Montana Hunter Attacked by Bear Northwest of Columbia Falls

Associated Press A Montana man is recovering from a bear attack that occurred while he was hunting northwest of Columbia Falls. KECI-TV reports the attack happened at about 9:25 Sunday morning. Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry says the victim and a second man were hunting when one of them was attacked. The victim was airlifted …

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Repay dogs for their military service. Stop the deadly VA canine experiments.

Lethal VA experiments on dogs betray a species that has served us since ancient times. They need to be stopped once and for all. Dogs have a long history of military service, dating back to ancient times. Here in the U.S., canines have been used as scouts and trackers and to guard prisoners and deliver messages on …

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VA secretary says he will continue agency’s controversial experiments on dogs

By Karin Brulliard Washington Post Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie defended the agency’s ongoing experiments on dogs Friday and said he would continue to “reauthorize” them, eight months after Congress passed legislation limiting tests that are opposed by a bipartisan cast of lawmakers and several veterans’ groups. Speaking at the National Press Club, Wilkie rejected calls …

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More primates are being used for lab research in the US than ever before

By Justin Rohrlich In 2015, there were 767,622 animals used for medical experiments in the US, the lowest level since the United States Department of Agriculture began keeping records in the early 1970s. That included roughly 138,000 rabbits, 98,000 hamsters, 11,000 sheep, 46,000 pigs; 20,000 cats, 61,000 dogs, 173,000 guinea pigs, 28,000 “other farm animals,” and nearly 62,000 …

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Death threats at ‘pick your own turkey’ farm shop

Staff at a farm shop offering a “pick your own Christmas turkey” service say they have received death threats. The words “Murder” and “Go vegan” have been spray-painted on the door at Greendale Farm Shop in Woodbury Salterton, Devon. Greendale is providing a service where people can name their own turkey and “help look after …

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BOLO: Jace Lee Green, Shariah Metzger and Zack Greene (aka Spoon)

These people were recently know to be traveling through Asheville, NC and eastern Tennessee. They have sadistically tortured and killed animals, including a cat in Asheville. If you encounter these idiots, see what you can do to make them stop their cruel practices.

Partridges Liberated, Pens Damaged (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: During the badger cull in the U.K. Unoffensive Animal has received multiple reports of partridge being released before the shoot time. It is estimated that between 2-3000 birds have been reported liberated from the pens and all of them have been sabotaged by breaking posts and cutting the netting.

ALF Liberates 5 Hens, 2 Rabbits (Sweden, Video Included)

Received anonymously (click here for video): The 28th October the Animal Liberation Front in Sweden liberated five hens and two rabbits from a place where they were going to be killed for their meat. They were taken to a safe home. We will continue to fight for the animals, and liberate them from their cages. And we’ll …

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Memories of arson of Two Elk on Vail Mountain still vivid 20 years later VAIL, Colo. – Twenty years ago,Vail was in turmoil, trying to make sense of what had just happened. Two Elk, the magnificent cafeteria atop Vail Mountain, had burned in the dark of night on Oct. 19. Gas cans were found nearby in the forest. A few days later, an e-mail was sent to several …

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‘Every time you abuse a hunter on social media, another fox will die’: Animal rights activist finds dismembered fox’s tail and chilling warning on his car

Ray Williams found a bloodied envelope on his car bonnet in Warwickshire  He had been attending a demonstration against a pork supplier for Tesco The package contained a bloodied dismembered fox tail and a threatening note  By ZOIE O’BRIEN View comments A severed fox tail was dumped on the car bonnet of a vegan animal activist warning him …

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74 Chickens Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: 74 broilers rescued from a broiler hell house. Now safe in sanctuary, scratching about. If anyone wants to write my car off for me, now would be the right time… Still… Chicken shit still smells better than fried chicken corpse.

ALF Liberates 30 Turkeys, Damages Tractor (UK)

Received anonymously; click here for video from the rescue: We sat in the hedge waiting until the house by the farm turned all lights off. The padlocked gates gave way easily under the bolt cutters and the sheds were accessible through the windows, giving us plenty of room to carry on the operation. We had not taken …

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Bear hunters say animal rights activists are threatening to hunt them

By Rob Jennings NJ Advance Media for A pro-hunting group went public Friday with a claim that bear hunt opponents are making threats on social media. The N.J. Outdoor Alliance (NJOA) provided screenshots of several undated comments allegedly made on the Facebook page of the “BEAR Group,” which advocates against the hunt. One comment included in …

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Three Women Charged With Grand Theft Felony For Saving Thrown Away Baby Cow

Common Dreams “Factory farming is inherently cruel, but even from a factory farm perspective throwing live babies into graveyard situations where they are going to languish, slowly starve to death and suffer heat stroke is a clear criminal violation. I don’t know of anyone who would argue that is an acceptable practice.” by Michael Sainato, Chelsea Skojec …

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Farm Journal’s Pork: Top 10 Concerning Statements From Animal Rights Activists

Proud to be at #1: (Article links here)