Butcher Shop and Trucks Sabotaged in Memory of Regan Russell (Alberta, Canada)

Received anonymouisly:

!It is time that we send a clear message to exploiters. Your time is up. Your reign of terror will come to an end. We will burn your slaughterhouses, we will destroy your death trucks and we will make your lives a living nightmare.

Recently in Alberta, a butcher shop & “livestock” hauling company were targeted. This butcher shop murders pigs who are raised on their small family farm. These people are a family of killers. The butcher shop was redecorated with the truth “PIG KILLERS”, every single lock glued, including their van and destroyed their refrigeration system. The trucking company targeted takes thousands of cows to their execution, year after year. These drivers have no regard for non human or human life. They have tried to run humans over, time and time again. They brag about trying to kill people and view sentient beings as dollar signs and targets. Approximately 15 trailers were damaged. Every hose was cut on each trailer, the back gate chains cut, a message letting them know the ALF stopped by, building locks glued and their building spray painted. Economic sabotage hits these monsters where it hurts the most, their profits.

PIG KILLERS & DEATH ROW TRUCKERS, you are being watched.

In honour of Jill Phipps & Regan Russell.

Because buying veggie bacon will not save animals or end this injustice.