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Argentina: Animals Liberated, Research Facility Set on Fire

from Bite Back   VIDEO: Lab Liberation Action Received anonymously (translation): “Progress and science have been declared enemies of nature and freedom, managed for those who possess power and want to keep it on their side no matter what it takes. A fundamental part of its development is the separation of humans from the rest …

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Three Ringneck Pheasants Liberated in Oregon

On Sunday night a pen was cut open at the Oregon Fish and Wildlife game bird exhibit located in the EE Wilson Wildlife Area giving 3 ringneck pheasants a chance to escape into the wild. This action was done to both spare these wild animals from life of captivity and to challenge the societal norm …

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ALF Vandalizes Vehicles at Toronto Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Received anonymously Vehicles and animal trailers vandalized at the Toronto Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, November 7-16, 20014 The Toronto Royal Agricultural Winter Fair focuses on, and profits mainly from the use of farm animals and their murder. Lamb, pig and goat auctions, different horse competitions, many cow, pig, sheep and even dog shows, as well …

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Carrollton, Texas Construction Site Vandalized

Received anonymously Construction site vandalized in Carrollton tx last night windows spray painted over on construction vehicles gas tanks filled with dirt and bleach and key holes glued

Animal Testing Company Mary Kay Cosmetics Sabotaged

Received Anonymously Act of vandalism to Mary Kay headquarters front sign spray painted stop animal testing several gun shots fired at building smashing windows Note: After many years as a “cruelty free” company, Mary Kay began conducting animal testing again in order to sell products in China (currently, China requires animal testing for imported cosmetics).

ALF Liberates 30 Foxes from Iowa Fur Farm

The Animal Liberation Front is taking responsibility for the release of 30 foxes from a fur farm in Anamosa, Iowa in the late-evening of Thursday, September 25th 2014. 10 years after the 2004 raid of the University of Iowa, the ALF has returned to east-central Iowa. The farm targeted was: Robert Roman 23778 Fairview Road …

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Portland McDonald’s Sabotaged

anonymous report, from Portland Indymedia: Earlier this week, several pieces of heavy equipment, including a dump truck and water pump, located at the construction site of a Mcdonalds restaurant off 29th and Powell in S.E. Portland, were sabotaged by having bleached poured into their fuel tanks. Through the hyper exploitation of an ever growing precarious …

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Hacktivists Target Multiple Sites Advocating Animal Abuse

In recent weeks, anonymous Paw Security activists have targeted animal abuse worldwide. Beginning on August 5, Chinese government websites, and those of Chinese companies, were attacked to protest the dog meat and fur trades. In July, the websites of fur stores, roadside zoos, hunting ranches and exotic meat companies were targeted. Weeks later, some of …

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Windows Smashed at Berkeley, CA Butcher Shop

Received anonymously On the night of June 26th two windows were smashed at Star Meats in Berkeley CA, a butcher shop that boasts about its organic and locally sourced meat. Cage free, organic, murder is murder and death is death. This is a continuation of last years actions in which windows were smashed out of …

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Animal Liberation Front Targets Canadian Vivisection Front Group with Butyric Acid

Received Anonymously: On July 14, 2014, in Toronto, the Animal Liberation Front injected butyric acid into the office of the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science. CALAS is an organization made up of vivisectors that promotes animal research. The butyric acid will soak through the carpet and into the floorboards of their offices, and major …

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Second Mobile Slaughter Unit Sabotaged by Activists in WA

15 July 2014 Received Anonymously: Earlier this month, a quart of bleach was poured into the fuel tank of a mobile slaughter unit operated by Bolar Custom Meat Cutting (381 Delameter Rd, Castle Rock, WA). This was done with the goal of causing damage to the unit’s fuel system and providing temporary respite from the …

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Washington State Mobile Slaughter Truck Sabotaged by ALF

14 July 2014 Received Anonymously: Last week, a mobile slaughter truck operated by Wards Custom Meat Cutting (25906 NE 147th Ave, Battle Ground, WA) was sabotaged by having a chemical abrasive introduced to its fuel system. There is nothing humane about turning a living-breathing animal into a lifeless commodity in order to satisfy frivolous human …

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Animal Rights Militia Active in Czech Republic- 50 Mink Liberated, Farm Sabotaged

From our comrades in the Czech Republic- “we received an anonymous statement (little bit longer in Czech version) about actions against two fur farms in Czech Republic. Informations in the statement are as consistent with a local media report. It is the second action against fur farms in Czech Republic since the last summer. We …

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Another Mobile Slaughter Unit in Oregon Sabotaged by Activists

Over the weekend, a mobile slaughter unit operated by Shoe’s Mobile Slaughter and Processing (14515 Coon Hollow Rd, Sublimity, OR) was decommissioned by having a gallon of bleach poured into its fuel tank. When the liquid bleach comes into contact with the diesel in the tank it will create a chemical reaction that will cause …

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Mobile Slaughter Unit Sabotaged in Hillsboro, Oregon

On the night of June 14th, we sabotaged the fuel system of a mobile slaughter unit located at the Meating Place (6495 NW Cornelius Pass Road, Hillsboro, OR) by introducing a corrosive chemical to both of its diesel tanks–causing thousands of dollars in damages and rendering it inoperable. Although this act will only serve as …

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