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Feb 06

13 Chickens Liberated in Manchester (UK)

Received anonymously: 13 Broiler Chickens liberated from crates outside a slaughterhouse in Greater Manchester on 9/1/17 under the nose of workers and taken to a new home. 4 Broiler Chickens liberated from crates outside the same slaughterhouse and taken to new homes on 2/2/17

Feb 01

25 Chickens Liberated in Southeast UK

Received anonymously: January, 2017 25 chickens were rescued from a poultry farm in the South East UK. The chicks, not older than 40 days, had endured extensive 22 hours of light per day to maximise growth. The night before they were transported to slaughter, 25 comrades were rescued and taken to safe homes. Slogans were …

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Jan 22

Alberta, Canada Pet Store Vandalized

The owner of the Animal House pet store in Okotoks, Alberta said it will close following vandalism during the night of January 19. The store has been the target of protests, and there have been numerous reports of the store selling sick puppies.  

Jan 18

14 (More) Rabbits Liberated in Italy

anonymous report, from (translation); click here for video of the rescued rabbits: On the night of January 13, the animal liberation front rescued 14 rabbits, a hen and a rooster from a farm in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, Italy. They have been taken to a safe place where they were then released. …

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Jan 12

Caged Dogs Rescued by ALF in Italy

Received anonymously: On December 24 in the province of Perugia we wanted to celebrate Christmas in a different way, as we all should do, we wanted to restore freedom and dignity to two poor innocent creatures. Tired of keeping them, or for some reason, the Master had them locked up in cages completely forgetting them, …

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