4 Arrested in Chile for Meat Truck Arson

On the 18th of September the world woke up to the news that Grupo de Respuesta Animal had struck again in Chile, this time against a meat packaging facility that had been set alight.  Now Chilean police have made four arrests in relation to that arson; the arrested were Nicolás Meléndez Mac-Kenney, Itamar Díaz Castro, Diego […]

Who are they and how did the antispeciesists accused of burning butcher trucks in Quilicura fall?

5 Pigs Liberated from Intensive Breeding Facility

ALF Destroys Badger Cages, Sabotage Tractor (Northamptonshire, UK)

ELF Saboteur Joseph Dibee Sentenced to Time Served

Environment: are there really eco-terrorists in France, as Gérald Darmanin suggests?

Butcher Shop Sabotage (Stuttgart, Germany)

Mouse, 8 Worms Liberated from Pet Shop (Czech Republic)

Bear Hunt Infrastructure Attacked (Sweden)

Grupo de Respuesta Animal Burns Meat Packing Plant (Chile)

ALF Sabotages Hunting Towers (Belgium)

Crabs Liberated by ALF (Annapolis, Maryland, USA)

An underground cell, eco-terrorists, and environmentalists: a former fugitive shares his story in ‘Burn Wild’

More Graffiti at Malta’s Dolphin Park

The AVA Summit Bans Press Office, Issues Statement on Their Welfarism



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