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Activists Re-Visit Guelph Fur Farm in Canada, Inflict Sabotage

In the fall of 2015 we revisited Millbank Fur Farm at 5675 Jones Baseline Road in Guelph/Eramosa, ON. We had intially planned to release more animals from the hell of this factory farm but we were too late – there were no mink left to liberate. We decided to inflict some non-violent economic sabotage instead …

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ALF Visits Ontario Fur Farms (Videos Included)

Received anonymously See video (more footage coming soon) from the Ontario fur farms visited by the ALF here: Over the summer of 2015 we visited and video recorded Willow Pond Mink Farm at 105 Maple Grove Road in Scottland, ON. We witnessed injured mink with gapping wounds crammed into small cages that were covered …

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Vivisection Laboratory Website Hacked

Received anonymously (the defaced website belongs to McGill University neuroscience researcher Yogita Chudasama) The 7th September 2015, a vivisection laboratory website was sabotaged by using the technique of ‘deface’. It was entered to the website server and some of their directories were modified. The result was a more realistic image about what the laboratory does …

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100 Pheasants Liberated from EE Wilson Game Management Area (Oregon)

In the late night hours of September 17th, after hiking miles through the forest, we descended upon a Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) pheasant holding pen located within the EE Wilson Game Management Area. Aviation snips were used to cut a hole in the netting surrounding the pen allowing the approximately 100 ring-necked …

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Economic Sabotage at Ontario (Canada) Livestock Alliance

Received anonymously July 18, 2015 – Ontario, Canada – Late tonight in Guelph, locks were super glued and buildings were graffitied at Ontario Pork Producers, Ontario Veal, Ontario Goat and Ontario Rabbit; the later three making up the Ontario Livestock Alliance. These organizations directly assist in coordinating the purchase and shipment of animals to their …

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3 Crayfish Liberated from Live Seafood Market

received anonymously: June 2015 – In broad daylight, 3 crayfish were liberated from a live seafood market. Once they were in safe hands they were quickly released back into the waters in which they were originally captured. A small crayfish meat trade exists in the United States where live crayfish are captured in traps from …

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ALF Burns Huntingdon Life Sciences’ Trucks in Ontario

received anonymously (photo: Andrew Collins @ACollinsPhoto): Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – Early in the morning of June 7, 2015, the Animal Liberation Front planted incendiary devices under trucks belonging to Harlan Laboratories. Harlan is a company owned by Huntingdon Life Sciences. They are responsible for supplying research animals and animal feed to vivisectionists. This action was …

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1600 Captive Mink in St. Marys, Ontario (Canada) Liberated by Animal Activists

Received anonymously As many as 1,600 mink were released from cages at the Glenwood Fur Farm (4216 Perth Line 9) in St. Marys, Ontario late on May 30. According to media reports, fencing that surrounds the farm was cut and a gate opened. Animals in two sheds were released, and breeding cards removed.

Captive Wolves Need Help

1119 Randolf Road, Lillie Louisiana is the actual physical address of the animals in terrible distress! Below are photos and documentation of a rapid breeder that has upward of 20 wolf and wolf dogs aging from under a month to 13 years old. Every animal is short chained, outdoors, with frozen water in water bowls,very …

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Lobsters liberated from Dublin restaurant by animal rights activists

by Linda McGrory Nine lobsters have been liberated from a Dublin restaurant in a daring weekend sting by animal rights activists. Members of the National Animal Rights Association (NARA), Direct Action For Animals, and Alliance For Animal Rights swooped on the Ka Shing Chinese restaurant as busy Friday trade got under way about 7.30pm. A …

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Arson at Veracruz (Mexico) Veterinary Facility (delayed report)

Received anonymously (translation): We take responsibility for the arson on May 10, 2013 on the premises of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in the town of Xalapa, Veracruz. This institution like so many others through the cynical welfarist discourse, supports a hypocritical regulation of the exploitation suffered by nonhuman animals in the area of scientific …

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Deer Traps Sabotaged in Cranbook, BC, Ending Killing

Four provincially-owned clover traps used in culling deer had their netting slashed, making them unusable, in Cranbook, British Columbia during the night of March 5. This forced the city to halt the cull.

Pheasants Liberated by ALF in Beavercreek, Oregon

Received anonymously On the night of March 16th, 2015, a gate on an aviary was opened at the Estacada Game Farm (25395 South Beavercreek Road, Beavercreek, OR) liberating a flock of ring-necked pheasants into the wild. These birds were bred, among other reasons, to suffer and die in pre-orchestrated canned hunts; a practice which represents …

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Argentina: Animals Liberated, Research Facility Set on Fire

from Bite Back   VIDEO: Lab Liberation Action Received anonymously (translation): “Progress and science have been declared enemies of nature and freedom, managed for those who possess power and want to keep it on their side no matter what it takes. A fundamental part of its development is the separation of humans from the rest …

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Three Ringneck Pheasants Liberated in Oregon

On Sunday night a pen was cut open at the Oregon Fish and Wildlife game bird exhibit located in the EE Wilson Wildlife Area giving 3 ringneck pheasants a chance to escape into the wild. This action was done to both spare these wild animals from life of captivity and to challenge the societal norm …

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