Fox Liberated, Trap Destroyed (UK)

Received anonymously:

Inspired by other actions we’d seen reported we ventured out to explore a turkey farm. Already worried it was too late our concerns were confirmed when we checked what was now empty barns. Heartbroken by what that meant, we stood in silence for a moment and suddenly became aware of a desperate thrashing sound. On the outside of one of the barns we found a cold, muddy and terrified young fox caught in a cage.

They were so afraid that when we opened the cage we had to push them out and it took a few steps for them to realise their regained freedom. Naturally we decided to remove and destroy the deathtrap that had imprisoned them. Despite the cage being so massive that it could easily fit a human, we bashed it to an unusable state. We wish we could also of helped some turkeys, whose lifeless bodies are now strung up across the world for the holidays, but we are happy to have at least saved a fox a bullet.