Cyberbullying by vegan activists a source of stress for farmers: psychologists

BY STEPHANE BLAIS, THE CANADIAN PRESS MONTREAL — Cyberbullying by vegan activists is a growing source of stress for farmers and agricultural producers who already face significant mental health challenges linked to the job, a farmer and a psychologist working in the agriculture sector say. Farmer Mylene Begin, who co-owns Princy farm in Quebec’s Abitibi-Temiscamingue region, created […]

Goats Liberated from Farm (Italy)

ALF Liberates 3 Pigs from Slaughterhouse (Netherlands)

Press Office Tabling at AR2019 This Weekend

McDonalds Continues to Incur the Wrath of ALF (Firestone, Colorado)

Activists claim smashing McDonald’s window in Brighton

Proud Hunter in Colorado

Rabbits Liberated (Unknown Location)

Birds Liberated, Action Dedicated to Will Van Spronsen (California)

116 Hunting Towers Destroyed (Sweden)

ALF Liberates 52 Chickens (UK)

9000 Pheasants Released from Captivity (Southeast UK)

ALF Liberates 20,000 Pheasants from Game Farm (Pembury, UK)

Chickens Freed by ALF (UK)

ALF Liberates Partridges from Game Farm in UK



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