Face to Face with Fur Farmer Kevin Dargatz at the American Mink Exchange Auction

Palace Station Hotel, May 31, 2023, Las Vegas Las Vegas: 1.26 million dead mink “pelts” were offered for sale at auction this week. Leading the sale was notorious fur farmer Kevin Dargatz. a monster responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of mink throughout his career.  Year after year, he confines these innocent beings …

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Support Animal Liberation Prisoner Ladislav Kuc

Ladislav is a Slovenian activist who was arrested in January 2012, to be charged for an explosion outside of a McDonalds restaurant. Ladislav was later sent to prison for 12 years. Ladislav is soon coming home! January 1, 2024 he will finally walk out of prison. You can support Ladislav by donate money to his …

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Butchers Shops, Warehouses Sabotaged (Athens, Greece)

via: Dark Nights. On the occasion of the celebration of the great slaughter, there was an awakening of our reflexes to a ritual that takes place at regular intervals validating the rules of hierarchy of species where animals are inferior and are species to be exploited. By striking at butchers we strike at the institutions and …

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Animal rights activists ‘rescue’ lambs from farm on royal estate

London (AFP) – Animal rights campaigners said on Thursday they had “rescued” three lambs from slaughter on a farm on King Charles III’s Sandringham estate in eastern England. The Animal Rising activist group, which disrupted last month’s Grand National steeplechase, said three of its members had entered the grounds of Appleton Farm on the royal estate …

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Direct Action Success Story (Denmark)

Mid May, activists in Denmark liberated two lobsters from a MANY supermarket. They did their homework, found what sea they came from, and released them back into the wild. After that anonymous report was shared, local activists in Denmark and beyond got to work. By having raised the live lobster trade by MANY, those anonymous …

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ALF Sabotages Butcher Shop (Sweden)

Received anonymously: The ALF spraypainted a butcher shop with the word “DJURPLÅGARE”, meaning ANIMAL ABUSERS in swedish. Also we have previously removed and destroyed cardboard advertisements put up by the butcher shop. Every action counts! Long Live Animal Liberation!

Circus Sabotaged (Wisconsin, USA)

Stay free kids. We need a legal fund if these kids are captured. One of the first acts of sabotage for the animals on U.S. soil in 2023 and the suspects are 10 year olds.   Baraboo, Wisconsin —(WKOW) “Right now Baraboo Police are asking the children who vandalized property at Circus World to come …

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FBI Cleveland Seeking Public Information Surrounding Mink Farm Crimes

CLEVELAND, OH—FBI Cleveland and the FBI Toledo Resident Agency continue to seek information from the public regarding the release and vandalism surrounding several mink farms in Northern Ohio and Michigan several months ago. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claimed responsibility for the releases. According to the ALF Liberation Press Office website, ALF is an international, …

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Graffiti, Wheatpasting, Banner Drop in Support of Captive Bear (Italy)

Received anonymously: Free the bears! the wild bears of Trentino, Italy, are again under attack from the local administration, especially from the local governor Maurizio Fugatti, following a deadly attack on a human: the bear “JJ4” (nicknamed Gaia), a mother of three cubs, has been accused and captured and is awaiting her execution in captivity. …

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Semi-Truck Vandalized at Ohio Mink Farm (USA)

Via news report (hometownstations.com): In February of this year, two females were seen vandalizing a semi at a mink farm in Mercer County (In all liklihood, Schmidt Fur Farm, 1038 State Highway 119, Fort Recovery, Ohio 45846). There were mink releases at farms in Massillon, Ohio, and two in Michigan in that same time frame.

Buffalo (NY, USA) Activist Visited by FBI

Last week, Leslie Pickering was visited by FBI agents inquiring about a fire at Compass Care last June, there in Buffalo, NY. That action was claimed by Jane’s Revenge on behalf of protecting a woman’s right to abortion. The agent was told in clear language to leave the premises and that no conversation was to …

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Mel Broughton Released from Prison on Bail (UK)

We have excellent news to share with you today. Mel Broughton, who has been locked up since november awaiting trial, has been granted bail today. He has been given bail conditions, but he can be out in the world whilst awaiting trial, which is still scheduled for the end of July. If you recently sent …

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Sabotage in Support of Campaign Against Fur Retailer Max Mara (France)

Received anonymously: (ENGLISH) On a large boulevard, we came across this burned vehicle. We decided to use it as a display panel to send a message in support of the anti-Fourrure pressure campaign targeting Max Mara. We have tagged the following message “Max Mara Torture des Renards” which will be seen by hundreds of people …

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Lobsters Liberated from Supermarket (Denmark)

Received anonymously: Activists have liberated 2 lobsters, who were kept alive in a tank in a supermarket for humans to buy, kill, and eat. The lobsters were known to be from Danish oceans, so the activists brought them back to their home.

Hunting Trailer Destroyed by Arson (Germany)

According to local media, a hunting trailer nearby Urbar was found on fire on the night of the 28th of April. With twenty firefighters present, all they could do is to ensure the fire wouldn’t spread beyond the trailer, as the hunting hut placed on top was completely ablaze. They ruled out “magical spontaneous combustion” …

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