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Rabbit Liberated in Memory of Barry Horne

Santiago, Chile: A rabbit was liberated in memory of Barry Horne, 15 years after his death (11/05/2016). The rabbit was freed from a farm where it was kept in a cage of approx. 40x30cm. Claim of responsibility (Spanish): Santiago, Chile: Liberado un conejo en memoria de Barry Horne a 15 años de su muerte (05/11/2016) …

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ALF Sabotage Home, Car of Daniel Lampe, Slaughterhouse Builder in Germany

Received anonymously: in the night of 03.11.2016 alf-activists visited daniel lampe (he is leader of d+s construction company) in bremen, habenhausen (straße deichland nummer 14). his black car (bmw: dh ds 250) was colored with bitumen and red color, tires slashed and ALF written. d+s is supporting the animal killing industries, specially wiesenhof slaughterhouses, since …

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4 Chickens Liberated in UK

Received anonymously: 3rd November 2016 Four chickens liberated by the doors of a slaughterhouse by an Animal Save group in North West UK. All four are now in the safety of their new home.

Hunting Area Sabotaged in Spain

anonymous report (translation by Earth First! Journal): DEFEND THE EARTH! Let us defend the Earth from those wish to privatize it, let’s defend the Earth from those who think it belongs to them, let’s defend the Earth from those who wish to destroy it! We do not want to see how something which cannot belong …

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17 Pheasant Feeders Destroyed in UK

Received anonymously: October 17th 17 pheasant feeders destroyed in the South West of the UK. 6 new feeders placed in safe land and trails of aniseed and grain made to attract the pheasants to their new homes. After two weeks of continuous work 100% of the pheasants from that area are now living in safe …

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ALF Liberates 20 Deer from Hermanos Zandio Farm, Guipuzcoa (Spain)

Received anonymously (translation): Sabotage of a deer farm in Guipúzcoa (Spanish State) In the middle of this month we carried out a sabotage by creating an opening in the fences that had imprisoned a group of 20 deer. These comrades were captives in a farm in Guipúzcoa and were destined for the slaughterhouse or the …

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13 Rabbits Liberated from Padova (Italy) Farm

translation of anonymous report, from (click here for video from the action): “October 16, 2016. Activists liberated 13 rabbits from a farm in Padova, Italy. They are now safe and live happily, without anyone hurting them, in their new homes. Italian: “16 de octubre de 2016, Activistas han liberado 13 conejos de un criadero …

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6 Chickens Liberated, Czech Republic

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): “It’s raining, we are cold and tired. We can’t contact one of the patrols. There is only a noise heard from the radio transmitter. We have lost nearly half an hour by solving this situation. Once everything’s all right and all patrols are contacted, …

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ALF Liberates 56 Turkeys in Norfolk, England

Received anonymously: 56 turkeys liberated from a farm in Norfolk England in solidarity with our Swedish comrade facing oppression and imprisonment. All turkeys now rehomed and living lives of freedom. ALF

ALF Sabotages Hunters’ Vehicles in Genoa (Italy)

Translation of anonymous report, from October 9, 2016. In the early hours of the morning, the Animal Liberation Front sabotaged 7 cars of hunters in Genoa, Italy. The tires were punctured and the bodywork attacked with acid. This is the third action against hunting in a month. Italian: “9 de octubre de 2016 ,en …

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ALF Liberates 100 Hens in South West of England

Received anonymously: 100 hens liberated from a farm in the south west of England in solidarity with all comrades fighting the badger cull. All birds now safe from abuse for the rest of their lives. ALF

Hunting Blind Destroyed in France

Received anonymously (translation): The weekend of October 8, a hunting blind was destroyed under the sound of fatal shootings. Vehicles belonging to the hunters were shot with paint balls. Join theresistance. animal liberation, earth liberation. V.A French: “Le week end du 8 octobre, des affûts de chasseurs ont été détruits sous le bruit des tirs …

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Equestrian Club Sabotage in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Received anonymously (translation): In few places is domination as visible as it is in the use of horses for riding… they take an animal born to be free and subject him or her to human control to be humiliated, handled and stripped of their independence; the horse loses his whole life, his interests, now a …

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Numerous ALF and ELF Actions in Santiago and Arauco Province (Chile)

In a joint statement, ALF and ELF cells claimed responsibility for a number of actions in September in Santiago and Arauco Province, including: locks glued at butcher shops, a slaughterhouse splashed with paint and the words ‘Animal Liberation’ left behind, and anti-vivisection slogans painted at pharmacies. Claim of responsibility (Spanish): “Por medio de este comunicado …

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ALF Liberates 50 Caged Hens in South of England

Received anonymously: 50 caged hens rescued from intensive farm unit in the south of England.all now safe in their new homes. until all are free ALF