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Windows Smashed at Steakhouse in Phoenix

Received anonymously: On the night of march 24th, we attacked a steakhouse in Phoenix, AZ. ‘FUCK SPECIESISM, DESTROY DOMINATION’ and an anarchist symbol were painted along with a few windows being smashed. We do not limit our anarchist analysis of domination and hierarchy to human beings and recognize that non-human animals are the most exploited …

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Pig Liberated from Transport Truck in Montreal (Canada)

Received anonymously: Fri, Nov 30, Today a lone wolf animal liberation front member liberated a piglet off a truck filled with hundreds of piglets. Sadly he was only able to get one off as the truck was at a busy truck stop and he had to work fast. This took place in the outskirts of …

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KFC and BBQ Pit Restaurants Sabotaged in Elgin, Illinois

Received anonymously: Elgin, IL, USA On the early morning of November 2nd, we emerged from the shadows and armed our veganism with attack upon a KFC and the Elgin BBQ Pit. Along with glued locks and smashed windows, the green spray-painted circle A’s signify our way of ‘going green’. Not as a consumer activity of …

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Meat Market Sabotaged in West Palm Beach, Florida

Red paint was splashed on the door of a meat market in West Palm Beach, Florida during the night of October 12-13. The phrases “stop killing animals” and “we want change” were written on the market’s walls.

3 Hunting Towers in Wisconsin Destroyed

Received anonymously: On the early morning of september 4th, right before the day hunting season started, 3 hunting towers in northern wisconsin were destroyed. There is nothing like tearing down those towers, especially the tall one that crashed down, damaging all its windows and everything we heard inside. While you were all sleeping, we were …

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Turkeys Liberated in Pennsylvania

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: Two lives liberated yesterday from female death camp ‘Jaindl Farms’ in Pennsylvania (Orefield, PA, USA). These are a ‘rare breed’ of white birds, the ones that, for 50 years, the United States President ‘pardons’ at Thanksgiving. These babies come from that farm. Sick tradition to pardon someone who never committed a …

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Traps Sabotaged, Captive Birds Freed in Irvine (California)

Received anonymously: Over the last week cowbird traps located along the Shady Canyon Trail and University Trail in Irvine, CA were sabotaged. In all cases the traps were cut open and the captive cowbirds released back into the wild. It was a joy to see the birds fly free escaping the clutches of human domination. …

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Turkeys Liberated on Christmas Day (Canada)

According to an anonymous report on, turkeys were liberated on Christmas Day.

Chickens Liberated in Canada

Reported by The Light Movement: Liberated from slaughter!!! Bearing witness at the murderhouse gates Two Lives Saved ▪️Liberated from slaughter!!!▪️🔥Bearing witness at the murderhouse gates🔥 ▪️Two Lives Saved▪️ Posted by The Light Movement on 31. ágúst 2017

Close Call for ALF/ELF Activists in California

Received anonymously: CALIFORNIA – Early in the morning of 27 July 2017, en route to the sabotage of housing developments in the rural Central Valley,* A+ELF volunteers were pursued roughly two miles on foot by local law enforcement squad cars through trails and city streets, presumably for suspected trespassing or even robbery. No volunteer was …

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ALF Liberates 5 Lambs in Eastern Ontario (Canada)

<iframe width=”420″ height=”236″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> On Saturday July 8th ALF hit a sheep farm and liberated 5 lambs including 1 that was in horrible shape with injuries. We wanted to show all these latest groups going in to take just 1 animal then glorify that single animal and themselves that is not liberation. We …

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4 Sharks Released from Captivity by ALF (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

Received anonymously (translation): On May 4, four catsharks living in captivity at Playa Tiburón, Isla Mujeres (Quintana Roo), Mexico, were released anonymously at dawn. Until all the cages are empty. Animal Liberation Front Mexico. Spanish: El 4 de mayo, fueron liberadas en la madrugada y de forma anónima, cuatro tiburones gata que vivían en cautiverio …

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Circovety Circus Painted

Communiqué from ALF activists Date: April 24, 2008 Institution targeted: Circovety Circus (Mexico) Received anonymously In spite of the security circuses have nowadays due to their fear of receiving a visit from the Frente de Liberación Animal, we will not stop since one of our principles is to fight all forms of slavery and exploitation …

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15 Baby Chickens Liberated on East Coast (USA)

Received anonymously: Report from the Earth First! Newswire: Last week 15 charming chicks were liberated from a farm on the east coast. Instead of having their reproductive property (eggs) stolen from them daily and where they would eventually be murdered by humans, they are now ‘living large’ on a farmed animal sanctuary. No Arrests. Until …

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Chicken Rescue in US

U.S. 2-3-17. One chicken (4 wk old) rescued from CAFO. Living in a safe, secure home.