Ginger Pig Butcher in Central London Targeted (UK)

Received anonymously: On their website, these butcherers of animals claim they have a great fondness for this particular store since its the first they established. Shame if something were to happen to it. Too late! A multitude of crashes filled the air as the rich slept contentedly in their onlooking apartments. On our journey away […]

Judge Issues Release in Oregon Eco-Terrorist Case

Hunting Tower Set on Fire (Poland)

Rooster kills Indian man during banned cockfight

Two Pitbulls Rescued from Kill “Shelter” (Turkey)

Swedish Billionaire-Hunter Targeted by ALF

Hunters Kill 178 Wolves in 72 Hours (Wisconsin, USA)

Animal Rights Militia Mails “Present” to Vivisectors (Sweden)

Slow Burn From Seattle to Syria, from Russia to an arrest in Cuba, an ecosaboteur and 12-year fugitive now awaits trial before a Eugene judge

8 Chickens Liberated (UK)

Maximal Action: An Essay by Maxim Plokhoi

New Mom Risks It All To ‘Liberate Animals’ From Inhumane Farms

600 Mink Liberated from Swedish Fur Farm (Tingsryd, Sweden)

Pet and Laboratory Breeder Raided, 80 Fire Salamanders Freed (UK)

100 Animals Liberated (Czech Republic)



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