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Hunting Huts Targeted in Italy

Received anonymously: In late July, huts used by hunters near Pisogne (Val Camonica) were vandalized. Doors and cages were damaged, and insults were carved into the paint on cars belonging to hunters. Officials have blamed the vandalism on anti-hunting activists.

Open Rescue of Hens in Czech Republic

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): “Open rescue XXXII (July 2017) & Support Fermare Green Hill It was a clear night. We slowly waded through the wet grass to the grounds. In twenty halls there were tens of thousands of imprisoned birds. The patrols were on their spots, the connection was on …

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Hunting Towers Felled in Thurgau (Switzerland)- Instructions Included!

Received anonymously: (translation) HUNTING IS MURDER In Thurgau, in the middle of July, several hunting towers fell victim to us. The perches were sawed, decorated with slogans, taken apart, distributed in the forest, and so on. Also a feeding place that served to attract wild pigs in the night, to target them then from the …

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Butcher Sabotaged by ALF in Chile

Received anonymously: (translation) Extending the threats and hostilities against those who exploit animals and those who benefit from their deaths in places that sell corpses, such as butcher shops. We decided to annoy one in particular. Somewhere in Santiago some time ago, we spraypainted, blocked its main access and left threats, among other things, thus …

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Snares Destroyed in UK

anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal (click here for video from the action): “Yesterday whilst set surveying for the upcoming badger cull we found six snares surrounding a dead pheasant in both sides of a pheasant pen fence. We made sure all snares were properly disposed of. We will keep the fight against oppression. Until everybody is free.”

Fox Liberated from Trap in UK

reported by the Hunt Investigation Team (click here for video from the rescue): “Not this one. Not this time…. Fox rescued from Large mammal trap. Peak District National Park.”

Hunting Traps Destroyed in UK

anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal: “We had a great time set surveying. Came across a shooting hide 10m from an active badger set. Then the pixies arrived”

25 Hens Liberated in France

Received anonymously: On the night of July 22, vegan activists set free 25 chickens and hens from an egg laying hen breeding farm. One of these exploited hens is in bad shape, but she is in veterinary care. V.A French: Dans la nuit du 22 Juillet; des activistes veganes ont libéré 25 poussins et poules d’un élevage de …

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Chickens Liberated From Industrial Farm in Spain

Received anonymously: Click here for video from the rescue: LAST NIGHT WE DID A RESCUE IN BROILER SHEDS.. THE LIVING CONDITIONS OF THESE CREATURES IS UNTHINKABLE… THE HEAT IN THERE UNBEARABLE…AND THE STENCH. Their TINY bodies (still not injected with saline as that happens in the slaughter get more money from THE consumer) unable …

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Hunting Tower, Hut Destroyed in Germany

Received anonymously: In June 2017, one hunting tower and one small hunting hut were destroyed in the Black Forest, in the region Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

Animal Liberation Front Action – Eastern Ontario, Canada

Video Received Anonymously From the video: “On Saturday July 8th, 2017 the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) hit a sheep farm and liberated 5 lambs including 1 that was in horrible shape with injuries. We wanted to show all these latest groups going in to take just 1 animal then glorify that single animal and themselves …

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4 Traps Destroyed in Italy

According to a report on, four traps used to capture otters were destroyed in Italy. Click here for video from the action.

2 Hens Liberated in Sweden

Received anonymously: 2 hens liberated from a factory farm in Sweden. They will now live a life in the countryside free from exploitation and cruelty.

ALF Raids Italian Hunting Federation

During the night of July 6-7, the Animal Liberation Front raided a hunting center in Bovisio-Masciago operated by the local section of the Italian Hunting Federation. Tables, chairs and doors were broken, banners torn, and 70 quail released from crates. The message, “Raised to die, liberated to live” was left behind.

Mink Farm Van Torched in Italy

Received anonymously: Activists returned once again to the mink farm in Rio San Martino (Scorzé) during the night of June 30-July 1. A window was broken on a company van and gasoline poured inside. The van was completely destroyed. It was at least the fifth incident at the farm in the past three years (thousands …

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