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Butcher Shops and Church Locks Glued in Solidarity with Sebastian Oversluij (Santiago, Chile)

ENGLISH (translation, via darknights): The last days of December in the midst of the consumerist frenzy for the end of the year celebrations, we, some anarchic individualities, decided to act in memory of our comrade Sebastian Oversluij, 10 years after his death, who was killed by the guard of a bank branch in Pudahuel, when he …

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Wolf Killers Targeted in Norway

According to pro hunting reports, several wolf hunters in Norway have been targeted over night, with activists placing caltrops around their personal homes. The wolf cull in Norway seeks to murder 18 wolves throughout the country in 2024. The latest wolf census for the country showed a total of 89 wolves living in Norway. Environmental …

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Locks Glued at Several Cafes in Copenhagen (Denmark)

Received anonymously: Activists had been in contact with the largest coffee chain in Denmark last year about switching to plant based milk as default, and after applying pressure to the company, they agreed they’d try out plant based by default in Copenhagen from January 2024. They lied. Because of this, activists put super glue in …

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ALF Liberates 40 Animals (Milano, Italy)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH (translation): The only toast and the only celebration in which we participate is animal liberation! 40 of our brothers will start the new year as free individuals. Tonight 15 hens, 1 rooster, 9 white doves and 14 pigeons were freed from captivity and a situation of severe mistreatment. Locked up without water …

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Maxmara Fur Shops Vandalized (Stockholm, Sweden)

Received anonymously: Beware animal abusers.. we, the animal rights movement, are coming for you harder then ever.”Beware animal abusers.. we, the animal rights movement, are coming for you harder then ever. Despite pressure by activists worldwide, Maxmara shows no mercy for their innocent victims and refuses to enact a fur-free policy. Maxmara is one of …

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Belgian Activists Destroy More Than 15 Hunting Structures

Received anonymously: In the past year, during the hunting seasons, a crew of Belgian wildlife enthusiasts immobilized more than 15 structures. These structures were used to kill or trap our wild animal brothers and sisters. Sometimes the time to strike was chosen carefully to slow down expensive and organized driven hunts that took place shortly …

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20 Snares Sabotaged (Santiago, Chile)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH (translation) Walking in the countryside near Lampa we found homemade traps for hares, with a metal stick buried underground holding a metal wire to catch wild species. We did not hesitate to dig them out and break them. There were 20 in total, they were rendered completely useless and taken away from …

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More Snares, Traps and a Hunting Tower Sabotaged at Pheasant Breeding Site (Manchester, UK)

Received anonymously: Made a return visit to same pheasant breeding facility in Manchester and removed more snares, destroyed traps, cut down shooting chair, cut up straps

Anima Naturalis Rescues 6 Rabbits During Farm Investigation (Spain)

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We have selected a short excerpt from their report, which can be found on their website.] Via: Anima Naturalis. ENGLISH (translation) “The images we obtained during the investigation are heartbreaking, but today I’d like to share with you a little bit of hope beyond so much injustice. This is the story about the …

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6 Turkeys Liberated from Factory Farm (France)

Received anonymously: Liberation of 6 turkeys right before Christmas. ( France ) These 6 individuals were sequestrated in a factory farm. They are now safe and free and will live the rest of their life in a sanctuary, where they will be able to express themselves fully. Our thoughts go to all the turkeys we …

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ALF Attacks National Hunting Infrastructure (Italy)

24th December, provincial di Milano, North Italy ENGLISH (translation): EnalCaccia and Federcaccia offices attacked. Every hunter’s Christmas is dirty with the blood of their victims! Hunting is legalized murder and where the law is unjust, disobedience is a must. In these festive days we wanted to remember all the victims of hunting including the dog …

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4 Pigs Liberated from Factory Farm in Operation Cuore Liberi (Europe)

via: 269 Liberation animale 3rd December, europe? HIT REPORT OF THE “CUORE LIBERI OPERATION” : FOUR PIGS LIBERATED FROM A FACTORY FARM ON THE NIGHT OF THE THIRD OF DECEMBER [DIRECT ACTION FROM THE 269 LIBÉRATION ANIMALE COLLECTIVE] ! We were shrouded in mist on that night, like a very welcomed protection. Thieves met up in …

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Fox Liberated, Trap Destroyed (UK)

Received anonymously: Inspired by other actions we’d seen reported we ventured out to explore a turkey farm. Already worried it was too late our concerns were confirmed when we checked what was now empty barns. Heartbroken by what that meant, we stood in silence for a moment and suddenly became aware of a desperate thrashing …

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48 Snares and a Trap Removed from Pheasant Breeding Facility (Manchester, UK)

Received anonymously: 48 snares 1 Fenn trap from a pheasant breeding facility in Manchester area

17 Chickens Liberated from City Farm in Birmingham (UK)

According to national press, Balsall Heath City Farm in Birmingham was the target of a theft where seventeen chickens were stolen. The farm works as a “farm animal zoo” within the city. This is not the first time the farm has been targeted. During December 2022, the farm was raided four times, where multiple rabbits, …

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