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ALF Liberates Pheasant, Chicken and Hares in Italy

Received anonymously (translation); click here for video from the action: September 19, 2016. The Animal Liberation Front rescued one pheasant, one chicken and five hares captured by hunters in Italy. They were brought to a safe place where they then were released. We will continue fighting until every cage is empty. ALF

ALF Sweden Liberates 20 Crayfish, Destroys More Traps

20 crayfish liberated in the south of of Sweden. If we didn’t act they would’ve been boiled to death All 5 traps destroyed ALF Sweden

Hunting Towers Destroyed in Southwest Sweden , 20 Sep

Received anonymously Hunting towers destroyed in southwest Sweden , 20 Sep.

5 Hens Liberated, Czech Republic

Report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): “My name is Lukáš Krása and I decided to switch to direct actions (rescue). In following text, I will briefly describe my reasons and direct rescue process. When we reach the place, we deploy as planned and wait for connection. Once the patrols notify …

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Swedish ALF Destroys Crayfish Traps

Received Anonymously: crayfish cages and nets were pulled up from the lake and was destroyed and fired up. Southwestern Sweden September 20 ALF Sweden

Rabbit Liberated from University Laboratory by Student in Argentina

Received Anonymously (translation): I am a student at the National University of La Plata and I live here with the daily horrors, made evident in recent years through shocking images, seeing the torture directly, the murder and how they turn animals into ‘things.’ I believed that there was no one who knew about these things, …

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ALF Glues Lock at Braunschweig (Germany) Fishing Club

According to an anonymous report on, during the night of July 21-22, a lock was glued at the fishing club “Angelsportverein Braunschweig von 1922” in Braunschweig, and “ALF” spray-painted on the walls. German: In der Nacht von 21. auf den 22. Juli 2016 haben wir das Schloss der Geschäftsstelle vom „Angelsportverein Braunschweig von 1922 …

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Fur Shop Windows Broken in Wurzburg, Germany

anonymous report of an action in Würzburg during the night of June 9/10, (translation): Tonight on the Semmelstraße something happened. In protest against the mass killing of so-called fur and farm animals, the fur and leather shop Dornblut was attacked. Stones were thrown at the shop windows, behind which the skin of dead animals …

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15 Hunting Towers Destroyed, Magpies Liberated in France

Received Anonymously (translation): On September 10, in the South East of France, a team of activists destroyed 15 hunting towers. Later that night magpies were released from an aviary. Until all the cages are opened! French: Le 10 Septembre, dans le sud est de la france, une équipe d’activistes à détruit 15 miradors. Plus tard …

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ALF Liberates Pig from Argentine Laboratory

Received Anonymously (translation): Argentina Buenos Aires We enthusiastically communicate that a life has been rescued from a horrible place, from inside the National University of La Plata, where the faculty of agronomy, medicine and veterinary science is located, where they teach how to torture, exploit and do business with animals; unique careers, unique forms of …

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Hunting Towers Destroyed in Alsace-Lorraine Region (France)

Received Anonymously: In North-East France, Alsace-Lorraine region, 4 more Hunting towers have been destroyed raising the total this summer to 12 towers. Graffiti on them showed ALF signs. Join and save some animals from the hunt. French: Dans le nord-est de la France, en région Alsace Lorraine, 4 nouveaux miradors de chasse ont été détruits …

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More Rabbits Liberated in Uruguay

Received anonymously (translation by Earth First! Journal): In the early hours of Tuesday, August 9, 11 bunnies from the Solymar Norte farm were liberated; unfortunately not all of the rabbits there were able to be transferred, but 11 of them are now far from this center of exploitation. In Uruguay, it’s totally normal to breed …

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Bullring Painted in Arago, Spain

anonymous report (translation): On August 8 we got access to the bullring in a village in Aragon, Spain, to point out (just before the patronage festivals were celebrated) that ‘IF THERE IS A VICTIM IT’S NOT A PARTY’. We also spray-painted ‘STOP THE TORTURE’ and ‘ANIMAL LIBERATION’. Spanish: El día 8 de agosto conseguimos acceder …

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Crow Liberated, Traps, Snares Removed in UK

Received anonymously: Crow liberated from Larson trap in UK Larson trap trashed 9 snares removed

Chilean Butcher Shops Sabotaged by ALF

anonymous report (translation by Earth First! Journal): “…with simple materials we sabotaged the locks so that the owners of this so-called ‘job’ can have it clear in their heads that there are subjects that do not want and do not respect the commercialization of humiliation, suffering and death of animals.” –Javier Recabarren affiliate cell of …

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