Hunting Stand Destroyed in Upstate New York

Received anonymously: A hunting tower was downed on the night of 06/01 in upstate NY. We hate this speciesist civilization and want to see the end of the murder and oppression of wildlife.

49 Hunting Stands Destroyed (Belgium)

Received anonymously: In May 2019, a group of antispeciesist activists destroyed 49 hunting stands close to the city of Namur, Belgium. The purpose of this type of actions is to cause financial dammage to hunters in order to keep them from killing. Hunting is absolutely not a way to regulate anything. Hunters create a situation …

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ALF Arson at Police Dog Training School (Germany)

Received anonymously from Germany Indymedia (translation): Fight the police, fight the speciesist system! On June 5th, as members of the Animal Liberation Front, we set fire to a training school for police dogs. We see the legitimacy of this action in the fact that the police, a classist, sexist and racist institution, has no right to use …

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100 Deer Liberated, Hunting Towers Destroyed (Germany)

Received anonymously from Underground Badger Syndicate (see above, or click hereto view video from the action): WE ARE BACK AND KICKING HARD – 100 DEER LIBERATED FROM A BREEDING FARM, MULTIPLE TOWERS AND HUNTING EQUIPMENT DESTROYED. Whilst out and about in Germany, we received a tip-off that made our stomachs turn. Within a national park, the licensed hunter …

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ALF Sabotages Hunt in Australia

On May 5th 2019, members of the Animal Liberation Front from around Australia came together to disrupt the opening hunt weekend of the Sydney Hunt Club in NSW who use enslaved horses and hounds to terrorize and murder foxes. All of the facebook pages and groups as well as the website used by Sydney Hunt …

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Major New Leak from Notorious Madrid Bullfighting Promoter

Localidades Galicia Ltd is a Spanish company that represents the ‘plaza de toros de Las Ventas’ in the east of Madrid, one of the largest and most popular bullrings in Spain. The company, operated by one Jose Carril Obiols, sells tickets to a relatively small number of locals as well as a much larger number …

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Pheasants Liberated, Hunting Towers Destroyed (Belgium)

Received anonymously (translation): During the month of May 2019, citizens helped 12 pheasants free themselves from a breeding farm in Braine-l’Alleud. They were taken away from an area clearly identified as for hunting. The structure used to lock up the pheasants was destroyed. In February 2019, about 20 pheasants were released from a farm in …

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24 Hens Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Twenty four egg laying hens liberated from their dark, dingy hell hole. No more exploitation of their reproductive systems & NO SLAUGHTER. GET INSPIRED LIBERATE! WE ARE THEIR ONLY HOPE THE AGE OF WAVING PLACARDS IS OVER.

ALF Destroys 23 Hunting Towers in Germany

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: We stumbled upon a map with over 20 shooting towers marked on it. As it was close by, we decided to have a little walk around in the woods and destroy as many as we could find. We weren’t too surprised to realize that hunters were waiting for us, on a …

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“We Have Stopped Imagining, and Started Acting”

Received anonymously (see above, or click here to view video from the action): Can you imagine, spending your whole life, being detained, in your own shit? Can you imagine, that all you know about life, is a concentration camp, violence and suffering? Can you imagine, seeing your fellow inmates falling, agonizing and dying? Can you imagine, never …

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Two Lambs Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Living a vegan lifestyle is NOT enough Eating vegan burgers will NOT make history Direct action changed history Direct action makes a difference Stand up and fight for animal liberation Until every cage is empty

ALF Liberates Goats Near Venice (Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, the Animal Liberation Front rescued goats from a farm near Venice, shortly before they were to be slaughtered for the Easter holiday.

Nepalese Band’s Anti-Religion Animal Rights Video

Check out this awesome Nepalese band’s anti-religion animal rights video By Alice Pattillo (Metal Hammer) a day ago Metal Hammer   EXCLUSIVE: Nepalese metallers, Underside, premiere their brilliant new video for track Gadhimai Nepal isn’t known for its metal scene, but Underside have emerged nonetheless and they aren’t just playing awesomely heavy music – they are also protesting the beliefs of the …

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Two animal rights militants held in Paris over butcher assault

Paris (AFP) Two people were facing assault charges Monday after dousing a butcher and his stand with red liquid at a market in Paris over the weekend, prosecutors said. The butcher, who specialises in organically-raised meat, was at his stall in the covered Saint-Quentin market in the north of the capital when it was targeted …

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ALF Press Officer Response to Pheasant Liberation

In today’s Times and Daily Mail a story has been published covering the recent liberation of 9,000 birds from Heath Hatcheries in Suffolk. Stuart Fairhead, 53, managing partner at Heath Hatcheries in Mildenhall, said “From what I read on the [ALF] site they believe they are releasing them to a better life. All they’ve done is condemn them to …

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