Open Rescue of 67 Hens (Czech Republic)

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): Rescue Action LIV (November 2019) & Support Project FANG This report contains 3 rescue actions in which we liberated 67 animals. 26 animals on the first action, 23 on the second and on third week took 18 of them. We did not ask the businessmen, politicians …

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100 Rabbits Liberated (Belgium)

Received anonymously from Vegan Corporation (translation): On the night of December 7, about twenty activists — anonymous antispeciesists — released one hundred rabbits from the largest breeding farm in the Benelux. Those freed were taken to safe homes far from the speciesist system. French: Dans la nuit du 7 décembre, une vingtaine d’activistes – antispécistes anonymes – …

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How the Prosecution of Animal Rights Activists As Terrorists Foretold Today’s Criminalization of Dissent

Natasha Lennard The Intercept “YOU SEE THE train coming, but it hits you anyway,” said animal rights activist Josh Harper. “They just went down the list and it was ‘guilty as charged,’ ‘guilty as charged,’ ‘guilty as charged’ — every defendant, every count.” This is how, in the new documentary film “The Animal People,” Harper describes …

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Ecoterrorist admits firebombing 25 years ago

RJ Wolcott  Livingston Ledger EAST LANSING – In the early morning hours of Feb. 28, 1992, Rodney Coronado crept onto Michigan State University‘s campus. He wiggled his way through a first-floor window of Anthony Hall before kicking down the door to the office of Richard Aulerich. The MSU researcher spent decades studying nutrition and the decline …

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How They Got In (Blast from the Past, Still Pertinent Today!)

By: Peter Young, former ALF operative Missing from much coverage on and communiques from the A.L.F.s most expertly planned break-ins and live liberations are any mention of how the activists gained entry. And perhaps for good reason: revealing the method of access for the FBI and the action’s target can provide clues to aid in …

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Another Hunting Clubhouse Destroyed by Arson (Saint-Pierre-du-Mont, France)

A hunting association clubhouse in Saint-Pierre-du-Mont was set on fire early on December 1. “Romania” was found painted inside the building, a possible reference to the recent incident in which thousands of sheep died in a capsized cargo ship off the coast of Romania.

Hunting Hut Destroyed by Arson (Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, France)

A hunting hut in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux was heavily damaged by fire on November 27. A container of gasoline was found inside.

9 Hunting Towers Damaged (Sainte-Geneviève-en-Bray, France)

Received anonymously: Nine hunting towers in Sainte-Geneviève-en-Bray were damaged during the last week of November. A message, “The pests are you. Let’s shoot the hunters”, was painted on the towers.

Baby Chick Rescued from Factory Farm (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: It’s dark and rainy and we’ve visited about seven farms trying to find out some important information. Sadly, all the work accounts to nothing as we have not managed to find what we needed. We approach the last farm knowing it isn’t what we are looking for, but we feel like …

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Chickens Liberated (France)

Received anonymously from Les Animalistes Enragés (translation): A liberation took place, in the middle of the night, Les Animalistes Enragés (Enraged Animal Activists) entered an intensive chicken farm, where between 10,000 and 15,000 chickens are packed in atrocious conditions. As soon as the door was opened, sadness and hatred hit us right in the heart; we saw …

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(More) Turkeys Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: With the mass slaughter of turkeys getting closer and closer we went to check out a free range farm to liberate a few beautiful birds before the farmer could kill them. We sat, listened and watched from the shadows for a while to check the farmer had gone to bed, then …

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Jill Ettinger A longtime vegan, ‘Joker’ star Joaquin Phoenix is using his platform for animal rights. Arthur Fleck is different. This is evident in the first five seconds of “Joker,” as tears drip down the clown for hire’s painted face. Fleck, played by actor Joaquin Phoenix, is of course, on his way to becoming …

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5 Hens Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: In the dark of night on the 20th of November we waited in the shadows until the coast was clear. After an hour hidden in the trees we were finally able to climb into the facility. The smell and horror of this place is more shocking every time we come back. …

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Animal Rights Activist Stabs Woman Wearing Faux Fur Boots: Police

Emma Tucker Daily Beast An animal rights activist is facing attempted murder charges after police say she stabbed a woman wearing faux fur boots in a Cleveland Heights, Ohio, church. The suspect, identified as 34-year-old Meredith Lowell, followed the woman, a babysitter who was dropping off children for choir practice, into the church before stabbing …

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