New Paint at Butcher Shops (France)

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal:

On Sunday, 4th of February, we went out late at night and spraypainted clear antispeciesist messages like ‘Meat = Murder’, ‘IMMORAL’ and ‘ALL ANIMALS WANT TO LIVE THEIR LIVES’ on several butchershops in Lyon, France.

The painting on one of the butchershops, that says ‘immoral’, is still there. They couldn’t make the truth go away. And on one of them, the paint doesn’t cover it quite as well as it should.

The butchers were panicked at the discovery of this on Monday morning. We also passed by a playground and decided to write stuff like ‘WHEN YOU EAT MEAT, THE ANIMALS DIE. DO NOT HURT THEM, STOP EATING MEAT.’ among other things.

Until the next graffitis..

Until all are free!