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ALF Sabotage 6 Hunting Towers (Ontario, Canada)

Received anonymously: After a 5 km walk, we take a break in the bush, impatient, waiting for the sun to set. Tonight, we are finally gonna knock down some hunting towers we had previously spotted from the road in the country. We hope to send a clear message to the animal killers and inspire our …

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50 Deer Liberated from Hunting Farm (Florida, USA)

Received anonymously: On March 27th, 2022, 50 whitetail deer were given access to freedom by dismantling the electric fence and cutting the deer fence that confined them at Sweetwater deer farm in Bristol, Florida. We watched as at least 20 of them escaped into the night, and it was a beautiful sight. Let the wild …

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Banks Sabotaged in Solidarity with Atlanta Forest (USA)

Received anonymously: This month we sabotaged card slots of Wells Fargo and Bank Of America in Center City, Philadelphia. This attack was done in solidarity and complicity with those disrupting the construction of a police training grounds in Atlanta. Cops in Atlanta want to cut down a forest to build a mock city to practice …

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Excavator, Bulldozers Sabotaged in Defense of Atlanta Forest (Georgia, USA)

March, Flowery Branch, Georgia USA. Received anonymously: To Reeves Young: You will have noticed by now that several of your machines have ceased to function, their arteries corroded from within. Last week, we sabotaged six Earth-raping machines——including two large excavators and a bulldozer——at a Reeves Young construction site in Flowery Branch, Georgia. So long as …

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Long Engineering Vehicles Sabotaged (South Atlanta, USA)

Received anonymously: CONCERNING THE DESTRUCTION OF LONG ENGINEERING VEHICLES, ATLANTA GEORGIA: On Mar. 1st, 2022, FIVE large Long Engineering trucks used to do survey work to help delineate destruction in the South Atlanta Forest were destroyed in solidarity with eco defenders currently protecting the forest from being clear-cut to build cop city and more Hollywood …

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Mexican ALF Cell Damages McDonald’s Restaurant (Mexico)

Received anonymously: February 2019 Animal Liberation Front independent cell. Mexico. Claim of responsibility for the sabotage action against a McDonald’s restaurant in Barrio de San Antonio, Puebla, during the night of the 3rd of February 2022. MEAT IS MURDER! We claim responsibility for this action. We oppose ourselves politically and morally against a system of …

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Animal Flesh Destroyed in Minneapolis Market (US)

Received anonymously: We filled a cart with $600 of venison and bison meat at a natural foods grocery store in Minneapolis and left the cart in an aisle and exited the store. Once workers discover the cart, the meat will be spoiled and thrown away. This was a very simple act of sabotage. Replicate.

Bulldozers Burnt in Defense of Atlanta Forest (USA)


$1500 Worth of Meat Destroyed in Market (Minnesota, USA)

Received anonymously: Saint Paul, Minnesota We visited a natural foods store and left $1500 of niche meats, expensive venison, elk and bison meat in a cart and walked out. By the time employees discover the cart, the products will be spoiled and rotten. Through repeated actions and the ensuing economic damage like this, they will …

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ALF Liberates Pheasants and Quail at Wilson Wildlfe Area (Oregon, USA)

Received anonymously: On 09/18/2021, ten pheasants and quail were freed from captivity at the E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area in Oregon. Fencing was cut at the sides and the top edges of the enclosures, then we stepped in and guided the birds toward the holes and watched them fly away into the night. A few birds …

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Fencing Cut at Backyard Peacock Breeder in Florida (US)

Received anonymously: In February 2021 we visited a backyard peacock/peafowl breeder near Brooksville, FL and cut the fencing of pens holding around 20 or 30 wild birds. Though not a native species, peacocks can live a feral existence which is much better than being sold as pets or for meat. Simple, low risk actions like …

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Hunting Stand Taken Down in Quebec (Canada)

Received anonymously: One hunter’s tree stand has been taken down in the forest, near a river, somewhere in Quebec, Canada Good luck climbing back with your broken ladder, asshole xx

Zenners Sausage Company Trucks Sabotaged (Portland, OR)

Received anonymously: In late may in Portland, OR, two and a half liters of bleach were poured into a meat truck belonging to Zenners Sausage Company. This was done in attempt to damage the engine of the vehicle and cause financial harm to a business that profits off the enslavement and murder of other sentient …

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Midtown Butcher Shop in Atlanta Gets Windows Smashed (US)

Received anonymously: On Sunday night, 02/28, we smashed the windows of the Midtown Butcher Shoppe in Atlanta, GA. We did this in solidarity with an old vegan anarchist friend who died recently. This world of exploitation and hierarchy is truly awful. Tell the people in your life you care about them. More importantly, get together …

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Oregon Mink Liberation (Delayed Report, 2019)

Received anonymously: This is the story of fur farm animal liberation that took place in the Pacific Northwest just over a year ago. In the wake of this year’s winter pelting season, and the mass culling of millions of mink on European farms as a result of Covid-19– a disease no doubt caused by animal …

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