36 Hens Liberated, Inspired by T&S Rabbits Campaign (UK)

Received anonymously: This week saw 202 rabbits saved as a result of the campaign against T&S rabbit farm, something that proved without a doubt that what we as activists do makes a difference, something that inspires us all to do more. Last night saw 36 hens saved, as we took that feeling of inspiration and …

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More Hunting Towers Sabotaged (Czech Republic)


ALF Liberates 12 Chickens (Germany)

Received anonymously: August 23 in the night the A.L.F. B.Nl. and special guest from USA saves 12 chickens in Germany .direct action in 30 seconds can save lives …love is liberation .Until Every Cage Is Empty .

‘Don’t Fund Slavery’: Ominous Graffiti Shows Up Leading To Malta’s Dolphin Park ‘Prison’

By Sasha Vella Lovin Malta Ominous graffiti has appeared leading up to Malta’s only marine park in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq. The freshly-painted and stencilled graffiti was spotted by a resident who sent the photos to Lovin Malta, showing the blunt and controversial messaging. “50 metres to dolphin prison,” one graffiti reads, with another telling people “don’t fund …

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New Animal Liberation Zine from Warzone

Greetings friends! This is a new zine created by warzone distro that highlights the relationship between anarchy and animal liberation by highlighting attacks carried out past and present, as well as expressing a loving shout out to the atl forest defenders! Thank you! https://warzonedistro.noblogs.org/post/2022/07/17/anarchy-animal-liberation-a-journal-of-wild-attack/ – they will never take us alive!

ALF Liberates 47 Hens (Netherlands)

Received anonymously: Netherlands The A.L.F. saves 47 brown hens from an intensive farm .

ALF Liberates 65 Hens (Luxembourg)

Received anonymously: Luxembourg 15 08 22 the A.L.F saves 65 hens from the intensive farm

Animal Liberation Activists Spray 30 Anti-Speciesist Tags (Rennes, France)

Received anonymously: ENG: “Animals are people”, “fish are sentient” or “meat = murder” are ideas with which we wanted to mark the minds. We denounced the exploitation of animals in all its forms in front of shops and on squares where the message would be visible. We are talking about the thousands of billions of …

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The Moral Atrocity of Factory Farming and Why We Must Not Look Away

Journalist Marina Bolotnikova argues that factory farming is a fascist industry in which violence and domination of animals is justified without argument. Current Affairs 11 August 2022 https://www.currentaffairs.org/2022/08/the-moral-atrocity-of-factory-farming-and-why-we-must-not-look-away Current Affairs is proud to be a publication that takes animal rights seriously. From our lighthearted looks at manatees, ants, and cats, to our more serious pieces on the Orwellian language of the factory …

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ALF Sabotage T and S Rabbits (Midlands, UK)

Received anonymously: NO PEACE FOR BUNNY KILLERS On 3rd August 2022 the ALF paid a visit to two of rabbit killing scum Phil Kerry’s sites. We wanted to send a message to Phil that his life will be made a misery for as long as he continues to imprison and kill rabbits. At his Granby …

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ALF Destroys More Hunting Towers (Czech Republic)

Received anonymously: We destroyed the hunting towers again! We know that is not punishment enough for murdering our non-human brothers and sisters! Stop hunting!

ALF Vandalize Hunters’ Building (Bollate, Italy)

According to local press, a hunting meet up and storage building belonging to the Italian Hunting Federation was vandalized by animal rights activists, who destroyed furniture, broke equipment and painted the walls with slogans like “You are the violent ones” and “ALF”. Silvia Scurati, the regional representative for the Hunting League said that the action …

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Animal Liberation Prisoner of the Month: Ladislav Kuc

Ladislav (Laco) Kuc is caged in the country of Slovakia for animal liberation activities a decade ago; he has only 17 months left to serve of a 12-year sentence for the attempted destruction of a McDonalds restaurant. Laco loves to get letters, as he is locked in his cell for 23 out of every 24 …

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Activists Vandalize Fishing Shop in Gothenburg (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Fish feel pain too! Vandalizing a Sport Fishing shop in Gothenburg, Sweden spring 2022. Find another hobby.

MBR Beagle Transporter Impex Sabotaged (UK)

Received anonymously: Impex, a known transport company for laboratory animals around Europe, was visited by activists on the night of the 25th of July. Windows were smashed and paint was thrown over the walls. Free The MBR Beagles originally found the scene during a morning demo the day after: Public’s anger at Impex in the not …

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