Halal Meat Website Hacked

Received anonymously: http://www.afsn.net has been hacked with the message                   UNACCEPTABLE                   meat = murder               halal meat = barbarity A religion which allows and demands the killing of animals not human        and human is a bad and dangerous religion.        http://www.afsn.net/ASEANHALAL/listofNCP.php             until every cage is empty           Animal Liberation has no border …

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Oregon judge ends pre-trial custody of Joseph Dibee, who faces decades old eco-terrorism charges

Conrad Wilson OPB.org (Oregon) U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken said during a hearing Friday she would release Joseph Dibee from pre-trial custody. Dibee, who is currently housed in Multnomah County’s Inverness Jail, is a federal inmate charged as part of an eco-terrorism conspiracy to destroy government property by arson. Days before Christmas, Dibee tested …

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Lock Glued, Paint Applied at Fur Shop (Stockholm, Sweden)

Received anonymously: Red paint was poured at the door of the fur and leather shop Wacko in Stockholm. The lock was also filled with super glue.

Wildfire Magazine

From its editorial:  “a magazine for the radical anarchist, the animal liberationist and those who are willing to fight for a better world.” Wildfire Magazine is a new animal liberation and anarchist magazine that covers direct action news, philosophy and theory and poractical adive and skills alongside a clean and neat design. Wildfire Magazine  

Pandemic Culture by camille marino

Pandemic Culture by camille marino For purposes of this essay, I ask that the dozen or so people still concerned about Animal Liberation humor me and assume two facts: Covid-19 has killed 100s of 1000s of people and; and, Wearing a mask is an effective method of protecting oneself & others. I have no doubt …

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London Butcher “The Ginger Pig” Sabotaged (UK)

Received anonymously: The streets were deathly silent until we arrived. In the early hours of the morning, we brought hammers to your shopfront. We disappeared again just as easily. Having your shiny things broken is the very least you deserve, murderous scum. Looking forward to the new year? We are.

ALF Destroys 4 Hunting Towers (Sweden)

Received anonymously: During the black winter night four hunting towers were destroyed by the Animal Liberation Front, somewhere in Sweden. The forest is full of wild animals, and there is no place for vile creatures as hunters! FCK HNT!

17 Hunting Towers Sabotaged by ALF (France)

Received anonymously: At the end of December in the south of France, the members of ALF sabotaged 17 towers for hunting, among other things for the wild boar. These steel towers have been destroyed in order to allow animals to live on this area. Hunting is not a sport, not a hobby, but only a …

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Websites of Tuna Net Manufacturer Hacked

Received anonymously: e-comouest is the website designer: ‘www.ledrezen-tuna-net.com & www.ledrezen.com’, these websites claim millions of victims around the world, this is not acceptable. e-comouest collaborates and condones death. for this their website and 30 other websites he was designer were hacked. https://www.e-comouest.com https://www.ledrezen-tuna-net.com https://www.ledrezen.com http://www.abeilles-et-fourmis.com https://www.arinox.fr/ https://www.breizhnego.com/ https://www.le-tropicana.com/ http://www.lamarinejosselin.com/ http://www.grandhotel-nantes.com/ www.bagheera.fr https://www.hotel-lecottage.com/ http://www.franceeiffel.com http://www.hotel-lespecheurs.com/ https://www.camping-benodet-vacances.com/ …

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ALF Targets Butcher Shop in Toulouse (France)

Received anonymously: During the night of December 30-31, a butcher shop (La Bête à Cornes) in Toulouse was targeted for the second time in less than a month. Red paint was splattered on the storefront, and messages painted on the walls.

3 Pigs Liberated in Open Rescue (Czech Republic)

Report from michalkolesar.net (click here for more photos from the rescue): Rescue action LXI (December 2020) One of the most important moments of my life was when I saw little piglets playing in a meadow. They ran and jumped and there was so much joy and carefree childhood in them that I just stood there smiling. At …

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Animal Liberation Prisoner Joseph Dibee Contracts Covid-19 in Prison

Cluster of COVID-19 cases in Multnomah County jail appears to grow by Conrad Wilson OPB.org Multnomah County is currently dealing with its largest outbreak of COVID-19 inside its jails since the pandemic began. As of Wednesday, nine inmates across two facilities had tested positive. The sheriff’s office announced an initial case on Dec. 17, stating …

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ALF Frees 2 Dogs Chained by Hunters (Italy)

          Received anonymously, from Frente de Liberación Animal: They lived chained and confined inside a rusted cage, amid excrement, in shameful conditions. The Animal Liberation Front released two dogs chained and caged by hunters in Italy. Now they will have a life in freedom away from exploitation.

How to Send Hit Reports

From UnoffensiveAnimal December, 2020 As you know, one of the main tasks we do is to serve as an anonymous platform for folks who decide to take action but want to remain anonymous. Be it the liberation of animals from a p[lace of exploitation to the sabotage of infrastructure or tools used to abuse animals …

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ALF Destroys Cage Trap (Italy)

Received anonymously: A cage trap has been destroyed by the Animal Liberation Front in Italy.