ALF Liberates 30 Foxes at Ohio Fur Farm (USA)

Received anonymously:

On a chilly night last weekend, members of the ALF visited Grand River Fur Exchange in Rome, Ohio (6310 US Highway 6) and liberated 30 foxes being held captive there, destined for imminent slaughter so their skins could be sold for profit.

One thing we noticed about this particular farm, though at first glance it seemed moderately secure…..we didn’t even need bolt cutters. The wire encircling the pen where the foxes were held we were able to rip open with nothing but our hands. Once inside, the cage doors, held fast with a little bit of wire, were also able to be torn open with just a strong pull. It just goes to show that anyone, without requiring any special tools or know how, can visit a fur farm at night and save animals’ lives.

Most of the foxes were terrified of us, knowing humans come only to deliver abuse and death. But within minutes most of them had leapt from their cages, some escaping through the holes we had created in the enclosure. All of our efforts that night were repaid in an instant, seeing the foxes that had escaped into the outside world, knowing these were their first moments of a new and long life when minutes ago they had been condemned to death in mere weeks. No amount of chanting at street protests will give you anything close to the feeling of seeing animals you just freed get away.

Mark Gutman, owner of Grand River Fur Exchange

Mark Gutman, we would have been happy to empty your entire stock had we had more time. We will not forget the animals we left behind. Best consider a career change before you are left with nothing.

The fur industry is close to collapse. It’s all up to us, there’s no one else coming to push it over the edge. Now is the time.