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2 Hens Liberated in Sweden

Received anonymously: 2 hens liberated from a factory farm in Sweden. They will now live a life in the countryside free from exploitation and cruelty.

ALF Raids Italian Hunting Federation

During the night of July 6-7, the Animal Liberation Front raided a hunting center in Bovisio-Masciago operated by the local section of the Italian Hunting Federation. Tables, chairs and doors were broken, banners torn, and 70 quail released from crates. The message, “Raised to die, liberated to live” was left behind.

Mink Farm Van Torched in Italy

Received anonymously: Activists returned once again to the mink farm in Rio San Martino (Scorzé) during the night of June 30-July 1. A window was broken on a company van and gasoline poured inside. The van was completely destroyed. It was at least the fifth incident at the farm in the past three years (thousands …

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Traps, Feeders and Towers Destroyed in UK

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: 6th July Multiple groups’ reports combined. A number of snap traps, snares, mink traps, game feeders, shooting hides and shooting towers were destroyed yesterday in a combined action throughout the UK. After the video of the weasel being trapped at a shooting estate uploaded by sabs, there seems to be …

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Santiago, Chile: Incendiary attack against the Offices of SAG and DGAC

Received anonymously: On the night of June 30 within the context of the month for anarchic agitation for Earth liberation, we decide to organize our rage to carry out an incendiary attack against the Agricultural Service (SAG) and the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC). The motivations for carrying out this direct action are varied…in …

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Animal Abusers’ Websites Hacked in France

Received anonymously: The websites of the Breton Federation of Butchers, the Bruno Siebert poultry company and the Le Gaveur du Kochersberg foie gras farm were taken down or altered with animal liberation messages.  

Game Bird Feeders Trashed in UK

anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal: 2nd July, England. Game bird feeders destroyed at shooting estate. The action was interrupted by the gamekeeper.”

Berlin Zoo Poster Altered

Received anonymously: In the night from the 30th of June to first of July, we altered an advertising Poster from the Berlin Zoo (‘Tierpark Berlin’), to raise awareness on what a Zoo means to the animals. Living a life behind bars or glass walls, far away from happiness until they meet an isolated death. Until …

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Vivisection Lab in Brazil Vandalized

According to a report on, in June activists learned of a vivisection lab at the University of Taubaté – UNITAU in São Paulo state. But when the ALF entered the lab hoping to rescue rats used in psychology experiments, no animals were found. Messages such as “Animal Liberation” and “Psychopaths” were left behind.

Hunter Shrine Outside Venice (Italy) Defaced

According to a report on, during a full moon in June, ALF activists went to a shrine outside Venice, broke the glass case and removed a model shotgun from the hands of the “Madonna del S’ciopo.” The activists explained, “It has not been desecrated, but justice has been done against a sacred icon, which …

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Hackers Dump List of Hunting Federation Members in France

anonymous activists hacked and made public the mailing list of the Fédération des Chasseurs de la Somme: Ronger Alexandre / BLONDELLE andre / bell thomas / Boudinel Alain / Boulet Alexandre / Boulet Alexandre / JOLIBOIS Vincent / DEGUISNE Arnaud / DELEPLACE Arnaud / DUPUIS ARNAUD …

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More Than 50 Bullfighting Posters Altered in Teruel (Spain)

Received anonymously: “Murderers,” “animal abuse” and other messages were painted on more than 50 posters advertising a bullfight in Teruel.

ALF/ELF Sabotage at Betting Office in Santiago (Chile)

Received anonymously: (translation) Members of the Anonymous Band for Sabotage in the early hours of June 18 sealed two padlocks at a Teletrak betting office in Santiago. Previously we harassed their customers with an undesirable noise, this time we went for their locks. ‘…We will continue smashing your windows, we will continue painting your walls, …

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ALF/ELF Detonate Noise Bombs in Chile

Received anonymously: (translation): Noise bombs coordinated by the ALF and ELF in Santiago and Arauco Province Embracing the struggle for Total Liberation, we continue on … From our perspective and praxis we want to generate like-minded actions and informal coordinations for attack. Anti-authoritarian attack with accomplices, which have been demonstrated for some time in Chilean …

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Hunting, Butcher Websites Hacked in France

On June 4, the website ( of the Breton Federation of Butchers was taken down. In addition, anonymous activists dumped the mailing lists from several French hunting federations: menardiere34@orange.fravellan, …

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