Turkey Liberated from Factory Farm (Canada)

Received anonymously:

Over 20 million turkeys are brutally murdered every year in Canada to satisfy the human’s fetish for flesh. They are kept in horrific conditions but even if the conditions were idyllic, their lives are not ours to take.

This facility is “free range & organic.” Or that’s what they like to claim. There is evidence this farm feeds turkeys antibiotic laden food to promote rapid growth. They are fed antibiotics from the time they are dumped inside the shed until they’re loaded onto a hauler.

Unfortunately, sometimes even with the best care and endless love, they don’t make it when rescued at this stage in their life.   She was almost 3 months old when she was taken out of that shit hole.  She felt love, kindness, sunshine, fresh air, dirt and made friends with ducks, hens & roosters.  She is no longer with us because her body was so damaged that it simply gave out on her.  She was surrounded by people who loved her and left this world peacefully.

Animals cannot wait for people to change their lifestyles.

Exploiters should live in fear, anxiety and torment for the heinous crimes they inflict on our animal comrades.  It’s about fuckin time they feel exactly what non-humans feel.

We are not playing nice anymore.