Prisoner Write-In: Ladislav Kuc

While we encourage our supporters to write any and all animal liberation prisoners (see our current compilation here:, this month we are highlighting  Ladislav Kuc, imprisoned in Slovakia for attempted arson at a McDonald’s restaurant. Accused of illegal possession of arms, manufacturing of explosives, and terrorism for bombing in front of a McDonald’s on …

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Christmas Day Liberation of Rabbits (UK)

Received anonymously: Whilst everybody was getting drunk and partying on Christmas Eve, we broke into T&S. They are still going, still torturing rabbits, still murdering them “for their meat” and making bank selling their fur. The place is disgusting. The smell of rotten flesh is a permanent feature in the farm, and the rabbits show …

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Best. Christmas Present. Ever.

A Gift for the Animals this Holiday Season This time of year is traditionally associated with the giving of gifts, and the oppressed, tortured and brutalized animals all around us could certainly use some of that generosity. Those of us already involved in animal activism typically consider giving our money to a variety of organizations …

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Says It All!

More Than 100 Crickets Liberated (Madrid, Spain)

Received anonymously: We were bored in a winter afternoon thinking about our miserable lives, but we thought “fuck depression, lets do direct action”. We started to think about all the people who lives in prison and the different types of prisons. We realised that near us were people locked up in little plastic cages; a …

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Liberator Receives 4 Month Jail Sentence for Liberating 3 Hens in July (Northern Ireland)

Last week a comrade was sentenced in Northern Ireland for the liberation of three chickens. The liberation took place in July at a broiler farm and it was live-streamed, showing the conditions of the farm and open rescuing three chickens in the process. Tuesday was then arrested and charged with theft, burglary and criminal damage. …

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ALF Liberates 17 Hens (Belgium)

Received anonymously: 09.12.2021 Belgium The A.L.F. saves another 17 hens from an intensive farm

15 Hens Liberated in Argentina

Received anonymously (translation): During the first lockdown and whilst everybody was staying at home and waiting for a vaccine that was being tested on animals we decided not to forget those who live locked up and cannot decide to stay at home or to go out. We decided to attack a bird farm that breeds …

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Update from Ukrainian Activist Maxim Plokhoi

From a Ukrainian supporter: Enclosed are some photos of Maxim, the Ukrainian activist who took hostages in a bus a year ago, from the court, where hearings are being held about the incident, with signs saying: Earthlings, free the hostages As Maxim says, he is doing best of all. The trial is still in process …

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Open Rescue of Rabbits (Czech Republic)

It’s raw and few stars. Going through the meadow to the building. Near by is the road. We watch out and when a car shows up, we lay down and wait for it to disappear. We will place patrols at the building, go through it and find a way to get inside. When we leave, …

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An Animal Rights Activist Saved a Sick Baby Goat From a Farm — and Faces Years in Prison

Wayne Hsiung faces felony charges — an escalation in the government’s war against those who would put the value of life ahead of property. The Intercept Natasha Lennard IN RECENT YEARS, especially since the Black liberation uprisings of 2020, the government has devoted considerable resources and time to the persecution of anti-racist, antifascist activists. The state has disproportionately targeted the far …

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ALF Destroys Dozens of Hunting Towers (France)

Received anonymously: English : Action Anti Chasse France Sud In the face of the hunting dictatorship, the members of ALF destroyed in a few weeks dozens of watchtowers on several sectors. Towers, huts, hunting huts will be systematically broken, cut and scattered so as not to be watered down for these murders tolerated by the …

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Burger King Splattered with Fake Blood by ALF (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Received anonymously: ALF repudiates a Burger Kings store on Av. Paulista, the largest economic center in Brazil, in memory of the 20th anniversary of the death of activist Barry Horne! If the animal holocaust industry doesn’t back down, we’ll make it back down! For all the animals murdered daily in fast food chains! 🏴 7 de …

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Smash and Grabs This Holiday Season

From a supporter: When you tire of your greed and your trashing of our retail stores, I have a suggestion for some beneficial Smash & Grabs where you can use your skills and be proud of the results. Gather all your supporters and Smash into the closest factory farm, then Grab a chicken, turkey, piglet, …

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30 Cage Traps Destroyed, 57 Animals Liberated(Emilia Romagna, Italy)

Received anonymously: inglés: 40 mallards, 15 wood pigeons, 2 cats freed and 30 coypu cage traps destroyed in a hunting farm. italiano: Liberati 40 germani, 15 colombacci, 2 gatti e distrutte 30 gabbie per la cattura nutrie in un’azienda faunistico venatoria.