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Hunting Towers Toppled (Sweden)

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: Multiple hunting towers destroyed/knocked over. UNTIL EVERY CAGE IS EMPTY. UNTIL EVERY ANIMAL IS FREE

Two Lambs Liberated (UK) in Solidarity with Animal Liberation Prisoner Sven van Hasselt

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: On the 10th of march we liberated two lambs from horrible conditions. They lived around ill sheep awaiting for slaughter. Now they will live a life of freedom away from exploitation and death. We want to show solidarity to Sven, locked up in prison under made up laws to stop the …

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Slogans Painted at Factory Farm

On the evening of February 25-26, “Warning! No New Factory Farm”, “Until All Are Free” and other messages were painted on the walls of a buildling at a chicken farm in Klein Solschen (Lower Saxony) that is planning to expand.

Butcher Shop Locks Glued (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Received anonymously (translation): buenos aires argentina I claim the sealing of locks of multiple butcher shops and other businesses that profit at the expense of animal exploitation. it is a simple action that anyone can do and harms the horrific dynamics of the merchants of death, come on! Leave the vegan passivity aside and let’s …

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Five Hunting Towers Destroyed (Switzerland)

Received anonymously: In the first week of March, we milled 5 high seats in a forest near Winterthur, Switzerland. For the liberation of all animals! For freedom! Against all cages and knacks! Hello reading person. Nice that you are on and that read this. We hope you are inspired. Let’s merge the struggle for …

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Dairy Truck Sabotaged (Argentina)

Received anonymously (translation): we live animal liberation as a practice of our day to day, so when we can stab our knife against speciesism we do it. In some corner of Buenos Aires we found a truck that transports milk stolen from kidnapped cows and we cut the air brakes. we do not know the …

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ALF Glues Locks at Swedish Fur Shop (Again)

Received anonymously: Both locks at fur selling store ‘Strandbergs’ were filled with glue. /ALF Örebro

ALF Sabotages Fur Shops (Orebro, Sweden)

Received anonymously: The night to 25 feb: we glued the locks of the shops ‘Johnells’ and ‘Strandbergs’ in Örebro. Both of the shops sell real fur. Stop the torture! – ALF Örebro Swedish: Natten till 25:e feb: Vi limmade låsen på butikerna ‘Johnells’ och ‘Standbergs’, i Örebro. Butikerna säljer äkta päls. Stoppa tortyren! – DBF …

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Furriers Attacked by ALF (Milan, Italy)

Received anonymously, from A.L.F. Fronte Liberazione Animale Italia (translation): During the night of February 13-14, an ALF cell attacked 6 of the most important furriers in Milan, leaving behind written messages and glued locks. Times are changing and furriers will have no choice: either change their business, or they will fail… Italian: Nella notte tra il 13 …

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Hunting Club Trashed (Samarate, Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, the ALF targeted a hunting club outside the town of Samarate on the night of February 16. Tables, chairs, windows and doors were broken. Cages, traps and feeders were also destroyed. Messages like ‘MURDERERS’ and ‘GO VEGAN’ were also painted.  

Shops, Vehicles Sabotaged (Ioannina, Greece)

According to an anonymous report on, in early February a fish shop and its truck, an animal transport truck, four butcher shops and one hunter’s car were painted and damaged in the city of Ioannina. The activists wrote in a claim of responsibility, “Our aim is to stand in solidarity with those whose basic right …

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7 Hens Liberated, Equipment Sabotaged (UK)

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: 18th January, Northwest UK 7 Hens liberated and farm equipment sabotaged at major egg producers in Northwest UK

New Paint at Butcher Shops (France)

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: On Sunday, 4th of February, we went out late at night and spraypainted clear antispeciesist messages like ‘Meat = Murder’, ‘IMMORAL’ and ‘ALL ANIMALS WANT TO LIVE THEIR LIVES’ on several butchershops in Lyon, France. The painting on one of the butchershops, that says ‘immoral’, is still there. They couldn’t make …

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8 Hens Rescued (Czech Republic)

Received anonymously from Open rescue XXXIX (February 2018) We rescued 8 hens. They will not die in the cage or in the slaughterhouse. We took them to their new homes. To kind people who caress them and will never hurt them. To those people who let them run in the grass, rake them, let them …

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Hunting Traps Destroyed by ALF (Italy)

According to an anonymous report on, traps used for hunting were destroyed in Cremona (Italy) by the Animal Liberation Front.