home, Vehicle Sabotaged

Pig Liberated from Transport Truck in Montreal (Canada)

Vegan Means Attack: Fomenting A Wildfire Against Speciesism and Moral Anthropocentrism

ALF Liberates 5 Turkeys (UK)

KFC and BBQ Pit Restaurants Sabotaged in Elgin, Illinois

Animal rights activist guilty of throwing back caught fish

Cat Killers Released On Bail, Defense Says Dog Did It

117 Activists Destroy 118 Hunting Towers, Liberate 31 Animal in Europe



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