Fur Shop Closes in Stockholm After Sabotage (Sweden)

reported by activists in Sweden: Big fur shop closed down in central Stockholm Short interview with some of the activists from ARA Sweden: One of central Stockholms last real fur shops is now closing down after about a year of underground campaing from animal rights activists. The shop is called Royal Furs aka ‘Mode Päls’, […]

56 Chicks Liberated from “Broiler Farm” in Tarragona (Spain)

Windows Smashed at Steakhouse in Phoenix

Another 100 Hens Liberated, South of England

15 Rabbits Freed, Cages Destroyed (Italy)

100 Hens Liberated, South of England

THE GREEN SCARE How a Movement That Never Killed Anyone Became the FBI’s No. 1 Domestic Terrorism Threat

Real-life Danny the Champion of the World liberates 5,000 pheasants from game farm

ALF Liberates Thousands of Pheasants from Game Farm in Chilmark (UK)

5 Rabbits Saved from Slaughter (Sweden)

Hundreds of Pheasants Liberated (Bodmin, UK)

Green Scare Anarchist BookFair, May 11-12, Boyceville, Wisconsin

Steve Best and Gary Yourofsky: Love Does Not Conquer Hate!

Political Prisoner Joseph Dibee has Recently Been Transferred

WTF: No Jail Time For Man Accused Of Setting Caged Cat On Fire, Feeding It To Dogs



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