Multiple Attacks on Hunting Infrastructure in Germany

According to pro hunt magazines, multiple attacks on hunting infrastructure have taken place in the month of December. In Bavaria, an unknown group of people toppled a hunting tower, dismantled it, set it alight and then cooked a meal using the embers. They left the pan behind when they were finished. In Lower Saxony, five […]

Activist Mel Broughton Jailed in UK

Year in Review 2022, Courtesy of Comrades at Unoffensive Animal

Futuro Vegetal Sabotages Europe’s Largest Slaughterhouse (Spain)

Sausage Vending Machines Sabotaged (Germany)

Two Wisconsin Fur Farms Contaminated (USA)

12 Ducks Liberated Before Christmas (Unknown Location)

ALF Liberates More Than 100 Rodents from Campus in UK

Largest US Fur Farm, Recently Raided by ALF, Closes

Animal Rebellion Liberates 18 Beagles from MBR (UK)

Santa Destroys Ladder Trap (Derbyshire, UK)

ALF Liberates Dog from Former Hunt Master (Northamptonshire, UK)

ALF Sabotage 13 Hunting Towers (Serbia)

4000 More Captive Mink Find Freedom in Michigan

4000 More Mink Find Freedom, Farm Sabotaged in Michigan (USA)



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