Dear PETA, Israel’s animal rights record leaves a lot to be desired

Middle East Zarefah Baroud People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) praised Israel last week for being the first country to ban the sale of animal furs. Such legislation is worthy of praise, of course, but in the case of Israel any praise, especially regarding its ethics towards animals, is completely misplaced. Throughout the country’s […]

ALF Liberates Rabbits from Breeder (Kent, UK)

Hunting Tower Destroyed (France)

ALF Liberates 85 Quail from Intensive Farm (UK)

ALF Liberates Orphaned Lamb in Memory of Comrade Rob Ennis (UK)

Butcher’s Windows Broken by ALF in Brighton (UK)

The Climate Case for Property Destruction

4 Hunting Towers Destroyed by ALF (Germany)

Rabbits Rescued in Germany

99 Hens Liberated (Belgium)

Un-Fucking-Believable: Mercy for Animals, HSUS and Compassion in World Farming Praise Perdue Killing of Chickens

12 Hens Liberated in Lincolnshire (UK)

Hunting Towers Destroyed by ALF in Serbia

More Shooting Towers Sabotaged in Norfolk (UK)

ALF Rescues 4 Lambs from Oaks Farm (UK)



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