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7 Rats Liberated from Snake Store (Florida)

Received anonymously: Seven feeder rats freed from small snake store, from drawers in an disgusting shed over the course of the year. Small operations require time as to not ruin future operations. Florida, usa To Defend Earth and Nature!

Thousands of Captive Mink Liberated in Idaho, Utah (USA)

Received anonymously: Late this summer animal liberation activists carried out two raids on fur farms in Idaho and Utah. Fencing was ripped down and nearly 2,000 mink were released allowing them to clamor toward freedom. Both farms sat near the edges of mostly undeveloped public lands, allowing plenty of habitat for the newly freed native …

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ALF Vandalises Butcher Shop (Minneapolis, MN)

Received anonymously: On August 9th a butcher shop in Minneapolis MN was vandalized with red paint (no pictures available). Until all are free. ALF

Mortally Wounded Piglet Rescued (Alberta, Canada)

19 July, Alberta Canada. Received anonymously: When we found Bea, we knew she didn’t have long. We believe her mother unintentionally stepped on her during birth causing a large gash where a part of her snout was completely gone, she was only 4-6hrs old when we found her. As the morning progressed into afternoon, the …

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200 Pheasants Liberated from Game Farm in Alberta (Canada)

11th July, Alberta Canada. Received anonymously: In the early morning hours of July 11th, two animal rights activists paid a visit to a game bird farm in Alberta, Canada, The activists released approximately 200 pheasants into the wild- not only freeing them from captivity, but also from canned hunting and being used to train hunting …

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Butcher Shop and Trucks Sabotaged in Memory of Regan Russell (Alberta, Canada)

Received anonymouisly: !It is time that we send a clear message to exploiters. Your time is up. Your reign of terror will come to an end. We will burn your slaughterhouses, we will destroy your death trucks and we will make your lives a living nightmare. Recently in Alberta, a butcher shop & “livestock” hauling …

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Turkey Liberated from Factory Farm (Canada)

Received anonymously: Over 20 million turkeys are brutally murdered every year in Canada to satisfy the human’s fetish for flesh. They are kept in horrific conditions but even if the conditions were idyllic, their lives are not ours to take. This facility is “free range & organic.” Or that’s what they like to claim. There …

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Turkey Rescued from Factory Farm in Canada (See Video)

Received anonymously (see above, or click here to view video): Over 20 million turkeys are brutally murdered every year in Canada to satisfy the human’s fetish for flesh. They are kept in horrific conditions but even if the conditions were idyllic, their lives are not ours to take. This facility is ‘free range & organic.’ Or that’s …

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University of Guelph research site vandalized with animal rights graffiti

BY MATT CARTY Global News- Canada Wellington County OPP say vandals broke into the University of Guelph’s swine research site in Puslinch, spraying paint onto walls and equipment with animal rights messages. Officers were called to the facility on Arkell Road on Tuesday morning to find walls and a tractor spray-painted. Red spray paint reading “stop exploiting …

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Sabotage at Guelph University Swine Research Site (Canada)

Anonymous activists documented conditions inside the University of Guelph Swine Research Site (413 Arkell Road, Guelph, Ontario) in late April. A claim of responsibility, photos and video were released by KW Animal Save: These individuals were in the lowest acceptable standards. The pigs cried out for help and some were foaming at the mouth. The smell was atrocious …

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Chicken Farm Sabotaged in Alberta (Canada)

Received anonymously: Report from Strathmore, Alberta, Canada: Animal rights Activists beautifully redesigned the exterior of a massive chicken harming facility. We acted in solidarity with the animals and other groups of activists in an attempt to resist the significant repression activists are currently facing under the regime of Jason Kenney (the premier of Alberta). The …

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Canada Goose Shop Vandalized (Banff, Alberta)

According to media reports, the new Canada Goose store in Banff (Alberta) was vandalized late on December 10.

ALF Hacks Lab Animal Supplier (Missouri)

Received anonymously: \\\Animal Liberation Front/// **PROVIVISECTION WEBSITES** 1) – animals testing (USA) – HACKED & DEFACED link: Animal Liberation has no borders ‘until every cage is empty’ Never compromise

ALF Targets Ice Cream Store in Denver (USA)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: 1st November, Denver, Colorado USA. For ‘World Vegan Day’, Ben & Jerry’s decided to advertise free plant based ice cream for a day. So we decided to show them that this advertising attracts actual vegans as well. The paint on the side of their building ensures that anyone who walks by …

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ALF Defaces McDonalds in Delafield, Wisconsin

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Delafield, Wisconsin USA. Anti speciesist action was taken against a McDonalds in ‘America’s Dairyland’. The locals are some of the most grim, unfeeling, and uncaring speciesists in the states. We are doing what little we can to throw a wrench in their gears. Multiple messages were painted on the sides of …

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