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Vivisection Laboratories Targeted in Germany

received anonymously: we followed the call for the anti-speciesist actionweek and visited the max-delbrück-centrum, the charite and the humboldt-university to leave some messages. with stickers, flyers, posters and graffiti we demanded the end of animal exploitation by those institutions. the max-delbrück-centrum is the biggest facility for vivisection in berlin. the charite and the humboldt-university support …

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ALF Removes Hunting Seats in Norfolk (UK)

Received anonymously: High seats taken down in Norfolk woodlands. In memory of Barry Horne. ALF    

Circus Posters Trashed in Brianza (Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, dozens of advertising posters for Millennium Circus/Viviana Orfei were destroyed in Brianza, Italy.  

Butcher Shop Windows Destroyed by Explosive Device (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Received anonymously (translation by Earth First! Journal): Before dawn on November 1st, we used explosive artifacts to destroy the windows of a butcher shop in Montevideo; we also glued their locks shut, simply because animals are not to be fucked with. We frame this action within the ‘Global Week of Antispeciest Actions’ We reaffirm the need …

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100 Chickens Liberated, Farm Sabotaged (UK) Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal (view video above or here): Under the International Week of Action Against Speciesism, an egg-laying chicken farm in the north UK was sabotaged. Owned by James Potter, this farm supplies to main supermarkets around the country telling the fallacy of ‘free range’ as somewhat ‘not cruel’. One hundred chickens were freed from …

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24 Hens Rescued from Poultry Farm (Czech Republic)

Report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): Open rescue XXXV (October 2017) & Support Lucy a Ethel Rain and mud. I dropped Lukas and our anonymous friend close to poultry farm and I drove on to park at suitable place which was about three kilometers from there. After that I went to them. …

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Fake Blood Poured on Meat Shop Doorway (Sweden)

Received anonymously: 2 people poured fake blood on the doorsteps of a meat shop in Lund called Widerbergs Kött AB We put up two signs with the text ‘Alla djur känner. Alla djur tänker. Alla djur blöder’ Translation is ‘all animals Feel, all animals Think, all animals bleed’ This place has been open a long time …

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30 Meat Trucks Sabotaged in Norena (Spain)

Received anonymously: 30 trucks parked at the Central Slaughterhouse of Asturias in Noreña were covered in graffiti early in the morning of October 29. According to news reports, the painted messages included “Meat is Murder” and “The bread for your children is stained with the blood of innocents.” In addition, graffiti was painted on the …

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Hunt the HUnters! Tower Toppled in Sweden

Received anonymously: Hunting tower was toppled in the mid south of the swedish woods. Hunt the hunters! For All Wildlife -Hunt Saboteurs Sweden

Six Chicks Rescued from Large Farm (Australia)

According to an anonymous report on, vegan activists rescued six chicks from a large farm. Click here for video of the rescue, and here for video of the rescued chicks.

“Hunters, Shoot Yourselves”: Hunting Cabins Vandalized in Italy

According to an anonymous report on, four hunting cabins were vandalized and many cages destroyed in Bergamo. Birds used as decoys were liberated. On the walls of a cabin, a message was spraypainted, “Hunters, shoot yourselves.”

ALF/ELF Liberates Dozens of Animals from Vivisection Lab in Chile

During the first week in October, the ALF/ELF liberated dozens of rodents from a laboratory at the University of Chile in Santiago. Anonymous report (translation by Earth First! Journal): As is already public knowledge, we entered into the animal torture center located in the Ecology Department of the University of Chile on the Juan Gómez Milla …

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Badger Cull Sabotage (UK)

Received anonymously, from (view video from the actions here): Windows smashed, car tires slashed, hunting paraphernalia sabotaged, traps destroyed. We will sabotage this cull by any means necessary. The badger cull is just another show of our insolent arrogance as human beings. Another attempt to justify our speciesism, believing we should play god in how wildlife self-regulates, …

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Hen and Dove Liberated (France)

anonymous report, from (translation by Unoffensive Animal): Today, me and two other friends, whose names will remain anonymous, wandered into the forest. We have explored the forest of our city in every corner, with friends, enjoying this beautiful sunny day. After two hours of walking, we stumbled upon a cage where a hen and a dove …

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8 Rabbits Liberated in Kadikoy (Turkey)

According to an anonymous report on, eight rabbits used for entertainment were liberated by activists in Kadıköy.