Pig Liberation in Kent, UK

Received anonymously: How to steal pigs and be a dickhead….. Liberating animals without a forward plan is just stressful and reckless and puts so much strain on your community and mental health. Don’t be that dickhead. Thankfully folks came through for this sweet girl who, despite being on a non intensive type pig exploitation facility […]

After 42 years in prison, MOVE member Delbert Orr Africa wins his release

Lamb Liberated from Little Oakhurst Farm (Kent, UK)

A Marxist response to the animal liberation and vegan movements

70 Chickens Liberated (Italy)

24 Chickens Rescued (Netherlands)

AR2020 To Take Place in Portland, Oregon, July 16-19

Pig Farm Sabotage in France (Warning- graphic video!)

NY fire department cancels coyote hunt after criticism from animal rights advocates

ALF Destroys 17 Hunting Towers (Meiningen/Thuringia, Germany)

llamas missing from US exotic animal farm, previously targeted by animal rights activists

Newest Press Office Advisor: Producer/Director Elgin James

Lamb Rescued on Christmas Day (Veneto, Italy)

Canada Goose Shop Vandalized (Banff, Alberta)

ALF Destroys 7 Hunting Stands in Basque Country



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