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ALF Hacks French Hunting Websites

Received anonymously: Hacked/Defaced FNC server – Federation Nationale Chasse – FRANCE Hacked/Defaced FNC server – Federation Nationale Chasse – FRANCE IP: – Linux srv-charlie 3.16.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.16.39-1+deb8u2 (2017-03-07) i686 Defaced websites Data recovery and deletion. … …

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Hunting Headquarters Destroyed in Arson by ALF (Ansauville, France)

Received aonymously: During the night of December 27-28, a semi-trailer in Ansauville that served as the headquarters of a local hunting club was destroyed by fire. On the same night, a few miles away, a building belonging to another hunting club was vandalized. “ALF” and “Stop Speciesism” were painted.

Fence Cut, Reindeer Freed in Norway

Received anonymously: Norway. A beautiful start of the new year; On the 1st of January 2019, a group of friends destroyed the fence that kept reindeers captive. They now have the possibility to be free. DEFEND ANIMALS! Never hesitate to liberate!

Hunting Tower Arson in Poland

Its time to hunt the hunters!

Piglet Liberated from Slaughterhouse (Belgium)

Received anonymously from 269 Libération Animale – Belgique: This night of 1 January 2019; first of the year, the corpses of millions of animals were on the tables. Tonight, while most of you are feast, millions of them resist, struggle in dark and gloomy places. Waiting for a death that won’t be long. Tonight will be …

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ALF Attacks Hunting in Basque Country

Received anonymously: During the night between December 26 and 27, Animal Liberation Front cells carried out coordinated sabotage attacks against hunting structures and buildings in the Basque Country. Hunting posts and towers have been taken down and destroyed in Ermua, Eskoriatza, Mendiola, Pasaia, Peralta, Gares, Eunate, Erreniaga, Peralta, and Kinto. 25 towers were taken down …

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Santa Clause Liberates 18 Chickens (Austria; Video included)

Translation of a report by the Association against Animal Factories (VGT); click here for video and more photos from the rescue: 18 chickens were saved from a farm thanks to anonymous animal rights activists. Photos and video anonymously leaked to VGT shows an animal rescue at a typical barn egg farm in Austria. The only purpose of …

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Ladder Trap Sabotaged (France)

Received anonymously: Last night, in France. A ladder trap has been sabotaged in several areas with a bolt cutter, and ‘Stop Speciesism’ has been tagged on it. Ladder traps are used to draw crows in it and let them starve to death (or kill them in a other way). The trap is baited, crows land on the …

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“Blood Farm Syntex” Vivisectors Website Hacked, Customer Information Exposed

Received anonymously: The website of Syntex, one of the largest producers of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin (PMSG), was hacked and information about thousands of its customers leaked. PMSG (also known as eCG, equine chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone extracted from the blood of pregnant horses. The hormone is sold to pharmaceutical companies who manufacture PMSG-based …

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ALF Attacks Fur Shop in Birmingham (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Reindeer fur seller Birmingham Xmas market. Attacked with red paint by ALF

Hunting Website Hacked

Received anonymously: (before and after images):                 Hack & Deface

1000 Mink Liberated from Fur Farm in Cella di Noceto (Parma, Italy)

According to media reports, hundreds of cages were opened at a fur farm in Cella di Noceto (Parma) during the night of December 6-7. As many as 1,000 mink escaped into the surrounding countryside.

5 Guinea Pigs Liberated (Midlands, UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: 9th December, Midlands UK Five guinea pigs liberated from filthy conditions with little food, no water and obvious signs of mites. We had recieved a tip off they were being kept, killed and served up on a speciality menu at a pub ran by hunters. All are now safe from harm …

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Hunting Towers, Lynx Trap Destroyed (Sweden)

Received anonymously: On the night of the 17th november 4 hunting towers and a lynx trap were destroyed in Sweden. Execute the hunter scum! DEFEND ANIMALS

German Poultry Farm Destroyed in ALF Arson

Received anonymously: During the night of November 29-30, flames almost completely destroyed an empty barn at a chicken farm in Altenwahlingen (Lower Saxony). The barn, which can house up to 40,000 chickens, was due to be repopulated the following week. “Stop Capitalism” and “ALF” were found painted on the building.