Windows Smashed at Steakhouse in Phoenix

Received anonymously: On the night of march 24th, we attacked a steakhouse in Phoenix, AZ. ‘FUCK SPECIESISM, DESTROY DOMINATION’ and an anarchist symbol were painted along with a few windows being smashed. We do not limit our anarchist analysis of domination and hierarchy to human beings and recognize that non-human animals are the most exploited …

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Another 100 Hens Liberated, South of England

Received anonymously: April – 100 hens liberated from an intensive caged unit in the south of england

15 Rabbits Freed, Cages Destroyed (Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, 15 rabbits were freed and cages destroyed at a farm in Italy. Click here for video from the action.

100 Hens Liberated, South of England

Received anonymously: March – 100 hens rescued from a miserable caged unit in the south of England.

THE GREEN SCARE How a Movement That Never Killed Anyone Became the FBI’s No. 1 Domestic Terrorism Threat

The Intercept by Alleen Brown Behind the scenes, corporate lobbying laid the groundwork for the Justice Department’s aggressive pursuit of so-called eco-terrorists. JOE DIBEE’S 12 YEARS on the lam came to an end last August, when Cuban authorities detained the 50-year-old environmental activist during a layover in Havana and turned him over to the United States. More …

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Real-life Danny the Champion of the World liberates 5,000 pheasants from game farm

The London Economic by Jack Peat This is the moment animal activists claim they released nearly 5,000 pheasants from a game farm. Members of Animal Liberation Front crept into the farm they claim was breeding birds to be shot, and herded the pheasants out into the open. A video shows countless birds flapping to freedom …

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ALF Liberates Thousands of Pheasants from Game Farm in Chilmark (UK)

Received anonymously from @ALFUKpress (click here for video from the action): We decided after reading recent hit reports from other activists that it was time we did something about it as well. The game farm at ‘Chilmark Common’ is just south of the village of Chilmark. We found 8 very large pens each pen had approximately 400-600 …

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5 Rabbits Saved from Slaughter (Sweden)

Received anonymously: 5 bunnies where taken from a newly started company. The bunnies where raised for meat branded as local and environmentally friendly. We see it as local murder. They are now safe and won’t be slaughtered. Never hesitate to liberate.

Hundreds of Pheasants Liberated (Bodmin, UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: In the early hours of this morning we visited ‘Colquite’ a game farm just north of Bodmin. We checked out the battery cages, two rows of these small raised cages were totally overgrown, the third row looked brand new, but was as expected for this time of year currently empty. We …

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Green Scare Anarchist BookFair, May 11-12, Boyceville, Wisconsin

This event hopes to highlight post-left, nihilist, individualist (anti-capitalist), anti-civ earth and non-human animal liberation anarchist ideas and projects. Most anarchist bookfairs are leftist-dominating and often hostile to individualist anarchist theory. So we decided to do something a little different this summer. And also: For everyone wondering, the name was chosen for two simple reasons. …

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Steve Best and Gary Yourofsky: Love Does Not Conquer Hate!

Political Prisoner Joseph Dibee has Recently Been Transferred

Political prisoner Joseph Dibee has recently been transferred. Please note his new address. Joseph Dibee #98288-011 FCI Sheridan Post Office Box 6000 Sheridan, Oregon 97378 USA

WTF: No Jail Time For Man Accused Of Setting Caged Cat On Fire, Feeding It To Dogs

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Miami man accused of killing a caged cat by setting it on fire, then feeding it to his dogs, received probation time Friday morning at his sentencing hearing. Mugshot for Roberto Hernandez. (Source: Miami-Dade County Corrections). Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Nushin Sayfie sentenced Roberto Hernandez, 19, to five years of probation, plus …

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ALF Rescues Rabbit in Chile

Received anonymously from In Chile on Tuesday, March 5, the Animal Liberation Front rescued a beautiful rabbit (we have 10 more to be placed in areas far from exploitation). Now in process to place her in Sanctuary and have good veterinarians attend her. We give thanks for all the support and we continue for the …

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Shark dragger gets ‘slap on the wrist’ in Florida

By Samuel Hill  March 5, 2019 A Florida commercial and charter fisherman has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges and faces 10 days in jail over a video that shows him dragging a shark behind his boat at a high speed. The video went viral in the summer of 2017. Michael Wenzel. Michael Wenzel, 22, entered a …

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