Walter Bond Update

Walter Bond transferred out of prison on June 17 and is now residing in a halfway house.  He is doing well and is focused on a number of practical matters to get his affairs in order.  The halfway house is much more comfortable than prison.  A number of his friends have been key to his transition, helping him shop, bringing him personal items, helping with job leads and giving him hugs.

We want to help Walter so much now that he is finally released from 10 years of prison, where he was confined as punishment for property damages to businesses that profited from animal exploitation.  Walter is exceptional at expressing in words what animal liberationists and animal rights activists long for and need to hear.   Not only did he embody the ALF approach of warring against animal exploitation, he continued activism while in prison by communicating with his supporters.  By opening up about his personal life and evolution, we have been able to perceive our own personal connections to the animal liberation movement and refine our understanding and efforts.

Walter is expected to spend the next several months living in the halfway house and then independently with monitoring.  After that he will be on probation for 3 years.  If there are any significant developments, it will be reported on  Meanwhile, any further donations to help Walter reestablish his life can be made via PayPal or check.