3 Hunting Towers Destroyed (Germany)

Received anonymously: We are the A.L.F. and we will come back to defend the forest. More towers will fall until they stop this so-called sport, which is nothing else but murder. Smash speciesism!

Change, Justice & Freedom: See you in the liberation

ALF Destroys 2 Hunting Towers (Germany)

ALF Vandalizes Ostrich Farm (Sweden)

Another Lamb Liberated (Quebec, Canada)

Man fatally shoots son while deer hunting in Delaware County

ALF Hacks Italian Hunting Federation Website (Italy)

Two Turkeys Liberated, Rat Traps Destroyed, Locks Glued (East Anglia, UK)

“Eco-fascists” Charged with Arson on a Mink Farm (Sweden)

A hunter was fatally shot in Minnesota by another hunter when he was mistaken for a deer

Hunting Tower Destroyed in Serbia

Hunter-Priest Harrassed in Wisconsin, Tree Stands Vandalized (USA)

7 Turkeys Rescued in Midlands (UK)

Lamb Freed from a Farm in Quebec (Canada)

Hunting Towers Dismantled in Quebec (Canada)



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