ALF Attacks National Hunting Infrastructure (Italy)

24th December, provincial di Milano, North Italy
ENGLISH (translation):

EnalCaccia and Federcaccia offices attacked.

Every hunter’s Christmas is dirty with the blood of their victims! Hunting is legalized murder and where the law is unjust, disobedience is a must.

In these festive days we wanted to remember all the victims of hunting including the dog Uma who was killed by a hunter in front of her owner- a child! Hunters: you are the violent ones!

We will continue to fight in every way until all animals can live free and be recognized as sentient beings with their own innate rights and not seen as objects for the use and consumption of the ‘criminal human.

On the wolf issue, we wanted to respond to the statement of MEP Fiocchi who said that between the wolf and the sheep he chooses the sheep: those who, like him, are on the front lines of killing innocents in the course of hunting activity, certainly cannot choose to stand next to another innocent person who is certainly also food on his plate. We have too much respect for the wolf to compare him to Fiocchi who pretends not to know that while the wolf kills by nature, hunters like him do it for pure enjoyment. Shame on him.

Long live the wolf!