Jun 16

Update on Animal Liberation Prisoner Nicole Kissane

Nicole Kissane is an anarchist and animal rights activist doing 21 months for her part in actions to free fur animals from cages. She is currently imprisoned at FCI Dublin, in the Bay Area and is a solid correspondent. She also has a brand new Amazon wishlist, so please, show her some love and send a …

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Jun 14

Owners remove foie gras from restaurant’s menu after ‘bullying and intimidation’ by animal rights activists

Tom Towers for Metro.co.uk The owners of a restaurant have said they have been forced to remove foie gras from their menu after being ‘bullied and intimidated’ by animal rights activists. David and Samantha McHattie decided to axe the French delicacy after a customer was left ‘visibly shaken’ by a ‘torrent of intimidating abuse’ that …

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Jun 13

Animal rights activists attack Documenta 14 artist’s studio

Aboubakar Fofana’s project includes indigo-dyed sheep by Julia Michalska Animal-rights campaigners smashed windows and threw blue paint on the work space of Aboubakar Fofana in Athens, where the Malian artist is participating in the Greek leg of Documenta 14 (until 16 July). The anonymous assailants had previously disrupted the artist’s performance, which featured live sheep, …

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Jun 08

Slaughterhouse Sabotage in Birmingham (UK) ALF Slashes Tires, Breaks Windshields

Written yesterday (8th June 2017). From Birmingham, UK: A few months ago we slashed the tyres of every single meat truck at Pak Mecca slaughterhouse in Digbeth. Last night we did the same at A J Meats slaughterhouse. We slashed the tyres of the meat trucks with a hardware-store braddle, and put a brick through …

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Jun 08

Windows Smashed, Paint Splashed at Swedish Fur Shop (Sodertalje)

During the night of June 7-8, “fur is murder” and other slogans were painted on the windows and walls of the Johnells department store in Södertälje. Click here to view video from the scene.

Jun 05

Hunting Towers Toppled (France)

Received anonymously: photos posted by FAC (Front Anti Chasse).  

May 30

Iconic Mermaid Statue Covered in Paint to Protest Whale Slaughter (Denmark)

During the night of May 29-30 the famous “Little Mermaid” statue in Copenhagen was covered in red paint, and a message left behind against the brutal slaughter of whales in the Faroe Islands.

May 25

Rabbits Liberated from French Laboratory

On May 21, in the early afternoon, activists from the group Butchering Abolition liberated 20 rabbits from the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in Castanet-Tolosan. Reported by Boucherie Abolition: “INRA (French National Institute of Agronomic Research), source of blood in slaughterhouses – INRA, serving genocide. We, citizens for butchery abolition, we are currently rescuing …

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May 24

ALF Sabotages Hunters in UK

Received anonymously: summary of actions. In the last month, 5 hunting towers, 27 larsen traps, 17 mink traps, 3 ladder traps, 6 squirrel traps and 10 snare traps have been found and destroyed in the South East. We will keep fighting the oppressor, we will keep supporting the oppressed. For total liberation. Until all are …

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May 19

In response to Blue Ridge Anarchist Black Cross

In response to a recent declarative statement at a Blue Ridge Anarchist Black Cross meeting, whilst planning to serve animal flesh at an upcoming event: “Eating meat is not oppressive”. BRABC will be remembered by us as an ideologically inconsistent organization unwilling to address their prejudices, support and praxis of oppression and exploitation of “others” …

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May 19

Join NAALPO at Asheville VeganFest June 11!

The Press Office will be tabling at the Asheville VeganFest, June 10th – 11th, 2017 in, Asheville, North Carolina “Asheville VeganFest is hosted by the largest no-kill animal rescue organization in North Carolina, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. As we continue to expand our circle of compassion, we’re spreading the love with our community and introducing …

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May 18

Greece Slaughterhouse Arson, Retaliation for Kosher Slaughter

Received anonymously: three nights ago we broke into the famous slaughterhouse el toro at kavala, greece, and set it on fire. it looks like we didn’t manage to make the plant room explode and make the whole fucking thing collapse to the ground as we really wanted to, so we will return and finish our …

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May 17

4 Sharks Released from Captivity by ALF (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

Received anonymously (translation): On May 4, four catsharks living in captivity at Playa Tiburón, Isla Mujeres (Quintana Roo), Mexico, were released anonymously at dawn. Until all the cages are empty. Animal Liberation Front Mexico. Spanish: El 4 de mayo, fueron liberadas en la madrugada y de forma anónima, cuatro tiburones gata que vivían en cautiverio …

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May 15

Walter Bond Interview #1 from Prison

Dr. Jerry Vlasak, Founder of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, interviews Walter Bond, the Animal Liberation Front Lone Wolf… RUF Rebel Radio – Episode 2

May 15

Dickweed Hunters Shoot Each Other; Unfortunately, Both Survive

Turns out, the turkey hunters were stalking each other. Then one of them fired By Michael Pearce mpearce@wichitaeagle.com Soon after his shotgun’s blast, the hunter sprinted toward what he thought was a coveted prize: the wild turkey gobbler he’d been calling to and watching. But Kenneth Dienst found he actually had shot his brother and …

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