Wolf Killers Targeted in Norway

According to pro hunting reports, several wolf hunters in Norway have been targeted over night, with activists placing caltrops around their personal homes.

The wolf cull in Norway seeks to murder 18 wolves throughout the country in 2024. The latest wolf census for the country showed a total of 89 wolves living in Norway.

Environmental minster and known wet wipe Andreas Bjelland Eriksen has publicly condemned the actions, saying “I have full respect for the fact that many people want to challenge predator management, but this is done through democratic processes such as campaigning in front of Parliament and being clear in the media, not through illegal actions that can be directly dangerous for those doing a job for the community,”

The “vandalism” and “illegal actions” referred to by Andreas is the direct attack to several hunters who are actively attempting to kill wolves in Kongsvinger area.

Since the news of the caltrops, the wolf cull in the area has been halted. Whilst the hunting team says it is due to the weather and difficult tracking conditions, the police says it is difficult to know when they’ll be ready to go back out hunting.