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ALF Sabotage at Slaughterhouse in Sao Paulo

According to a report on Vozes Em Luto, ALF activists painted messages on a pig slaughterhouse in Suzano (São Paulo) in the early hours of August 26.

Crows, Magpies Rescued from Traps in UK

Received anonymously from Hunt Saboteurs Association (click here for video of the rescue): Footage given to us shows saboteurs rescuing crows and magpies from a ladder trap. Ladder traps are used by gamekeepers to kill corvids in large numbers, whereby the birds can fly in through gaps in the roof of the trap but are unable to …

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Hunting Tower Toppled in Sweden

Received anonymously:   Småland, Sweden. Monday 14th of August.

Deer Liberation Front Frees 100 Deer from Captivity (Fribourg, Switzerland)

Received anonymously: (translation by Earth First! Journal) Deer Liberation Front attacks! On the night of August 6, the gratings of a breeding farm of the State Agricultural Institute of Fribourg were cut and about a hundred deer were able to escape and find refuge and relative freedom in the forest. These animals, whose ancestors lived in …

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Quail Liberated in UK

Received anonymously: East UK Two quails liberated // solidarity liberation and report. The night of the 13th we entered a quail’s eggs production facility. Security measures were weak and the animals shown feather loss and blood from infections. We didn’t doubt but to take two beautiful quails with us who will now live a life …

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2 Sheep Rescued by ALF (UK)

Received anonymously: HIT REPORT – NORTH OF ENGLAND, AUGUST. ALF entered a farm in the middle of night and liberated two 6 month old sheep destined for slaughter just one week later. These sheep will now live their lives free from harm in an undisclosed location. SOLIDARITY TO ALL ALF WARRIORS. UNTIL EVERY CAGE IS …

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Fur Shop Visited by ALF (Sweden)

Received anonymously: A fur & leather store was visited by the A.L.F on the night of august 9. This is the 7th attack in 1 month. The same night the owners house also got a visit; windows smashed, two cars was destroyed, letters received (with bullets in them) and paint was thrown at the house/cars …

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Baby Chicken Saved in Czech Republic

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): “Open rescue XXXIII (July 2017) My friend told me that she lives in a flat with a huge terrace and that she could give a home to a duck or a chicken as her flatmate. So we went out for one chick. As many times before …

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Fish Shop Sabotaged by ALF (France)

Received anonymously: (translation) Aquatic animals are unfortunately often forgotten; little empathy exists for their plight. Their massacre is enormous; we do not hear their cries but the suffering and agony they endure is terrible. They are considered merchandise, they are spoken about in tons … not as individuals. That’s why on the night of August …

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2000 Mink Liberated in Sweden

According to media reports, during the night of August 2-3 more than 2,000 mink were released from Söndregårds mink farm in Glommen.

Salmon Liberated in Stockholm (Sweden)

Received anonymously: Outside Stockholm, Sweden: Thousands of salmons where released from their cages in the ocean as the nets where destroyed. Fish are friends, not food.

Fur Shop in Stockholm Targeted Repeatedly by ALF

Received anonymously: Stockholm, Sweden. In one month, a fur and leather store in central Stockholm was targeted by the ALF several times. Activists sprayed the windows and on the building and their locks were glued.

ALF/ELF Defends Forests in Chile

anonymous report (translation by Earth First! Journal): “As action cells we believe that the distribution of propaganda is necessary in the cities, towns, and forests wherever we are. In this case we speak of propaganda against those who exploit the land, propaganda against the devastation that carries with it the monocrop plantations of pine and eucalyptus. …

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Locks Glued at Meat Market (Chile)

According to an anonymous report on, early on July 30 the ALF attacked a meat market in Ñuñoa (Santiago). Locks were glued, “ALF” spray-painted and pamphlets were thrown on the sidewalk in front of the store. Spanish: La madrugada del domingo 30 de julio, una celula del frente de liberación animal ataco nuevamente una carnicería …

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50 Hens Liberated (Sweden)