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ALF Liberates 40 Chickens (Italy)

Received anonymously: Hello, in Italy in an intensive chicken farm, the ALFs have released over 40 chickens.

70 Turkeys and a Farm Trailer Liberated from Farm in Dorset (UK)

According to local media, a group of people paid a visit to a farm near Bridport, Dorset UK, stealing a trailer where they also loaded seventy turkeys being fattened to be murdered for christmas. We do not know what the intentions of the thieves were with the seventy turkeys, but the farm reports that they …

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Two Hunting Sheds Destroyed by ALF (Italy)

Received anonymously: ENG (translation): Italy, 1/12/2023 Tonight, abetted by a full moon, we attacked two sheds for hunting by rendering them harmless. The War for Animal Liberation will continue until they are ALL free from the violence of the criminal human. A.L.F. IT: Italia, 1/12/2023 Questa notte, complice la luna piena, abbiamo attaccato due capanni …

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6 Turkeys Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously: In solidarity with all animals being murdered for the “Christmas celebrations” and inspired by folks in Australia, in Midlands and in Luton UK, we decided to break into a turkey farm and take six birds with us. They were mere days away from being murdered. One of the barns had already been wiped, …

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More Turkeys Liberated Before Xmas (Luton, UK)

Received anonymously: 10 turkeys liberated from a farm in Luton! Merry Christmas! Direct action saves lives!

Traps Set For Hunters (Maine-et-Loire, France)

According to pro-hunting media, the four hunting stands that Didier Fresnau built as the president of the of the Amis de la grange hunting association had one of the four legs sawn off, then repositioned so it looked like it wasn’t damaged. According to Didier, this was a premeditated act to hurt or kill the …

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8 Hunting Towers Damaged or Destroyed (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)

According to pro-hunting press, all the hunting towers in the hunting ground near Jahrstedt in Saxony Anhalt were destroyed or damaged in between the 6th and the 7th of November. Leaseholder Christian Neumann says that they celebrated Hubertus Day with no anomalies, but that a few days later they were met with the unpleasant surprised …

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7 Turkeys Liberated Before Thanksgiving (Australia)

Received anonymously: Can you imagine being born into this world for the sole purpose of being slaughtered for your flesh, at the hands of those who never recognised you as an individual? How hard would you want those who could see your suffering to fight? And at what extreme would you be okay with them …

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Two More Iowa Fur Farms Confirmed Closed (USA)

Received anonymously: after reading about i decided to finally visit some farms. i visited woodring fur farm (3020 250th street fredericksburg, iowa) and drewelow & sons (2477 239th street new hampton, iowa). pleasantly surprised to find overgrown weeds, decaying sheds, and no mink! confirmed closed

Captive Pheasants Liberated from Fullflight Game Farm in Bernardston, Massachusetts (USA)

Received anonymously: On November 25th, the evening immediately following the Thanksgiving horror-day, 10 sections of fencing were cut and ripped away at the Fullflight Game Farm in Bernardston, Massachusetts. Edwin Gray’s disgusting business purpose breeds pheasants and other wild birds to be sold for blood sports. As a result, they are untamed and perfectly capable …

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Elves Liberate 3 Turkeys (Midlands, UK)

Received anonymously: Three beautiful turkeys were liberated as a big FUCK YOU to ‘Thanksgiving’ and Christmas! As the ‘festive’ season approaches, millions of innocent animals have been or are going to be massacred in the name of ‘celebration’. But not for these three. Santa teamed up with some elves and got these three to safety, …

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ALF Destroys Hunting Tower in North Italy, In Solidarity with the Pigs Murdered by the Government

IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE CUORI LIBERI PIGS MURDERED BY THE GOVERNMENT. Received anonymously: ENGLISH (translated) On the night of November 22, we attacked a hunting tower rendering it useless for a quite a while. “in memory of the Amarena Bear and the bears of Trentino.” And for the pigs of the Free Hearts sanctuary killed …

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ALF Liberates 30 Foxes at Ohio Fur Farm (USA)

Received anonymously: On a chilly night last weekend, members of the ALF visited Grand River Fur Exchange in Rome, Ohio (6310 US Highway 6) and liberated 30 foxes being held captive there, destined for imminent slaughter so their skins could be sold for profit. One thing we noticed about this particular farm, though at first …

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Animal Rights Militia, Ulster Brigade Smashes Hunt Vehicle Windscreen (Annaghmore, Ireland)

Received anonymously: The Ulster Brigade of the Animal Rights Militia paid visit to a fox hunting group who were terrorising the countryside of Annaghmore, County Armagh. (11/11/23) The group in question are notoriously hostile towards any opposition to their presence. They are known for having zero control over their hounds and there have been several …

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49 Hens Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously: With so much talk recently about cage-free being better for hens, we wanted to see for ourselves. We went to a free-range farm to see how much ‘better’ it really is for the hens and it was fucking disgusting. Dead and dying birds were everywhere. The rest had next to no feathers left. …

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