Smash and Grabs This Holiday Season

From a supporter: When you tire of your greed and your trashing of our retail stores, I have a suggestion for some beneficial Smash & Grabs where you can use your skills and be proud of the results. Gather all your supporters and Smash into the closest factory farm, then Grab a chicken, turkey, piglet, …

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30 Cage Traps Destroyed, 57 Animals Liberated(Emilia Romagna, Italy)

Received anonymously: inglés: 40 mallards, 15 wood pigeons, 2 cats freed and 30 coypu cage traps destroyed in a hunting farm. italiano: Liberati 40 germani, 15 colombacci, 2 gatti e distrutte 30 gabbie per la cattura nutrie in un’azienda faunistico venatoria.

Bulldozers Burnt in Defense of Atlanta Forest (USA)


France bans wild circus animals and mink farms, but not bullfighting

Performances involving wild animals will be prohibited in two years, in legislation hailed by campaigners The Guardian The French parliament has voted to end the use of wild animals in live circus shows and outlawed mink farming, in new animal rights legislation hailed as a step forward by campaigners. Performances of wild animals such as …

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ALF Destroys Traps, Liberates Coypus (Italy)

Received anonymously: The Animal Liberation Front has destroyed multiple traps and released coypus in Italy.

New 700+ Page A.L.F. Writing Collection Available Again

New 700+ page A.L.F. writing collection available again Now available on our website: Or,  order on Amazon Last month, former ALF activist Peter Young released a 700+ page book compiling nearly everything written by the Animal Liberation Front in North America. (full writeup here). The book sold out on Amazon in one day, and availability …

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British Columbia Fur Ban (Canada)

From our comrade, Joseph Buddenberg: Some really good news out of Canada after an activist campaign to shut down fur farms in the province of British Columbia. This new policy includes a permanent ban on breeding mink and live mink on farms by April 2023. This was made to  allow the nine mink farms …

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123 Hens Liberated from Egg Farm (Belgium)

Received anonymously: 123 hens were liberated from an egg farm. Belgian activists went back to an intensive cage farm where they previously rescued 99 others. This time a pitch dark misty night brought them the extra security to stay below radar. They could have emptied the whole barn, but with future actions in mind they …

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$1500 Worth of Meat Destroyed in Market (Minnesota, USA)

Received anonymously: Saint Paul, Minnesota We visited a natural foods store and left $1500 of niche meats, expensive venison, elk and bison meat in a cart and walked out. By the time employees discover the cart, the products will be spoiled and rotten. Through repeated actions and the ensuing economic damage like this, they will …

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In memory of Barry Horne (17 March 1952 – 5 November 2001)

“The fight is not for us, not for our personal wants or needs. It is for every animal that has ever suffered and died in the vivisection labs, and for every animal that will suffer and die in those same labs unless we end this evil business now. The souls of the tortured dead cry …

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4 Rabbits Liberated from Breeder (France)

Received anonymously: A few nights ago, we visited a rabbit breeder in France. We took four little bunnies out of their cages and brought them to an anarchist and antispeciesist place where they will be considered as free and unique individuals forever. We hope that they will fully express their strengths and personalities. We are …

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Animal Rights Militia Threatens Ulf Berg, Sabotages Hunting Towers (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Ulf Berg is a hunter, wolf hater and chairman of the hunters’ association, a former cop, and right-wing politician, in so called Sweden. Recently, Ulf has hated and advocated that more wolves must be killed. Therefore, ARM (DRM) visited Ulf in his home village one night, with a clear message: THE WOLF SHOULD …

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War Against Hunters Being Waged in Germany

Year long report, Germany. Via: various local and regional newspapers. According to local press, two hunting seats in Billiger Forest in Euskirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia) were set alight on the 20th of August. This is not the first time that persons unknown have targeted Billiger Forest. A total of eighteen hunting seats and towers have been …

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16 Hens Liberated in Melbourne (Australia)

Received anonymously: We thought it was only fair to share the freedom around….Melbourne is out of lockdown and now 16 hens are too. Fuck your cages. Animal liberation!

ALF Liberates 14 Rabbits from Intensive Farm (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Belgium. Love Is Liberation The A.L.F. Save 14 Rabbits from an intensive rabbit meat farm.