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100 Chickens Liberated by 269LA (France)

Received anonymously: It’s with rage and determination that we headed back to the slaughterhouses – which have been the target of the 269LA collective for the past 8 years – and once again grabbed our crowbars to rescue 100 individuals from death in an industrial slaughterhouse ! We have been preparing this direct action for …

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12 Years Ago This Month- Mink Run Free in Washington State (USA)

12 years ago this month, activists visited a fur farm in Washington and liberated over 1,000 mink. They released video footage of mink taking their first steps outside of a cage. Animals who would now live as wild beings, not caged commodities. No one was arrested. Communique: “In the early morning hours of October 12th, …

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3 Turkeys Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously: As millions of turkeys are soon to be massacred, all in the name of ‘celebration’, we saved three individuals who would have been killed for a Christmas dinner. We could see the scumbag farmers settling in to go to bed. We watched as they turned out their lights, not knowing that they were …

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Arson at Cordillera Slaughterhouse and Meat Packing Plant (Chile)

Received anonymously: ENGLISH (translated): ADJUDICATION OF ARSON ATTACK ON THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE AND MEAT PACKING PLANT CORDILLERA OF DINACAR HOLDING. PUENTE ALTO, CHILE. On the night of Saturday, September 30, we successfully attacked the Cordillera slaughterhouse and meat packing plant, setting fire to part of its infrastructure and logistics, aiming to cause as much damage as …

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Underground Badger Syndicate: Smashing Cages in UK

Since the beginning of the badger cull operation in the UK, over 200k badgers have been killed. Badgers are a protected species in the UK, but because cattle farmers blame them for bovine tuberculosis, every year an intensive cull is organised in specific areas of England in an attempt to reduce the numbers down to …

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Stahl Fur Farm in Sunbury, Pennsylvania Raided, Thousands of Mink Liberated (USA)

Received anonymously: dear mink murderer stahl, fur commission secretary: i saw your mink prison recently and was not impressed. you have dozens of sheds but so many are falling apart. thankfully your operation seems to have gotten smaller over the years. when will you learn that animal abuse isn’t worth it? people like me will …

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Hunter’s Vehicles Vandalized (Picassent, Spain)

According to pro-hunt media, two hunters shooting pigeons in Spain had their cars keyed by a member of the public. Earlier that same day, whilst one of them was shooting a pigeon, a walker with a dog told them they really shouldn’t be shooting over their head whilst they were walking. The hunters threatened them …

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99 Hens Liberated from Egg Farm (Belgium)

Received anonymously: Animal Liberation Activists went into an intensive egg farm with layer hens kept in battery cages. This time they liberated 99 animals. All of them get new homes after recuperation and medical treatment. WE WON’T STOP – Until Every Cage Is Empty

Hunt Saboteurs Liberate 17 Birds, Destroy Traps (Belgium)

Received anonymously: As hunt saboteurs we are constantly on the lookout for hidden animal traps. On one night we set out a route and managed to free 17 Birds on 2 locations, while destroying the crow traps and turning Larsen cages into frisbees. WE WON’T STOP – Until Every Cage Is Empty

Activists Sabotage 10 Hunting Towers (Lower Saxony, Germany)

According to local pro-hunt press, at least ten hunting towers in Lower Saxony have been found vandalised in August. The activists would’ve used a saw to cut support beams and safety features in the towers, ensuring that anyone trying to shoot deer and wild boar would fall after climbing. The local newspaper says that setting …

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Open Rescue of More Than 175 Chickens (Czech Republic)

via: MichalKolesar ENGLISH: Patrols are at their places and report a clear area. Lukáš and I make our way through the tall nettles to the fence. The sky is cloudy, the heavy stench of the poultry house is in the air. The halls are quiet, only fans can be heard in some. In a few minutes …

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Hunter’s Vehicle Sabotaged (Catalunya/Spain)

According to local press, a hunter’s vehicle was vandalised during Sunday 20th of August in Lleida, Catalunya. Windscreen wipers were broken off, side mirrors smashed or broken and the windscreen window was also smashed. The activists left graffiti on the vehicle reading “Killing for the pleasure of killing” to send a message to the hunter. …

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Every Fox Liberated from Minnesota Fur Farm (USA)

Received anonymously: this is a call to action. there are a small number of fox prisons left in the so called usa. we went to one owned by tim jahr at 21496 401st Avenue Arlington, MN 55307.we opened every fox cage. they were extremely scared at first but then one popped their beautiful little head …

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Olsen Fur Farm in Wisconsin Raided (Again) and Hundreds of Captive Mink Freed (USA)

Received anonymously: a few nights ago we visited olsen fur farm (smieja) at w22875 state road 121 in independence wisconsin. it’s operational for now, but maybe releasing several hundred mink has a chance to close it for good. we hope many of the mink enjoy their freedom in the wild and that this farm will …

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Butcher Shop Windows Smashed in Portland

via: Rose City CounterInfo. Last night the anarchists made brief appearances at two local butcher shops (Pasture PDX at 1413 NE Alberta st. and Piccones corner at 3434 NE Sandy Blvd). Many windows were broken. Fuck animal murderers and the civilization that enables them. MAKE VEGANISM A THREAT AGAIN