Three Hunting Towers Destroyed by ALF in Ireland

Received anonymously: With the animals onlooking, the joy over seeing these towers collapse was like nothing else. All shooters are bastards. ALF.

Fencing Cut at Backyard Peacock Breeder in Florida (US)

Basque ALF Destroys 22 Hunting Stands

Swedish Laboratory Manager Presented with Gift

ALF Attacks Swedish Ostrich Farm, Again

Over 110,000 UK gun owners’ details leaked by animal rights activists

ALF Destroys Hunting Tower (Poland)

German Hunters Targeted

‘Rescue’ of beagles from Blue Mounds animal testing facility leads to criminal charges against activists

Three Hunting Towers Destroyed in North Rhine Westphalia (Germany)

Rat Traps Stolen (Germany)

Dog Training Facility for Hunters Raided by ALF, Quail Released (Italy)

14 Hens Liberated in Solidarity with Camp Beagle (UK)

Hunting Towers Destroyed (France)

Pheasant Pen Dismantled (Suffolk, UK)



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