Activist Hackers Release Names of Bullfight Attendees (Madrid, Spain)

Anonymous hacktivists have again leaked the customer database. Below are people who purchased tickets to bullfights at Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring in 2019, including upcoming bullfights (it’s not too late for these people to change their plans and stay away from the cruel spectacle!). Hacktivists previously released customer details from 2017-2015. Tickets purchased by tourists keep …

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6 Rabbits Liberated in Bologna (Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, 6 rabbits were freed from a farm in Bologna.

VIDEO SPECIAL: More than 100 animal activists raid slaughterhouse in Spain to RESCUE pigs

By Karl Smallman AN animal liberation group has burst into an abattoir in the north of Spain and rescued seven pigs that were driven away in a van. Police were called to the Riudellots slaughterhouse in Girona when more than 100 protestors entered the premises and chained themselves to the facilities. Demonstrators carried banners asking for …

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Animal Rights Activists in Melbourne: Green-Collar Criminals or Civil ‘Disobedients’?

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Author: Piero Moraro, Lecturer in Criminal Justice, Charles Sturt University. Thirty-nine people were arrested in Melbourne over an animal rights protest that blocked a major intersection. The protest caused chaos for commuters during the morning peak hour, and politicians and the media were quick to condemn the act. The …

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Lynley Tulloch: Australian animal rights activists make pertinent points

Whanganui Chronicle By: Lynley Tulloch The recent actions by Australian animal rights activists have caused a stir. Commemorating the first anniversary of the Dominion movie, the protesters blocked a major intersection in Melbourne. Some chained themselves to vans advertising the web address of the film, which depicts hidden footage of animal agriculture atrocities. They caused quite a jam. …

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Press Office Interview with Actor, Animal Rights and Social Justice Activist MENA SUVARI

The North American Animal Liberation Press Office and Press Officer Gregston Van Pukeston, had the Pleasure to interview Actor, Animal Rights and Social Justice Activist MENA SUVARI.  MENA SUVARI Made her film debut working with director Gregg Araki in the cult-classic NOWHERE (1997). That was soon followed by the back to back blockbuster successes of …

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8 Hunting Towers and Feeding Station Sabotaged; See Video (Sweden)

Received anonymously (click here for video from the action): Hunters are cruel bastards, and they install their tools of violence throughout the Swedish wilderness. They put up feeding stations, install cameras and towers nearby – so they easily can assassinate innocent animals. These cunts gotta get some resistance. During our patrolling through the woods eight towers and …

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Militant ‘Antispecist’ Vegans Jailed for Vandalising Butcher Shops in France

Two ‘antispecist’ militant vegans have been given jail sentences for attacking and burning a series of butchers, shops, and restaurants in northern France. The Criminal Court of Lille sentenced Cyrile, a 23-year-old social mediator, to 10 months’ imprisonment while 29-year-old nursery school worker Mathilde was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment on Monday, according to Le Figaro. The pair …

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3 Lambs Rescued by Protesters in Australia

Bizarre moment three lambs are handed over to vegan protesters after they stormed an Australian abattoir as part of the ‘largest protest the world has ever seen’ Lambs handed to animal rights activists after protest at abattoir at Yangan, QLD More than 20 protesters chained themselves to the machinery on Monday After two hours and …

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Fur Shop Closes in Stockholm After Sabotage (Sweden)

reported by activists in Sweden: Big fur shop closed down in central Stockholm Short interview with some of the activists from ARA Sweden: One of central Stockholms last real fur shops is now closing down after about a year of underground campaing from animal rights activists. The shop is called Royal Furs aka ‘Mode Päls’, …

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56 Chicks Liberated from “Broiler Farm” in Tarragona (Spain)

Received anonymously: In late March, 56 chicks were rescued from a “broiler” farm in Tarragona, Spain. The activists report, “These beautiful creatures that we rescued last week from broiler sheds are finally in their new homes to live their precious lives in peace and dignity.

Windows Smashed at Steakhouse in Phoenix

Received anonymously: On the night of march 24th, we attacked a steakhouse in Phoenix, AZ. ‘FUCK SPECIESISM, DESTROY DOMINATION’ and an anarchist symbol were painted along with a few windows being smashed. We do not limit our anarchist analysis of domination and hierarchy to human beings and recognize that non-human animals are the most exploited …

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Another 100 Hens Liberated, South of England

Received anonymously: April – 100 hens liberated from an intensive caged unit in the south of england

15 Rabbits Freed, Cages Destroyed (Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, 15 rabbits were freed and cages destroyed at a farm in Italy. Click here for video from the action.

100 Hens Liberated, South of England

Received anonymously: March – 100 hens rescued from a miserable caged unit in the south of England.