Jan 13

Hunting Hut Vandalized (Picardy, France)

Received anonymously (translation): Hunter’s hut in Crillon, Picardy, France French: Cabane de chasseur saccagée à Crillon en Picardie, France

Jan 04

ALF Liberates Turkey from Slaughterhouse (UK)

Received anonymously: ALF liberate ex breeding ‘stock’ turkey from a slaughterhouse, whisked away to a life of freedom away from harm.

Jan 01

Four Baby Chickens Liberated (Phillipines)

Received anonymously: December 30, 2017 Philippines 4 baby chicks liberated from a dirty and rusty cage at poultry keeper’s property. They are now under the care of compassionate hearts and will not be raised for human consumption ever again.

Dec 29

ALF Burns Fishing Boat and Nets (Brazil)

According to an anonymous report on vozesemluto.wordpress.com, ALF activists sabotaged an illegal fishing boat off the coast of São Paulo on the night of December 28. The nets and the boat were set on fire.

Dec 28

Turkeys Liberated on Christmas Day (Canada)

According to an anonymous report on frentedeliberacionanimal.net, turkeys were liberated on Christmas Day.

Dec 25

New York City Banker Killed By Shark…

An American tourist was fatally mauled by a tiger shark while scuba diving on an island off the coast of Costa Rica, local authorities said Friday. The woman, identified by her friends as 49-year-old Rohina Bhandari, a director at a New York City private equity firm, died after an early morning attack Thursday on Cocos …

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Dec 25

ALF Rescues Two Piglets (UK)

Received anonymously: The ALF entered a pig farm and liberated two piglets waiting to go to the rearing unit in a few weeks time, by the time they reach slaughter age they would of been destined for peoples barbecues in the form of sausages and pulled pork but instead they were granted a reprieve, just …

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Dec 21

20 Baby Chickens Liberated by ALF (Midlands, UK)

Received anonymously, from frentedeliberacionanimal.net: December, Midlands UK ALF entered a chicken meat farm during the night and liberate 20 two week olds chicks from a life of suffering before they are slaughtered at 42 days old. These 20 will live a life full of love and freedom, away from the people who wish to bring them …

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Dec 20

Degenerates, Mental Defectives & Cold-Blooded Murderers at Wild Abundance still whining about the Press Office…

Dr. Jerry Vlasak explains the issue to dimwitted “journalist.” “But Vlasak isn’t buying it. “The message they are sending is that it is OK to eat meat, and that is why they are teaching you how to do that,” he says. “They are teaching a select few privileged individuals that happen to own enough land …

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Dec 20

Hunter dies in Germany after wild boar he was trying to shoot attacked him

Useless Human Garbage Gets His Just Reward “Police in Germany say a hunter has died after being attacked by a wild boar he was trying to shoot. The 50-year-old man was on a boar hunt with a dozen others near the north-eastern town of Greifswald on Sunday when he was attacked by the male boar.” …

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Dec 19

Duck Liberated in Chile, In Honor of Walter Bond

Received anonymously, from frentedeliberacionanimal.net (translation): A new life h   as been rescued, from a horrible place where his life depended on his liberation… Without delay. Images from his release from the box to his beautiful and loving life where he will never see a cage again!!!! All help and support is appreciated. Dedicated to the resistance …

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Dec 14

Hunting Towers Destroyed (Germany)

Received anonymously, from frentedeliberacionanimal.net: 12th December, Hambacher forest. Hunters are dickheads so every time we stumble upon a new shooting meadow, another shooting tower falls. Those small enough to carry are used as barricades. The rest are left completely useless, sometimes hanging off trees without legs, sometimes laying down like the fallen statues during Columbus Day. …

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Dec 09

Nosey the Elephant Needs Your Help

Nosey the Elephant was recently rescued from her abusers in a horrible Alabama roadside zoo, and taken to a sanctuary in Tennessee where for the first time she lives in conditions allowing her relative freedom and comfort. Now her abusers are trying to get her back in order to keep exploiting her for their own …

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Dec 09

Charging deer kills hunter outside Paris, police say

Man, 62, who was not carrying a rifle, ‘was charged and pierced by a deer, which stabbed him with his antlers’   A 62-year-old man taking part in a hunt in the Paris area has died after being charged by a deer that fatally gored him, police said. The incident occurred around 10am local time …

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Dec 05

Hunting Towers Destroyed, Rail Line Disrupted in Hambacher Forest, Germany

Received anonymously, from frentedeliberacionanimal.net: 26th November, Hambacher Forest. I couldn’t leave that fourth tower standing. Now it rests calmly on the ground. Fuck RWE and fuck speciesism. A lone owl, this time with some other forest friends. 24th November, Hambacher Forest After the court’s decision to cut the remains of the forest and a call from …

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